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Back in early 1999, I released a Windows CD-ROM, I withdrew the physical CD-ROMs some time ago but they are still available as cheap downloads, now the time has come to upload a HTML version. Omitted are the video clips, pictures of many worksplates and the locomotive lists and allocations.

The original text has been largely retained throughout bar the correction of a few typos. I have taken the opportunity to add a number of photographs which were not available to me previously although these have actually appeared on this website. I have also updated the status of some preserved locomotives. Full descriptions follow below, but you can click the links below to quickly access the action 

There are, to my mind, very few serious books about the public railways of Indonesia which cover their steam locomotives. The first two include much technical information, the third is essentially a photographic album

PNKA Power Parade, A. E.(Dusty) Durrant, Continental Railway Circle 1974

De Stoomtractie op Java en Sumatra, J.J.G. Oegema,Kluwer Technische Boeken 1982

Lokomotip Uap, A,E, (Dusty) Durrant. Uigeveij Elmar B. V. 1989

For those whose interest spread a little wider then two books by Michiel van Ballegoiken de Jong are also essential reading:

Spoorwegstations op Java

Stations en Spoorbruggen op Sumatra

This project brings together the work of visitors from the time the country opened up after the 'Sukarno years' by which time principal services were dieselised but local and branch trains were often steam powered.

The Surabaya Steam Tram

Cibatu's mallets

Madiun's Sharp Stewart 2-4-0s

The West Sumatra Coal Railway

The oil palm railways of North Sumatra

The Cepu Forestry Railway in Java

Technical Aside

The original CD was issued when a 800 x 600 pixels screen was standard which has been maintained for this rewrite. It would take a lot of time to rework the images for a 1024 x 768 screen which became our later standard, one I have also used for the ongoing 'Raj Steam' project. The larger image size is irrelevant for those who view with a smartphone, I do not bother to look at the statistics for my site, I would guess that these days luddites like me who continue to use only a desktop / laptop are in an ever decreasing minority.


Firstly, the photographers.

Those who, I believe, are still mercifully with us: 

Keith Chester (KC), Jim Comber (JC), Tony Eaton (TE), Rod Farr (RF), Tony Ford (TF), Derek Huntriss (DH), Blake Paterson (BP), Ian Searle (IS), Andrew Smith (AS), James Waite (JW), Robert Wilson (RW)

Those who, I believe, have gone to the great locoshed in the sky:

Hugh Ballantyne (HB), Gerald Dixon (GD), Michael Egan (ME), Chris Halliwell (CH), Peter Hodge (PH), Lawrie Marshall (LM), Peter Michie (PM), Basil Roberts (BR), John Tillman (JT), Nick Tindall (NT), Geoff Todd (GT), Chris Wilkinson (CW):

Graham Warburton and Geoff Monks (Alcazar Video) supplied video clips for the original CD-ROM but these are not included here.

The two pictures of the BB10 on the Labuan branch train are the work of the late Bruce Chennel. I am grateful to E. Wilmshurst for allowing us to use his Java map as the basis for the maps on this CD-ROM.

Dusty Durrant's classic book "Power Parade" inspired me to first visit Java and gave permission to use his loco lists and allocations for the original CD-ROM (but these are not included here). David Ibbotson of Dorridge  Travel Service made it possible for me with his pioneering tour in 1975 and Hugh Ballantyne arranged for me to lead tours there in 1983/4. All three are now gone.

Rob Dickinson