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We are fortunate that surviving steam operation in the Indian sub-Continent was well documented by visitors from the late 1960s until the end of regular real steam in quantity. However, certain areas were more popular than others and it has not always been easy to get a balanced selection. Hence some of the pictures used were taken in less than ideal conditions. Often they represent a unique record of an era which has passed and your understanding of this is essential to your enjoyment.

The author at Ranapratapnagar shed, Udaipur, April, 1995.

I would like to thank all those other photographers whose work is featured in this project:

Special thanks go to the late Peter Michie (PM) and Brian/Marion Manktelow (BM/MM), who allowed me to go through their entire collections taken on many extended visits. Without their co-operation it would have been impossible to make this compilation. The late Chris Walker was always an absolute mine of information on obscure railways and locomotives.

Other contributors are also gratefully acknowledged. Those who are still mercifully with us: John Benson (JB), Stewart Blencowe (SB), Mark Carter (MC), Terry Case (TC), Keith Chester (KC), Simon Colbeck (SC), Jan Willem van Dorp (JD), Gordon Edgar (GE), Rod Farr (RF), Alexander Gillieron (AG), Kevin Gould (KG), Chris Grimes (CG), Andreas Illert (AI), Rob Kingsford-Smith (RK), Wilson Lythgoe (WL), Lawrence Marshall (LM), Peter Newsome (PN), Richard Pelham (RP), Martin Robinson (MR), Manfred Schoeler (MS), Bernd Seiler (BS), Ian Searle (IS), Torsten Schneider (TS) and Geoff Warren (GW). Those who have gone to the great locoshed in the sky: Bill Alborough (BA), Hugh Ballantyne (HB), George Bamberry (GB), Bruce Chennel (BC), Derek Cross (DC), David Eatwell (DE), Peter Hodge (PH), Basil Roberts (BR), Keith Robinson (KR), John Tillman (JT), Charles Whetmath (CW).

Rob Dickinson (RD), Mitcheldean, UK  May 2020

Rob Dickinson