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Rhätische Bahn Steam Snow Blower 9212 / R12 restored

Elsewhere on this site is a list of known extant steam snow blowers.

Rhätische Bahn Steam Snow Blower 9212 / R12 was built in 1913 by SLM Winterthur. It is not self propelled like the Bernina Railway snow blowers Xrot d 9213 and 9214. However, the R 12 has a small auxiliary steam drive to one axle for manoeuvering. The R 12 is now owned and operated by the Dampfbahn Furka Bergstrecke. It is now back in action after 18 years of hard restoration work by Martin Horath and his team.

The first seven pictures show it operating on 11th December 2020 and the second eight pictures on 23rd April 2021 when it cleared pressed, deep snow. Georg Trüb was there to record the action on both occasions.

Rob Dickinson