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Just Another Marshall (Part 4)

This is part of a series of pages covering the known steam engine manufacturers for Burma. Click here for the full list.

Marshall, Sons and Company, England was the king of steam power in the Raj.

Use the following links for more pages on surviving Marshall engines:

Over the years we have seen a number of Marshall trip valve engines in Burma. The only working one is described in the first link above, this page catalogues the rest of them.

We have seen three of these still in rice mills, the first one we came across was at a closed mill in Mon State in 2005. It was just our third mill together in the country, quite frankly we had no idea of the significance of our 'find' and, to our eternal shame we have yet to get round to revisiting the mill even though we repeatedly pass it on the train every time we go to Moulmein and see the tree growing out of the chimney a little taller each time! Of course, who knows if it still there...

The other two were found in the north of Irrawaddy Division one day in 2009 and this was the first of them and a little different:

The other looks more like our working engine although it has the opposite 'handedness', in fact it's probably identical with the first engine above:

The other example was seen on earlier visits to the industrial zone in Yangon, it was similar to the second example above:

When we saw it later it in another workshop, it was less complete, the makers plate was back on and I made a point of photographing the Proell plate:

Click here for the full list of known steam engine manufacturers for Burma.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson