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Appropriate Technology, 2006

It's 2004 in central Burma and you have some money to invest. Your government has declared that development of the agricultural sector is its top priority, particularly those parts with export potential. The natural decision, then, is to build a new rice mill:

And now just over a year later it will soon be commissioned.

But what's that phallic shape in the back of the picture above? And what is written on it?  

It's a chimney of course and Burma's newest rice mill is going to be steam powered. Why gamble on the future cost of electricity when you can fix your energy costs by buying a new boiler and a reconditioned stationary steam engine for a sensible price and then burning your own waste product?

This is Tangye Birmingham 11947, probably the best part of 100 years old, just waiting for a few parts to be fitted, connected up and run

You know it makes sense..... Appropriate technology in every way.

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