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Surviving Steam Rollers (and other Road Engines) in India

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Derek Rayner has a passion for steam rollers and, in fact, anything powered by steam. He has compiled the following list of known surviving steam rollers in India and would very much welcome additions (preferably with photographs). Please send me an email at the address at the foot of the page and I will forward it to him immediately. Actually that request extends to any steam roller (or steam road engine) not shown on these pages.

This list was rewritten in May 2019 to present the engines in a logical order, by manufacturer and works number where known. However, Aveing-Barford as successors to Aveling and Porter come after them, as do Tata Marshall after Marshall, also Ruston and Hornsby after Ruston Proctor.

Latest addition are a picture of the Tata Marshall roller in the Satpura Tiger Reserve (17th April 2020), an Aveling & Porter and a Fowler at Burdwan, previously, the Tata Marshall at the Heritage Transport Museum at Taoru, Haryana (south of Delhi) with a picture (12th September 2019) joining the Marshall roller reported earlier.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger picture, then click the link or the 'back' button to return to this page. The page with the larger image carries the name of the photographer concerned.

Steam Rollers

Place State Location Maker Size /Type Works No. Date Customer

Malbazar West Bengal PWD Bungalow Aveling & Porter 10ton single 3569 17-Jul-1895 A & H Rutty, Bromley by Bow

Ferozepur Cantt Punjab PWD Depot (former location) Aveling & Porter 6ton single (i/flywheel) 6465 29-Feb-1908 India Office, Karachi
2a Ferozepur Cantt Punjab DRM's office near Railway Station (new location) Aveling & Porter 6ton single (i/flywheel) 6465 29-Feb-1908 India Office, Karachi
3 Jhansi Uttar Pradesh In Laxmi Bai Park near the Fort Aveling & Porter 6548 1908 Picture on Alamy

Navsari Gujarat nr Railway Station Aveling & Porter 8ton single 7192 17-Oct-1910 J Birch & Co Ltd, London Wall

Siliguri West Bengal PWD Main Offices (5) Aveling & Porter 10ton single 7756 17-Feb-1912 Barnes Bros, Trowbridge

Mhow Madhya Pradesh Main street Aveling & Porter 12ton pv single - G type 10442 30-Oct-1922 J Birch & Co Ltd, London
7 Burdwan West Bengal Aveling & Porter

Kolkata West Bengal Lake Park Aveling-Barford 8ton single - T type  U/I Not Known Not Known

Siliguri West Bengal PWD Bungalow Aveling-Barford 6ton single - R type AG 753 31-Jan-1947 ISD, Calcutta (6)

Gorakphur Uttar Pradesh Railway Museum Aveling-Barford Click here for more pictures from Harry Liddle.
11 Monghyr (18) Bihar On road from town centre to the ghats, just beyond the gate through the walls, on the left. Aveling-Barford 6ton (?) single - R type U/I Not Known Not Known
12. Moradabad Uttar Pradesh Rajghat Narora Aveling-Barford "Remote station on Moradabad -Chandausi -Aligarh section'
13 Nagpur Maharashtra PWD Office Sankul, Nagpur North side of Civil Line Road Fowler 10 ton DN1 compound 16354 1924 John Fowler, Bombay

Dehradun Uttarakhand Main street nr clock tower Fowler 14ton comp - D5 type 16359 22-Feb-1927 John Fowler, Bombay

Click here for more pictures from Harry Liddle

15 Rewari Haryana Railway Museum Fowler 10 ton DNA single 16935 1926 JF, Bombay

Jalpaiguri West Bengal PWD Depot Fowler 8ton single U/I Not Known Not Known
17 Salem Tamil Nadu Sri Krishna Rajendra Chattiram, corporation office in Arisipalayam Fowler Incomplete
Story in the Hindu, 27th April 2015
18 Burdwan West Bengal Fowler

Kolkata West Bengal Birla Technical Museum Garrett 8ton single 27251 13-Oct-1908 Burn & Co, Calcutta

Kolkata West Bengal Howrah Railway Museum Garrett 9ton single 28417 31-Aug-1910 Burn & Co, Calcutta

Burdwan (19a) West Bengal nr Railway Station Garrett 10ton single U/I pre-1905/6 Burn & Co, Calcutta (19b)
22 Taoru Haryana Heritage Transport Museum Marshall 65909 ca 1914 under restoration in 2019

Kolkata West Bengal Birla Technical Museum Marshall 10ton single 78863 26-Feb-1925 J&H Marshall & Partners, Calcutta
24 Dungarpur Rajasthan Dungarpur Mews Transport Museum Marshall S-type single cylinder 82745 1927 
25 Mettupalayam Tamil Nadu Park between the bus and railway stations Marshall 6 ton compound S type 85076 1928 Incomplete (Thanks also to Michael Stokes for finding this one) Despatched from Gainsborough to Marshall's Madras office on 10th October 1929 (thanks to Robert Crawford for additional information.)

Coochbehar West Bengal PWD Main Offices Marshall 10ton single U/I Not Known Not Known
27 Seoni Madhya Pradesh Opposite Circuit House Marshall Pictures were on Panoramio

Bandra Terminus Mumbai Railway Station Tata-Marshall 8-10ton single 126 (14) 14-12-1948 ISD, formerly at Valsad (picture left) 
29 Moradabad Uttar Pradesh Road junction near Divisional Railway Managers Office. Tata Marshall 1949
30 Satpura Madhya Pradesh Satpura Tiger Reserve Tata Marshall Picture 
(revised address 16th April 2020)
31 Khimsar Rajasthan Privately preserved Tata Marshall
32 Chandrapur Maharashtra Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Tata Marshall
33 Taoru Haryana Heritage Transport Museum Tata Marshall 1954 Recovered from Gwalior 2019
34 Chandrapur Maharashtra ? Ruston & Hornsby Not known


Several - PWD - Public Works Department
8 - India Stores Department
10 - Also known as Munger.
19a - Also known as Bhardamann
19b - Assumed from Garrett's records
25 - Date of Acceptance

Other Miscellaneous Road Engines

Place State Location Maker Size /Type Works No. Date Customer
51 Chennai Tamil Nadu Railway Museum Fowler AA7 Class Ploughing 15613 1921
52. near Ajmer Rajasthan See note below Marshall 77282 1924
53 Kolkata West Bengal Howrah Railway Museum Marshall Portable
54 Sukna (Mohurgong) West Bengal See note below. Ransomes, Head and Jefferies 5700 ca 1884
55 near Chandigarh Punjab Pinjore Gardens, 10 miles north Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies  


Click for more pictures
56 Katwa West Bengal Near the station, behind the loco shed Ruston Proctor Portable, picture dates from 2010
57 Rajahmundry Andra Pradesh Cotton Museum, Dowleswaram (Ruston and Hornsby?) Click for picture
58 Bangalore Karnataka

Visvesvarya Museum

Sentinel (Alley & MacLellan) 'Standard' model 1496 1917


59 Mumbai Maharashtra Nehru Science Museum Sentinel 'Super' model 6954 

51. This engine was confirmed as No 15613 during a visit in January 2013. Fowler AA7 ploughing engine No 15613, fitted with double speed ploughing gear and a 600 yard drum was paired with 15612 and despatched from Fowlers at Leeds on 19th September 1921, against an order (number 1451) from John Fowler, Bombay. They were delivered for a contract for Sarda [Sharda] Canals, India. In 1980, 15613 from this pair was noted by a visitor to the Railway Works at Perambur, Madras.
52. In a small holding near a main road. A portable together with two 'locomotive style' boilers probably used to power a stationary engine.
54. This engine may well be the one on a tea plantation close to Sukna on the DHR, first station out of Siliguri going north and adjacent to and visible from the Hill Cart Road.
58. It was owned by Mazagon Docks Ltd.
59. Despatched from Shrewsbury in April 1927. It was exported to agents William Jacks & Co and both their plates and the works plates are still on the wagon's cab. It was owned by Mazagon Docks Ltd and said to have been used to haul ships into a dry dock there.

Engines for which further information and pictures would be appreciated!

a Karnataka Marshall 10 ton single [?] 74681 1921 (a)
b Click for picture Pune Maharashtra  College of Military Engineering, Dapodi Marshall (b)
c Calcutta (?) West Bengal Sentinel 'Super' model ca 5617 (c)
d Mumbai (?) Maharashtra  Sentinel 'Standard' model 1379 1916 (d)


a. Steam roller, for sale, see, October 2010 and
b. Portable engine

c. 1924 Jamshedpur, Tata, at TISCO in 1985 and then to R. C. Agarwal, Calcutta. No recent reports...
d. It was owned by Mazagon Docks Ltd, last reported in 'Mumbai City Museum', 1962

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson