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The International Steam Pages invite contributions for publication which will be appropriately acknowledged. I no longer add email contact addresses unless I am specifically requested owing to spam problems. When readers inquire about articles, if necessary, I forward the email to the original author who will then decide whether to reply. All material on the site remains the copyright of contributors and I will not allow reproduction without contributors' permission.

EU Cookie Directive Compliance Statement (20th August 2015)

All pages on the site contain advertisements from the Google Adsense programme and utilise  'Google Analytics'. You can learn more about how Google uses Cookies here, In using this site you consent to use of these cookies. 

Readers who inquire about or order International Steam DVDs (and Images of Rail CD-ROMs) through these pages will not have their email addresses or any other information passed to third parties. Apart from replying to such emails and acknowledging orders, I will not use these email addresses for any other purpose.

All pages on the site contain advertisements from the Google Adsense programme, their content is based on the page content and that of the site in general, together with your geographical location. 'Steamy' has more than one meaning and this has in the past led to some not totally appropriate content, I rely on my readers' intelligence and sense of humour in this respect. I have no direct control over the advertisements, save that certain tour operators have been black listed for reasons explained elsewhere..

Progressively, the Adsense programme by default will collect data on readers interests on this and other sites and use it to make its advertisements more relevant. Although I could disable this function, I think on balance it will be helpful without excessively threatening privacy; in any case this feature can be disabled on individual computers (see below).

For more information - this applies in general to all pages which use the Adsense programme and, of course, "YouTube" which is Google owned:

In addition, this site also has used 'Google Analytics' in the past to get feedback on how readers are using the site in order to further improve it. No user specific information was gathered, let alone used, from this service. For many years I have not accessed this feedback and will not in the future.

Rob Dickinson