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The latest updates:

  • Mexico, entry for Aguascalientes revised (21st March 2023)

  • Mexico Ferromex #110166 scrapped (17th March 2023)

  • Brownhoist crane at Kent, Ohio (11th May 2022)

  • Brownhoist crane at Havre, Montana (10th September 2021)

  • Bluegrass Museum, Kentucky crane picture added (6th April 2021)

  • Brownhoist crane abandoned at Cannon City, Colorado (20th August 2020)

  • Browning 4w no.8 steam crane at Puslinch, Ontario (26th October 2019)

  • Steam era diesel crane at Grand Rapids, Ohio (5th July 2019)

  • Location of Industrial Works C/N 4602 (4th June 2019)

  • Evanston Roundhouse, Wyoming (added 23rd December 2018)

  • Picture of Industrial 2481 at Denver (2nd October 2017) and its subsequent movement (18th March 2018), now at the Granby museum (18th April 2018).

  • Calgary, Alberta Bucyrus now fully restored and serviceable (25th September 2017) 

  • New entry, Rocky Mount, North Carolina

  • Diesel conversion Bangor & Aroostook X127 at Milo, Maine (new picture 5th September 2017)

  • Brown Hoisting Machinery Crane at Anaconda, Montana (23rd August 2017)

  • Pictures of the two cranes at the California State Railroad Museum (25th February 2017)

  • Diesel conversion wrecker crane at New Castle, Indian (22nd March 2016)

  • Illinois Museum pictures (17th November 2015)

  • Corrections to the Jefferson Louisiana entry (20th June 2015)

  • Many updates and pictures (check for 8th May 2015)

  • Two cranes scrapped (check for 2nd May 2015)

  • Steam dredger at Lyons, NY (1st April 1st 2015)

John A. Taubeneck has sent me the list below from his researches. John and Chris Capewell (my personal steam crane guru) would greatly appreciate any feedback from readers.

Slightly 'off topic' but still relevant is an amazing archive of historical photographs of US wrecking cranes at work - the Ron V. Nixon collection (added 4th December 2013). If you're a wrecker fan, don't click this link unless you've got 2 or 3 hours spare.

Note that Industrial and Brownhoist merged to form Industrial Brownhoist, the names quoted reflect the status of the company / companies at the time of construction.



Calera 'Heart of Dixie' (Link broken by May 2023)

Industrial Works 4725/1926 150T Wrecker NS 5903015 (steam converted to diesel)
Should be operable 2015
ex Southern Ry #D5989 to D76

These photographs (added 25th April 2014) are courtesy of Chris Capewell.


Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 11489 65 tons Wrecker Steam 1943
US Army #7505 (retired at Belle Mead, NJ)
Alaska RR #LC-56 09-47 (listed as 75 ton) retired 1980
MofAT&Ind 1984

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 11482? 65 tons Wrecker Steam 1943
US Army #7508 (retired at Belle Mead, NJ)
Alaska RR #LC-57 09-47 (listed as 75 ton)
MofAT&Ind 1984

The Alaska RR rated these cranes at 75 tons. The museum would like to sell one crane along with its tender and boom car.


Arizona Railway Museum

American C/N 1924 25 tons Diesel 05-43 (operable)
US War Dept. Raritan Arsenal
US Army #C-45 Navajo Army Depot Bellemont, AZ
Valley Steel & Supply Co. Tempe, AZ (retired 1995)
ARM 1997 2012 Useable

This is Brian Garvin's picture (added 8th June 2012)

Industrial Works C/N 2250 120 tons Wrecker Steam 1910 (operable)
Southern Pacific #620>734>7028>7130 Tucson, AZ

These are Brian Garvin's pictures (added 8th June 2012)


Arizona Eastern RR
Brownhoist Steam
AE #17 (here 09-02)

This is Brian Garvin's picture (added 7th June 2012)


DeQueen (all this 31st October 2013, two lower pictures 6th November 2013, top picture 8th May 2015, courtesy of Chris Capewell)
North Yard of DeQueen and Eastern RRR

Industrial 120 ton wrecker crane of 1920
Ex Kansas City Southern RR in 1975, boiler rebuilt in 1977 and used till asbestos had to be removed. Stripped but never used again.
Bought new by KCS RR as their #3 crane and worked out of Heavner OK yard.
Reported under threat of scrapping in 2015 with the runner already scrapped.

This 2015 picture courtesy of Chris Capewell

Pictures are courtesy of Terry Passmore, the colour picture was taken some time after 2000.

Pine Bluff
Arkansas RR Museum

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 11037 200 tons Wrecker Steam 1940 
St. Louis Southwestern #96005
Union Pacific (not relettered) retired 1996 as SSW #96005 (this link is dead)

These 2015 pictures are courtesy of Chris Capewell


Railtown 1897 (California State RR Museum)

American C/N 1305 “Logger’s Special” side rod trucks Steam 1925/26
Pickering Lumber Co. #2 Standard, CA
Sierra Ry Jamestown, CA (here 1971)
CSRM 08-82

Orange Empire Railway Museum

Industrial Works C/N 2347 120 tons Wrecker Steam 07-12 
Central Pacific #615 
Southern Pacific MW #7024 11-27-31>#7090 
OERM 1976

These are Brian Garvin's pictures (added 7th June 2012)

Industrial Works C/N 2067 120 tons Wrecker Steam 09-09 
Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe #99774 to #199774 
converted to diesel 06-59 retired 07-71 
Diesel equipment removed and reinstalled in #199787
OERM 1971 FOR SALE (not shown here 11-13-10)

These are Brian Garvin's pictures (added 7th June 2012)

Overhead Electric
Los Angeles Rly 42"gauge Electric # 9225 Bo-Bo crane car
Crane by Brownhoist? 2012 Useable, seen running.

This is Brian Garvin's picture (added 8th June 2012)

Rio Vista Jct.
Bay Area Electric Ry Assn.

Industrial Works C/N 2248 120 tons Wrecker Steam 06-10
Southern Pacific RR #680>#7005>#7015>#7030

California State Railroad Museum (pictures by Zach Paul Liollio added 25th February 2017)

Industrial Works C/N 2348 120 tons Wrecker Steam 08-12
Southern Pacific RR #616>#7025>#7020>#7080 Bayshore Shops, CA
CSRM 05-85

Bucyrus-Erie C/N 36046 250 tons Wrecker Steam 04-45 (operable)
Southern Pacific RR #7014(2nd)> #7070 Roseville, CA
CSRM 02-96

Town of Truckee

Bucyrus Erie C/N 10985 160 tons Wrecker Steam 06-30
Southern Pacific RR #691> #7011
owned by Nevada State RR Museum Carson City, NV (never moved to Carson City) late 1980’s
Southern Pacific RR 1995
Jim Dobbas Co. Truckee, CA 1998
Acquired by Truckee Donner Railroad Society on October 31st 2011
More information on the society 

Roots of Motive Power

Ohio C/N 3786 Model CD 20 tons Steam 02-11-27
Clyde Equipment Co. Seattle, WA
Weyerhaeuser Tbr. Co. ordered for Rainier (Vail), WA
“ “ shipped to Longview, WA 02-11-27
“ “ #15 Klamath Falls, OR
Ellingson Lumber Co. Klamath Falls, OR 
(old Pelican Bay Lumber Co. mill, sat abandoned here for over 30 years)
Durwood “Doc” Boyles Springfield, OR 1996
Roots of Motive Power Willits, CA 2004


Carson City
Abandoned at old uranium mill (added 20th August 2020)

Brownhoist Steam 

Forney Historic Transportation Museum

Industrial Works C/N 757 40 tons Wrecker Steam 01-01
Union Pacific RR #903053 (former # 03053, org #02801)

Pictures from Thomas Kautzor, October 2012


This crane is stored near the Union Pacific Railroad Burnham Yard in Denver
Bucyrus C/N 3556 150 tons Wrecker Steam (to diesel) 05-23 
Denver & Rio Grande Western #W5 to #027 (retired 1997) 
Museum of Railway Workers (Dan Quiant) Denver, CO
Colorado State Historic Register 03-10-99
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Derrick No. 027, 
Scrapped 8th August 2018

Granby, Moffat Railroad Museum (updated 18th April 2018)

Formerly stored in the Union Pacific Railroad Burnham Yard in Denver, now (April 2018) at the museum pending reassembly.
Industrial Works C/N 2481 120 tons Wrecker Steam 04-13 
Denver & Salt Lake #10300
Denver & Rio Grand Western #029
Marcus Rail Transport Denver, CO (here 02/02/2017)
Colorado State Historic Register 05-16-01
Denver & Salt Lake #10300, (link broken 1st November 2019)

This picture courtesy of AB added 2nd October 2017:

Valmont, Colorado-Boulder Valley Ry. Historical Society (added 18th March 2012)

Industrial Works C/N 3983 steam 1920
Public Service Co. of Colorado #1 Valmont, CO
BCRHS 2000 (stored at Sloss, CO)

Silverton (D&SNGR)

Diesel Crane (photographs by Thomas Kautzor, October 2012)


Willimantic, CT-Connecticut Eastern RR Museum
AH&D C/N 2157 25 tons Gas (to diesel) 04-47 
Boston & Maine RR #3304 Boston, MA 
Maine Central RR (1954 or before) 
Providence & Worcester RR #TC-401 Woonsocket, RI 1981
CERRM 2016 

NOT a steam crane, but nevertheless a historic item:
Danbury Railroad Museum
Industrial Works C/N 2281/1914 100 tons Wrecker Electric (link broken October 2017)

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2008 photographs:


Gold Coast RR Museum

Industrial Works C/N 3383 150 tons Wrecker Steam 1919
Clinchfield Railroad 1401
Atlantic Coast Line RR #65157
Seaboard Coast Line RR #765157
Seaboard System #765157

The upper picture of #765i57 is by Chris Capewell (25th April 2014), the lower two from James Waite (added 20th December 2011):

Fort Pierce
FEC Historical Railway & Transport Museum at 1401 N. 2nd St.

Industrial Works 4703/1925
Florida East Coast RR #3377
Formerly at Gold Coast RR Museum and then in store.

Update courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (11th March 2013, pictures below are courtesy of Chris Capewell, 25th April 2014)


Southeast Ry Museum

Industrial Brownhoist Pile Driver Steam 1929
Western Ry of Alabama #20

The pictures below are courtesy of Chris Capewell (25th April 2014)


Nampa, Idaho (added 3rd November 2012)
UP Depot Museum (Canyon County Historical Society)

Union Pacific/OSL (Oregon Short Line) 902006 with tender 907969
Industrial Brownhoist (3341/1917)

These photographs are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor


Montecello Railway Museum

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 11442 30 tons steam 1944 (operable)
Bates & Rodgers Construction Co. #11442 Chicago, IL (
Bucyrus-Eire C/N 4977 150 tons Wrecker steam 09-27
Chicago & Illinois Midland RR #X32
Illinois Central RR (Clyde hoist) Pile Driver steam 1925
Illinois Central RR #X238

Illinois Railway Museum

Industrial Works C/N 4117 Pile Driver steam 1929, Chicago & North Western Ry #X261709
Industrial Works 100 tons Wrecker steam 1906, Chicago & Western Indiana #1900

The following pictures date from 2007 and are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor.(17th November 2015, pile driver top, wrecker crane below)


National New York Central Museum

Industrial Works? 150 tons Wrecker Steam
New York Central RR #X-28 Harmon NY

Hesston Steam Museum

Browning C/N 3096 25 tons Steam 1943 (operable)
US Navy Columbus, OH
Producers Core Sand Co. Bridgman, MI (never used)
Martin-Marietta Corp. Bridgman, MI (never used) 1962+
HSM 1962

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2007 photographs:

Monon Connection Museum (MCM)

Bucyrus-Erie C/N 9711 150 tons Wrecker Steam 09-27
Belt Railway of Chicago #190
Chicago & Western Indiana RR 
Warren Lathom Rockford, IL
MCM (lettered Monon #80005) 

Burro Diesel

Orton 15 tons Diesel 1961
Purdue University Purdue, IN
Indiana Transportation Museum Nobilsville, IN
MCM 07-18 

Ohio 25 tons Diesel 1950
Alcoa #4
Indiana Transportation Museum Nobilsville, IN
MCM 07-18

New Castle (added 22nd March 2016)

Industrial Works #4742 200t Wrecker 07-26 
Union Pacific #042 to #03042 
rblt 1945 to 250t new boom re#903042 (converted to diesel 1977) 
Paducah & Louisville #903042 1988 
American Maintenance Technicians #903042
Connersville & New Castle RR #903042 
Neal Scrap Metal New Castle, IN 10-12 (here 02-13)


Fort Madison, Farmington & Western RR

Ohio C/N 4043 Model F 30 tons Steam 06-20-40 (operable)
Union Electric Co. of Illinois #3 Cahokia, MO
“ “ Meremac, MO after 1946
“ “ Keokuk, IA 08-16-61 
(ran on compressed air)
FMF&WRR 1995
For Sale 03-08 $12,000 sold and scrapped.


Baldwin City
Midland Railway

Browning C/N 2470 Model 8-C 20 tons Steam 03-11-27
Kansas City, KS Department of Water, Light & Power
Darby Corp. #2
Scrapped 2012 (added 28th November 2012)

City Park

Industrial Works C/N 4605 160 tons Wrecker Steam 1925 
Chicago Rock Island & Pacific #95020
City of Liberal KS 1980


Bluegrass Railroad Museum

American Steam
Kentucky Utilities

This picture is courtesy of Sherman Cahill and was added on 7th April 2021.

New Haven
Kentucky Railway Museum

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 12178 75 tons Wrecker Steam 1952 
US Army #C-1503 
Monon #80001
Louisville & Nashville #40010 (2nd) 1971
Louisville Scrap Co.
KRM 1977

This picture courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)

Bucyrus Pile Driver, Steam, 1912
Louisville & Nashville RR #41212


Louisiana Railway Heritage Trust/Louisiana Steam Train Associaton, in 2014 occupying some rail sidings in the middle of a hospital car park.
The location is near Oschner Medical Center, Jefferson Highway - at the northern extent of the extensive car parks to the north of Jefferson Highway, (29.968288, -90.143392)

This crane was scrapped ca 2015.

Industrial Works 3532/1918 (steam to diesel May 1955)
IC X-99, IC-111, ICG 100408
These photographs (added 25th April 2014) are courtesy of Chris Capewell.

Bucyrus C/N 195 115 tons Wrecker Steam 01-16 
Atlanta & West Point #2
These photographs (added 20th June 2015, correcting a mistake in the original edit) are courtesy of Chris Capewell.

Orton C/N S-305 160 tons Wrecker Diesel 12-57
(builder’s plate stamped 45 T wrecker ) Illinois Central RR #X-106>X-11 
Illinois Central Gulf #100415 Retired 1996
These photographs (added 25th April 2014) are courtesy of Chris Capewell.

Long Leaf
Southern Forest Heritage Museum & Research Center (See for a set of pictures of the whole site)

Clyde McGiffert Log Loader C/N 1229 9X10 Winch C/N 3346 Steam 03-25-19
Powel Lumber Co. Barham, LA
Crowel Lumber Co. Long Leaf, LA

Clyde McGiffert Log Loader. C/N 1230 9X10 Winch C/N 3997 Steam 04-08-19
Crowell & Spencer Lumber Long Leaf, LA
Crowell Lumber Co. Long Leaf, LA

This is the Clyde Skidder, photographs (added 25th April 2014) are courtesy of Chris Capewell.


Derby Shops

Bangor & Aroostook X127
Anders Benson writes (13th January 2017):
"She started life as a Brownhoist 120 at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine before she was sold off to the BAR. At some point she was converted from steam to diesel power and I was told that she has had other major components replaced. As a carknocker and part of the wrecking crew I worked in close quarters with this beauty for several years when she was owned by Montreal, Maine, & Atlantic. She was in regular use up until that road's recent dissolution."

Colbt Mills has sent me a recent picture of the crane with a new paint job, it's in regular use.


B&O Railroad Museum

Industrial Works C/N 2686 120 tons Wrecker Steam 1913
Pennsylvania RR #497015
Washington Terminal Co. #500 Washington DC 1930s
B&ORRM 1990

This is Thomas Kautzor's 2010 photograph of a B&O diesel crane outside::

The Museum also has a 4W hand crane (Thomas Kautzor's 2010 photograph)

Mount Savage
Bill Miller Equipment Sales

Industrial Brownhoist 75 tons Wrecker Steam 1952
US Army #C-1504
State of West Virginia 1979
South Branch Valley RR #OX Moorefield, WV 1979
BMES 2001

This is Thomas Kautzor's 2012 photograph:


Northwest Michigan Engine & Thresher Club

Bucyrus C/N 180 100 tons Wrecker Steam 06-12
Ann Arbor RR #3187

Henry Ford Museum (Greenfield Village)

Industrial Works C/N 2990 120 tons Wrecker Steam 1914 operable
Detroit River Tunnel Co. #X-1
Penn Central #50046 1970
HFM 1986
(No boiler, built to run on steam, electricity or compressed air in the Detroit River tunnel.)

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2009 photographs:


Minnesota Museum of Mining

Atlantic Equipment Co. Class 45-16-2½ * Steam Shovel (converted to crawler) 1910
(American Locomotive Co. C/N 47340)
Oliver Iron Mining Co.
*45000lb pull on dipper, 16’ 6” height of lift above rail, 2½ cu. yards capacity

Lake Superior Railroad Museum

Clyde McGiffert Log Loader. C/N 1260 9X10 Winch C/N 5656 Steam 01-06-23
Weed Lumber Co. Weed, CA
Long-Bell Lumber Co. “ 1926
International Paper Co. Weed, CA 1956
LSRM 1978

Industrial Works C/N 2597 75 tons Wrecker Steam 1913
Northern Pacific RR #38
Burlington Northern #S751 04-73 to #S103 
Hyman-Michaels Co. (scraper) Duluth, MN
LSRM 1976

St. Paul
Minnesota Transportation Museum

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 10995 200 tons Wrecker Steam 1940 
Milwaukee Road #X-17
(not here 07-10)



N 46° 07.896 W 112° 56.153
Brown Hoisting Machinery 1885 


Havre, Montana (added 10th September 2021)

Industrial Brownhoist C/ N 12234 250 tons Wrecker 09-54 diesel 
Great Northern Ry #X-1743 (rebuilt with new cab)
Burlington Northern #972009>D-250 05-73
Burlington Northern Santa Fe D-250
Double R. Inc. Havre, MT 2021

(Double R is a local trucker, they intend to put the crane on display with the GN steam locomotive in town.)

Nevada City
Montana Historical Society

Brownhoist C/N 648 15 tons steam
Anaconda Copper Mining Co.
Charles Bovey Nevada City, MT
MHS 1998 (scrapped 2011 - noted as such, 2nd January 2013)
Silver Star-Lloyd Harkins

Bucyrus Model 70C Steam Shovel (converted to crawler) 2½-3 yards
Isthmian Canal Commission (Panama Canal) 
Three Forks Portland Cement Co. Trident, MT
Ideal Cement Co. Trident, MT (last used 1936)


Camp Creek Threshers

Browning C/N 1878 21 tons Steam 1919
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR
Hughes Brothers Seward, NE
CCT 1986


Boulder City
Nevada State RR Museum

Industrial Works C/N 4903 Model FA 22½ tons Steam 1925 operable
International Smelting & Refining Co. Tooele, UT
Wasatch RR & Museum Foundation (Wasatch Mountain RR) #107 Heber City, UT 1972
NSRRM 1993

East Ely
Nevada Northern Railway Museum

Industrial Works C/N 1789 100 tons Wrecker Steam 1907
Nevada Northern Railway #A
This is fully serviceable and is seen on a winter enthusiast's event on 8th February 2013 (Thomas Schultz's pictures, added 9th February 2013)
Frederick a Johnsen has a video clip of the crane in action - 17th August 2014)

New Jersey

United RR Historical Society of NJ

Bucyrus Erie C/N 4593 160 tons Wrecker Steam 04-26 
Erie #03125 
Erie Lackawanna #03125 (converted to diesel) 
Conrail #03125 
New Jersey Department of Transportation #03125 
New Jersey Transit Rail #45006 
Whippany RR Museum Whippany, NJ

This is Thomas Kautzor's 2012 photograph:

New York


Industrial Brownhoist 11970 250 tons Wrecker Steam 1949
Pennsylvania RR #490905
Penn Central #50205
Conrail # 50205 to #45218 (gone by 12-1986)
Ed Winter Eden, NY (stored on Buffalo Southern RR) (here 09-30-90)
Western New York RR Historical Society South Buffalo, NY 12-11
(still at Eden 12-15) 

These pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)

Town of LeRoy

Marion Model 91 Steam Shovel 2½ yards 1911? (converted to crawler tracks 1923)
General Crushed Stone Co. LeRoy, NY
(retired June 1949)

Tioga Scenic RR

Browning C/N 3073 Model 8-C 20 tons Steam 1940 
Cornell University #8 Ithaca, NY
Scrapped late 2009


Bucyrus steam dredger
See (link dead by 12th April 2018)

North Carolina

Cradel of Forestry (USFS) Pisgah National Forest

American C/N 526-0 Model E Log Loader 36” gauge Steam 1911/12
original owner unknown (Carr Lumber Co.?)
Ely-Thomas Lumber Co. Fenwick, WV 1940’s
Allen & Samborski Ann Arbor, MI 1955
CofF 1983

These pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)

Rocky Mount-J. E. Winstead (private owner) - added 25th September 2017

Ohio Steam, used to transfer logs from narrow gauge to standard gauge cars near Pinetown, NC.

Spencer, Transportation Museum

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 11729 250 tons Wrecker Steam 1946 
Atlantic Coast Line RR #65358
Seaboard Cost Line RR #765250
Seaboard System #765250 (converted to diesel & new boom 1970)
CSX Transportation 985250
Canadian Pacific RR #414501 Thunder Bay, Ontario (for sale 2000)
Canadian Railway Museum 2002
Moved here by October 2017

Southern 903006 (assumed diesel conversion)

These pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)


Sea Land Passenger Services, Bellevue (independent of museum below)

Industrial Works #4728 150 tons Wrecker 1926 
Southern Ry #D70 to #903010 (to diesel by 05-12-67) 
Norfolk Southern #903010 
Sea Land Passenger Services Bellevue, OH (here 2009)
Carrying TDIX-1310

These pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)

Bellevue, Mad River Museum

Industrial C/N 4460/1923, assumed diesel conversion.

These pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)

Steam Railroad Museum, Inc.

Bucyrus Steam

Findlay - not found by Chris Capewell (2013)
Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation, Inc.

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 5164 200 tons Wrecker Steam 04-29
Baltimore & Ohio #X-45 to #940502 04-08-82 
CSXT 940502 
Western Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society New Castle, PA
(reported stored at Orrville, OH 08-01-99)
Dennis Hendricks Findlay, OH 2000 (as B&O #X-45)

Grand Rapids
Ohio-Toledo, Lake Erie & Western Ry & Museum

American C/N J3377 25 tons Diesel 02-57
New York Central RR #91 $62,333
Penn Central
Conrail #92602 Beach Grove, IN 1976
CSX #92602 08-98

Kent (added 11th May 2022)
Privately preserved under cover but by 2022 under threat of scrapping

Chesapeake & Ohio #940000
Industrial Brownhoist C/N11753/1946

These pictures, courtesy of Jonathan Martin, show it outdoors back in the 1980s.

Steam Railroad Museum, Inc.

Unknown steam (same as Canton?)

Orrville Railroad Heritage Society

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 11594/1945 250 tons Wrecker Steam
Pere Marquette #DK-8
Chesapeake & Ohio #DK-8 to #940001 
CSXT #940001 retired as C&O #940001
Art Davis as ARDX #401 (here 2011)
For sale 12-15

These pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)

Bucyrus-Erie C/N 33779 12-44 250 tons Wrecker Steam 
Chicago, Cincinnati & St. Louis #X50006
Norfolk Western #550006 1954
stored at Brewster as of 11-72
Retired 01-79 
Art Davis as ARDX #404 (here 07-13)
For sale 12-15

These pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 12064 250 tons Wrecker Diesel 08-52
Baltimore & Ohio #X-216 to #940500 05-28-82 
CSXT #940500 01-09-89 
Art Davis as ARDX #403 06-92 (here 07-13)
For sale 12-15

Sugarcreek, Age of Steam Roundhouse - information from Chris Capewell (2013)

Industrial Works C/N 3877 160 tons Wrecker Steam (converted to Cat diesel 1950’s) 1919
(builder’s plate reads Industrial Brownhoist, this indicates a rebuild)
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie RR #X100003>300505
Ohio Central RR #300505 Sugarcreek, OH


Western Steam Friends Assn.

Bucyrus-Erie C/N 9869 160 tons Wrecker Steam 09-28 operable
Southern Pacific RR #7020 former #7005, nee #680 Dunsmuir, CA
To Klamath Falls, OR 1958, to Eugene, OR 1975+
Rick Franklin Lebanon, OR 1994
WSFA 2000

This crane was NOT scrapped in October 2016 as I originally reported.

Collier State Park

Clyde McGiffert Log Loader #678 9X10 Winch Steam 1906 $5,750
McCloud River Lumber Co. McCloud, CA
Kesterson Lumber Co. Dorris, CA
Weyerhaeuser Tbr. Co. Klamath Falls, OR 1929

Clyde McGiffert Log Loader #1281 9X10 Winch C/N 7683 Steam 04-30-26
Big Lake Box Co. #42 Klamath Falls, OR
Palmerton Lumber Co. Yamsay, OR 1947
Weyerhaeuser Tbr. Co. Klamath Falls, OR last used 1961

Camp 18 Restaurant

Ohio Steam Model E (most likely C/N 3566 or 3579 25 tons 03-17-23)
Long-Bell Lumber Co. #6 Longview, WA
International Paper Co. #6 “ 1956
Longview Portland & Northern RR Grande Ronde, OR (here 05-67)
C 18 196?

Great Western RR Museum (Fred Kepner)

Industrial Works Wrecker Steam
Bucyrus C/N 4535 160 ton Wrecker Steam 07-19-26
Southern Pacific #7180

Buried in a bramble patch (blackberry bushes) in Northwest Portland. See Google Maps -,-122.7077436,334m/data=!3m1!1e3 . Thanks to Don Nelson for this location (4th June 2019).

Industrial Works C/N 4602 160 tons Wrecker Steam 1924 
Los Angeles & Salt Lake #010004 
Union Pacific #910004

Coos Bay, Oregon - Oregon Coast Historical Railway Society

Ohio C/N 3802 Model E 25 tons Steam 08-13-27 (operable)
George H. Chaney Tbr. Co. Coquill, OR
Tacoma Municipal Belt Line RR Tacoma, WA

Western Forest Industries Museum (Camp 6) Tacoma, WA 1975
Museum closed 03-11
Chris Baldo Willits, CA 09-11 (not moved)
OCHRS 05-12 Tacoma

The pictures below are courtesy of John Taubeneck, the crane to be moved to Coos Bay, Orgeon shortly (added 8th June 2012).


Williams Grove Historic Steam Engine Assn.

Ohio C/N 4537 25 tons Steam 12-30-46
Schmidt & Ault Paper Co. York, PA

Steamtown National Historic Site

Bucyrus Co. C/N 220 150 tons Wrecker Steam 03-18
Central RR of New Jersey #5
Steamtown Bellows Falls, VT 1976

These pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)

Small hand crane, unknown origin.

This picture courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)

Strasburg RR

Industrial Works C/N 2227 120 tons Wrecker Steam 1909
Pennsylvania RR #490701
Penn Central #50030
SRR #03 09-04-71

This is James Waite's 2011 picture:


Little River Railroad & Lumber Co. Museum

American Model C Log Loader C/N 823 Steam 1915/16
Hobart Keys Marshall, TX
Texas Forestry Museum Lufkin, TX 1979
Little River RR & Lumber Co. Museum 2003 (shipped 11-18-03, arrived 11-22-03)

These pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)


Galveston Railroad Museum

Industrial Works C/N 1266 60 tons Wrecker steam 1904
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific #95014
Reader RR #X-01 Reader, AR
Displayed as CRI&P #95014
Suffered from salt water immersion resulting from Hurricane Ike in 2008

Picture courtesy of Bernd Kittendorf, I believe it dates from 1999.

