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For a year or two I put up some advertisements here but the response was almost non-existent. The links below were correct as at 22nd August 2012 and all UK based. The amount of non-UK material is small to non-existent especially lower in the list. There are regularly items on Ebay too, but remember always "Caveat emptor!!":

Check out Sheffield Railwayana Auction. This was the world's premier railwayana auction house and has prices to match. The quality was such that their catalogue constituted a 'virtual museum' and of course there are no bargains to be had. 

SRA has now (August 2012) been taken over by Great Central Railwayana Auctions and no further auctions are now planned (21st October 2013).

Check out GWR Auctions.

Check out the Railway Collector's Journal which includes a regular monthly auction and Tony Hillman's (UK) Events Diary. Also here are up-to-date links to most other auctions and their current catalogues. 

Check out Talisman Railwayana Auctions who have regular telephone auctions of Railwayana.

Check out for their on-line auctions, apparently now part of Great Central Railwayana Auctions.

Check out Robin Gibbon's Railwayana pages (link dead by October 2017)..

Rob Dickinson