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South Central Railway - Metre Gauge

The South Central Railway for the most part had little of special interest to the enthusiast and for the most part the scenery was unexceptional too.

As everywhere, YPs and YGs headed most of the trains, but here the IRS YB and YDs were also involved.

Of the other locomotives, the YM 2-6-4T on the Secunderabad locals were early casualties of standardisation, but the small YK 2-6-0s which worked two of the central branches were worth visiting for.

By far the most attractive line in every sense was the former West of India Portuguese Railway which, despite its name had actually been British operated before annexation. Some of the original locomotives survived, particularly the GS 4-8-0s but they were hard to see as they were to be found only in the workshops at Hubli after 1974, previously several worked in the docks at Vasco da Gama having been displaced from banking duties by the YDs. 

All traffic below Castle Rock was powered by YD 2-8-s which were ideally suited to the section which included a Ghat section above Kolamb where even diesel hauled trains were allocated a banker.

Rob Dickinson