Picture courtesy of Chris Capewell (8th May 2015)

Georgetown-Georgetown RR

Industrial Works C/N 2997 120 tons Wrecker steam 1917
Missouri-Kansas-Texas RR #X101222 to #0120 to #1041
Georgetown RR #1041 (here 2015, within a fenced area can be seen from a nearby overbridge)

Lufkin-Texas Forestry Museum

American Model C Log Loader C/N 317 Steam 1909/10
Carter-Kelley Lumber Co. Manning, TX
W. T. Carter & Brother Camden, TX 1935
TFM 1970

Pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (8th May 2015)

Texas State RR

Ohio C/N 3702 Model F 30 tons Steam 07-27-25
UGI Contracting Co. New Braunfels, TX
San Antonio Public Service Co. New Braunfels, TX
Lower Colorado River Authority #379
(Only frame and trucks remaining as of 11-18-06.)

Industrial Works C/N 4110 120 tons Wrecker Steam 03-23
Southern Pacific RR (Texas & New Orleans?)#5840
TSRR #11543 1979
San Angelo, Texas-Texas Tank Car Works Inc.
Ohio C/N 4144 25 tons Steam 02-23-42
Louisiana Shipyards New Orleans, LA
National Lead Co. St. Louis, MO 1946
Texas Tank Car Works 1960

This picture is courtesy of Chris Capewell (8th May 2015)

San Angelo
Texas-Texas Tank Car Works Inc.

Industrial Works C/N 1360 100 tons Wrecker 1905 Steam 
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe #99770 to #199770
Texas Tank Car Works San Angelo, TX 1970

These pictures are courtesy of Chris Capewell (8th May 2015)

Industrial Works C/N 4409 160 tons 08-24 Steam (conv to diesel) 
Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe #9521
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe #199780 Ret. 08-86
Texas Tank Car Works San Angelo, TX

These pictures are courtesy of Chris Capewell (8th May 2015)

Ohio C/N 4144 25 tons Steam 02-23-42

This picture is courtesy of Chris Capewell (8th May 2015)

(separate compound west of main site)
Industrial Brownhoist C/N 11752 250 tons 11-46 Steam (conv to diesel) 
Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe #199798 
Texas Tank Car Co #199798 San Angelo, TX 1990


Ogden Union Station (Utah State Railroad Museum)

Industrial Works C/N 2125 120 tons Wrecker Steam 02-10
Union Pacific RR #903037 (former #03037 & 02787)
OUS 1987


Berlin, VT on Route 12 between Montpelier and Northfield, Vermont (added 8th August 2014)

Browning, provenance unknown
Pictures courtesy of Keith Barrett who comments "It is no longer on the flat car, but resting on the ground. The boiler has been removed and the boom is off and on the ground as well."
See also


Fort Eustis
US Army Transportation Museum

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 12164 75 tons Wrecker Steam 1952
US Army #C-1501 new to Ft. Eustis, VA

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2010 photographs:

Old Dominion Chapter NRHS

Unknown Steam
Allied Chemical Co. Hopewell, VA


Norfolk & Western #4974 to 514908
Build Number 2230 120ton W 1910
Roanoke Iron & Pipe, Roanoke, VA 03-21-81 (10-28-66?)
Virginia Scrap Iron & Metal Co, Roanoke Va. ((Here 01-21-08?)
(Now Saved for preservation, Jan 6th 2013, off site)


Mt Rainier Scenic RR (Western Forest Industries Museum)

Browning C/N 2072 Model 8 DT Steam 1922
Comm. of Kalama, WA
Port of Kalama, WA
Clyde Schurman Woodland, WA
Western Forest Industries Museum Mineral, WA 1981
(MRSR #20)

Gerry Petitjean

Bucyrus Foundry & Mfg. Co. C/N 1332 40-R steam shovel Steam 01-12-11
Canadian Collieries, Dunsmuir, Ltd. Union Bay, BC (converted to crane)
Charley Morrow Snoqualmie, WA 1960
Petitjean Bros. Mill Co. Fall City, WA (here 1984)

Pavingstone Supply Inc. (moved from Snoqualmie 11/2012, having been there since 1968)

Industrial Works C/N 1038 15 tons Steam 1903 4-wheel 
(US Navy Bremerton, WA)?
Northwest Cedar Lumber Co. Everett, WA
(reportedly to be used as décor for a restaurant)

Northwest Ry Museum (ex-Puget Sound Ry Historical Assn.)

Ohio C/N 3903 Model E 25 tons Steam 08-17-29
E. J. Dunnigan Colgate, MT
Stone & Webster Seattle, WA
Seaboard Lumber Co. Seattle, WA 1931
PSRHA 1973

Industrial Works C/N 1825 75 tons Wrecker Steam 1908
Spokane Portland & Seattle RY #X-5 Vancouver, WA
The Purdy Co. Chehalis, WA 1972
PSRHA 1972

West Virginia

Cass Scenic RR State Park

Industrial Brownhoist 75 tons 1952 Wrecker Steam
US Army #C-1502
CSRR 1979

This picture courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)

American Log Loader Model C C/N 855 Steam (converted to diesel 1945) 1916 (operable)
Elk River Coal & Lbr. Co. Swandale, WV
W. M. Ritter Lbr. Co. #1 “ 1958/59
Georgia-Pacific Corp. no# “ 1961
CSRR 1967 and

These pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)

Amherst Industries

2 cranes Steam

Durbin & Greenbrier Valley RR

American Model C Log Loader C/N 632 Steam 1912/13
Moore-Keppel & Co. Ellamore, WV
Middle Fork RR Ellamore, WV
Foster Smith Philippi, WV early 1960’s (stored at Berryburg, WV)
Mike Miller Rockwood, PA 1992
(displayed at the New Centerville, PA Firemen’s Grounds)
Durbin & Greenbrier Valley RR Durbin, WV 08-03 (delivered 11-21-03)

These pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (2013)


Rock River Thresheree

Bucyrus C/N 4849 Model 103-C Steam Shovel (converted to crawler) 11-08-27
A. E. Dick Co. Audearied, PA
RRT 2004

Green Bay
National Railroad Museum

Bucyrus Co. C/N 123 80 tons Wrecker Steam 05-03 
Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault St. Marie #W-1
Soo #W-1
NRM 1963

North Freedom
Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society

Industrial Works C/N 2927 120 tons Wrecker Steam 1914
St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern #Z-8
Missouri Pacific RR #X-105 1928
M-CRHS 1967 
(Sold for scrap 2nd May 2015)

Orton & Steinbrenner C/N 1573* 18 tons Steam
City of Minneapolis, MN
Soo Lines #X-81 1929 (retired at North Fond du Lac, WI 01-01-84)
M-CRHS 05-84
*Soo records show this as C/N 44770 
(Sold for scrap 2nd May 2015)

Industrial Works C/N 1573 60 tons Steam 04-07
Soo Lines #X-3 (former #3) (retired 01-01-84)


Evanston Roundhouse (added 23rd December 2018)

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 12123 25 ton Diesel 07-52
Union Pacific RR #03124>903124 (retired 10-72) 



Beisker-Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum

American C/N L3744 200 ton Wrecker Diesel 10-67
Canadian Pacific RR #414480 Calgary, AL 
(Held at Ogden shops for disposal 2006)
ACRM 2007 (Link dead by May 2023)

Burro C/N 466 Model 30 7½ tons Diesel 03-56
Canadian Pacific #??
Pacific Northern Rail 1998 (Link dead by May 2023)

Heritage Park (added 8th August 2014, updated 25th September 2017)

Bucyrus C/N 181 100 ton. 1920, CP 414328
Information from Massey F. Jones who adds "presently under restoration in their roundhouse"
Restoration is now complete and it is the only serviceable steam crane in Canada, being demonstrated at railway days on 23rd/24th September 2017.

Alberta Railway Museum

Industrial Works C/N 2573 75 tons Wrecker Steam 1914
Canadian Northern #63017
Canadian National #50127 1920  (link dead by 12th April 2018, but website active)

British Colombia

British Columbia Forest Museum

Osgoode C/N 590 Steam 4-wheel (Washington Iron Works boiler)

Fort Steele, British Columbia-Fort Steele Provincial Park (added 24th March 2013)

Vulcan Steam Shovel (boiler & parts missing) 1901
Great Northern Ry
Perry Creek Placer Mining Co. 1902
Abandoned on Perry Creek 1903-2011 (link blocked October 2017, may require registration)

Galena Bay, Upper Arrow Lake

Clyde McGiffert Log Loader Steam (abandoned in lake about 1920)
Arrow Lakes Lumber Co.

Cedar Point Park

Vulcan Steam Shovel 1906
J. B. Hobson (abandoned 1907)

Port Alberni
Alberni Valley Museum (Western Vancouver Island Industrial Heritage Society)

Brownhoist C/N 3690 20 tons Steam 1929 side rod trucks
Pacific Coast Terminals Ltd Vancouver, BC
Koppers International Canada #6 Burnaby, BC
BC Transportation Museum New Westminster, BC 1982
BC Historical Transportation Center Cloverdale, BC 1987
Transportation Museum of BC “ 1988
AVM 03-91

Prince George
Central British Columbia Railway & Forest Industry Museum

Industrial Works C/N 2801 100 tons Wrecker Steam 1913 (operable)
Canadian Pacific Ry #414325 Victoria, Nelson & North Bend, BC
CBCR&FIM 01-87

Ceal Tinglay Park

Vulcan Steam Shovel 1906
J. B. Hobson (abandoned 1907)
The shovel is located at the southern end of the park. It was used by the Cariboo Hydraulic Mining Company for their Bullion Mine in the early 1900s. This shovel was used to dig a trench from Spanish Lake to the Bullion Mine which closed in 1912.

Saanich Historical Artifacts Society

Link-Belt C/N 14964 Model 54-8 22 tons Steam 1903?
Panama Canal Construction?
US Army
BC Forest Products Victoria, BC
Flecher Challenge Canada, Ltd. Victoria, BC 1988
SHAS 1990

Loggers Sports Grounds

Industrial Works C/N 2527 5 tons steam 1914 4-wheel
Mayo Brothers Timber Co. Paldi, BC
Grainger Taylor Duncan, BC (here 1969)
BC Logging Museum Shannon Falls (Squamish), BC 1977
Loggers Sports Grounds Squamish, BC 1986

West Coast Railway. Heritage Park

Industrial Works C/N 2802 150 tons Wrecker Steam 1913
Canadian Pacific RR #414330 Vancouver, BC

Royal BC Museum

Ohio C/N 2055 Model D 20 tons steam 03-07-16 operable
Vancouver Creosoting North Vancouver, BC
Canadian Creosoting “ 1930’s
Domtar Chemicals Group New Westminster, BC
Valley Towing “ 1970’s
Canadian Steam Preservation & Industrial Archeology Assn. (CANSTEAM) 1981
British Columbia Transportation Museum New Westminster, BC 1986
Transportation Museum of British Columbia Cloverdale, BC 1988
WCRHP 1992

New Brunswick

Salem & Hillsborough RR

Industrial Works C/N 2800 100 tons Wrecker Steam 1913
Canadian Pacific RR #414324 Kentville, NS
Scotian Railway Society
Canadian RR Hist. Assn. (New Brunswick Division) 1980
stored at Saint John, NB 1980
S&HRR 1983

Newfoundland (added 12th November 2011)

Bishop's Falls
Grand Central Railway #4

Industrial Brownhoist 10971, 3'6" gauge

Nova Scotia (added 12th November 2011)

Museum of Industry, Stellarton

Bucyrus, ex-Wallace Stone Quarries (1991)


Browning 4w no.8 steam crane here
44°17'37.4"N 77°48'10.3"W

Larry Healy

Browning 12 tons 4-wheel Steam
Cohen Scrap Yard Kingston, ON

Steam & Antique Show Society

Browning C/N 2335 30 tons Steam 1925
Abitibi Power & Paper Co. #2 Iroquois Falls, ON

Bytown Railway Society (located at Canada Science and Technology Museum)

Industrial Works C/N 3850 50 tons Steam 1919 operable
first owner unknown
Birmingham Rail & Equipment Co. (D) Birmingham, AL 
Central Vermont Ry #4251 12-23
Bytown Railway Society Ottawa, ONT 1967 (link broken by April 2015)

Browning 4w no.8 steam crane here (is this the one which was at Cambellford?) Chris Capewell picture 2019


St. Constant
Canadian Railway Museum (“Exporail”)

Industrial Brownhoist C/N 11729 is no longer here but has moved to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC (information from Thomas Kautzor October 2017)

North Shore & Labrador Railway

Unknown steam, No #


The entry for Aguascalientes was further revised on 21st March 2023.

Thomas Kautzor visited Mexico in November 2012. He saw quite a few cranes which are listed below, read his profusely illustrated report (13th December 2012).


Museo Ferrocarrilero de Aguascalientes
on the site of the old railway station, more pictures are in the link immediately above this. At one stage there were some cranes within the nearby former workshops, which was outside the museum's jurisdiction. I am uncertain whether that is still true.

NdeM 4-wheel crane 3280 (Brown Hoisting Machinery Co., Cleveland, OH) See also
3280 was formerly at Rodolfo Landeros Park, 

NdeM Burro crane No. 7. 

Cullen-Friestendt Co. Burro Model 40 12½ tons Diesel 
National Rys of Mexico #7

NdeM  No. 21

Little Giant Diesel
NdeM #5642 

American Steam
National Railways of Mexico #19633 

Also within the same area:

Pile Driver

National Railways of Mexico #4 

Fideicomiso Ingenio Atencingo

Industrial Works 4-wheel steam (derelict) (link broken by July 2020)

El Salto

Clyde McGiffert Log Loader steam
Cia Madarera de Durango, S. A. El Salto, Durango, Mexico
display at El Salto

Museo del Ferrocarril

Browning 75 tons Wrecker steam
National Railways of Mexico #19623

Mexico City (These exhibits were no longer present when Thomas Kautzor visited in November 2012.)
Museo Tecnologico-CFE

Thomas Smith & Sons 15 tons steam 1910 - this was converted to diesel operation at some stage.
Thomas Smith & Sons C/N 9511 10 tons steam 1920
This is Ray Gardiner's photograph of the 1910 crane:

Real del Monte
Museo de Sitio Mina de Acosta

Browning Engineering about 20 tons steam
Grupo Real del Monte y Pachuca (RdM)

(AHMM ) Historical Archives and Museum of Minin (no known website for the museum)

Brownhoist ca 20T, 4+4W 

National Museum of Mexican Railroads

Browning 15 tons 4-wheel steam
National Railways of Mexico #1
National Railways of Mexico 4-wheel steam
National Railways of Mexico #1

Industrial Works C/N 2293 17 tons 4-wheel steam 1913 
National Railways of Mexico #2

John H. Wilson & Co. Ltd 15 tons 4-wheel steam 1908 
National Railways of Mexico #4

*Browning 75 tons Wrecker steam
National Railways of Mexico #19614

Bucyrus C/N 4809 160 tons Wrecker steam 04-30-27 
National Railways of Mexico #19619

*Browning 75 tons Wrecker steam
National Railways of Mexico #19621
retired 1973
NMofMRR 1989

Industrial Works C/N 2267 100 tons Wrecker steam 1910 
National Railways of Mexico #19638

*Browning C/N 75 tons Wrecker steam 1909 
National Railways of Mexico #19860

Jones & Laughlin Pile Driver steam 1912 
National Railways of Mexico #196236
(this looks to be a Bucyrus pile driver)
* Browning built eight 75-ton wreckers for service in Mexico between 1907 & 1911.

Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur
Museo de Historia de la Minería
Mesa Francia, 23920 Santa Rosalía, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Brownhoist? 3 tons steam 4-wheel 36” gauge
Cie. du Boleo
Cia Minera de Santa Rosalia S. A. 1954

Brownhoist 10 tons steam 4+4 wheel 36” gauge (pre-1900)
Cie. du Boleo
Cia Minera de Santa Rosalia S. A. 1954 (plus other photos of the site incl. 0-6-0ST and excavator ) ( map and photos of site/town )

Brownhoist 15 tons steam

Port of Tampico #13

CHEPE (Ferrocarril Chihuahua-Pacífico) at the crew change point, San Rafael, Chihuaha State

Industrial Works Wrecker steam
Ferromex #110166 1998
Wrecked 2011 and unsuccessfully converted to diesel and retired. At Chihuahua shop, here 02-16-19 (Mauricio Burguete's picture) (link broken by December 2021)
For Mauricio Burguete's roll past video see, there are quality stills available from it here too 

It is reported scrapped in November 2022. (Noted 17th M<arch 2023).

Trevor Heath has sent these July 2009 pictures of this crane, on a 2014 revisit it was not seen, Chris Capewell recorded it in October 2015, serviceable but almost unphotographable. 

Rob Dickinson