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Muzeum starých strojů a technologií, 2014
Museum of Old Machines

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The 'Museum of Old Machines' (Muzeum starých strojů a technologií) ( is housed in the former Vonwiller textile factory in Žamberku in the north-east of the Czech Republic and has a restoration workshop in Brno. There are pictures of their collection on their Czech language website which I have used in part for identification but it's very hit and miss. Help in identifying the other engines or any further information would be very welcome.

The photographs are by Chris Capewell and Nigel Mundy who visited Žamberku with a joint LCGB / IRS group in September 2014 and I am grateful to Dick Eastwood for information on the steam ploughing engines and ploughs and Derek Rayner for further advice.

Steam Ploughing Engines


Dick Eastwood writes - "This engine with the chimney base, winding drum and 2-pin rear wheel hub is a Z7S class – John Fowler 13294 built 1912 . This superheated model of the Z7 has a lump of casting mounted on the top of the cylinder. This is featured on their web site It was on a plinth for many years before its recovery for restoration" 


Dick Eastwood writes - "This engine is, I believe, a Fowler Z2 class engine – number unknown. They have a Fowler 4-furrow AB plough and a Fowler 5-furrow AB plough."

Indeed they can be seen behind one of the stationary steam engines below...

Steam Wagon


This is a Skoda-Sentinel product, 357 although it actually carries the replica plate 346 which is preserved elsewhere in the country.

Portable Engines

There are quite a few of these, more are listed on the museum's website. 


This carries a plate Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies  26483 which will date it to 1914.


This is by Clayton and Shuttleworth / Hofherr-Schrantz D type 343


This is by Clayton and Shuttleworth -


This is by F. Wichterle - 


This is by F. Wichterle -


Steam Rollers


This is their Aveling and Porter (10342/1922), it was sold here from the UK in 2011 -

This is their Zettelemeyer -

Derek Rayner advises that this is another Zettelmeyer (672/1937) which belongs to someone in Bratislava which explains why it is not listed on the museum website. 

Stationary Engines


This overtype engine is their Brand and Lhuillier. -

It's 835 of 1904 which was reported active at at Mladejov in 2004 in the European Traction Register.


Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson