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Preserved Road Steam in Poland, 2013 

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Neil Edwards has sent a number of pictures taken on a trip to the country in October 2013. I would welcome further similar submissions.

See also Thomas Kautzor's report of his visit here which contains pictures of several road steam engines as well as some stationary steam engines here..

First though, on 25th October 2013, is this is a portable engine (943/1924) outside the Cegielski works at Poznan where it was built.

The following pictures were taken at the museum, the next day.

Ploughing Engine, Type EZN, Kemna 1523 of 1927

Portable Engine, type LN-12 Cegielski 917 of 1924

Ploughing Engine, Heuke 369 of 1913

Ploughing Engine, Heuke 370 of 1913

Portable Engine, Robey & Co said to be 14577 of 1895 (the plate is 'modern'and the original records almost illegible.

Portable Engine, Lanz 1114 of 1890

Neil added that there is a Cegielski traction engine based here, but it was not present, possibly at an event.

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson