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Surviving Railway Cranes in Western Europe

This is just one of a series of pages covering surviving Railway Cranes across the world. Click here for the Index. Unlike some of the other lists, this includes some historic diesel powered cranes.

Chris Capewell (chriscapewell AT has provided the following data, he would greatly appreciate additions, corrections and confirmation for data with a yellow background.

We would welcome more pictures of cranes in this list which can be used to illustrate the article, as links are notoriously ephemeral.

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  • American = American Hoist & Derrick Company, Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Ardelt = Ardelt, Wilhemshaven, Germany
  • Bilstein = August Bilstein GmbH of Ennepetal, Germany
  • Bruchsal = Bruchsal, Germany ????
  • Baume et Marpent = Baume et Marpent, Hainaut, Belgium
  • Baggermij. Schoonboom & v.d Gevel, Oegstgeest / Scheepswerf, Warmond
  • La Biesme = Société Anonyme des Ateliers de Construction de la Biesme, Bouffioulx, Belgium ( E of Charleroi )
  • Bondy = Bondy, Paris, France
  • Booth = Joseph Booth & Bros., Leeds, UK
  • Breslauer = Breslauer Aktiengesellschaft für Eisenbahnwagen-, Lokomotiv- und Maschinenbau, Breslau, Germany
  • Caillard = Caillard, Le Havre, France
  • Chavarri Petramente et Cie ????
  • Cockerill = Société anonyme John Cockerill, Seraing, Belgium
  • Coles = Coles Cranes, Sunderland, UK
  • Cravens = Cravens Bros., Reddish, Stockport, UK
  • CS = Cowans Sheldon and Co, Ltd., Carlisle, UK
  • Demag = Deutsche Maschinenfabrik, Duisburg, Germany
  • Fives, Lille = Compagnie de Fives-Lille pour constructions mécaniques et entreprises, Lille, France
  • Grafton= Grafton Cranes Ltd., Bedford, UK
  • Grasset = Talleres Grasset, (TEGRA), Madrid, Spain
  • Gyor = Machinenfabrik Gyor, Gyor, Hungary
  • HStP = Forges Usines et Fonderies Haine-Saint-Pierre, Belgium
  • Halmstads = Halmstads Nya Verkstads AB, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Harkort = Johann Caspar Harkort, Duisberg, Germany
  • HL = Hawthorn Leslie, Newcastle, UK
  • C.Herrm.= C. Herrm. Findeisen, Ortssitz, Chemnitz, Germany
  • De Hollandsche IJssel = De Hollandsche IJssel, Oudewater, Netherlands
  • Ibbotson = Ibbotson Bros. & Co., Sheffield, UK
  • IBHC = Industrial Brownhoist, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Industrial Works = Industrial Works, Bay City, Michigan, USA
  • Kirow = Kirow Leipzig KE Kranbau Eberswalde AG, Germany
  • Krupp-Ardelt = Krupp-Ardelt, Wilhemshaven, Germany
  • Mallard = P.Mallard, Rouen ????
  • Menk = MENK Apparatebau GmbH, Bad Marienberg, Germany 
  • Mohr & Federhaff = Mohr & Federhaff, Mannheim, Germany
  • Muet Wahl & Tusey ????
  • Nicause & Delauve = Nicause & Delauve, La Louvière, Belgium
  • Ohio = Ohio Locomotive Crane Co., Bucyrus, Ohio
  • Pantin = Soc. Centrale des Machines, Pantin (Seine), France
  • R&R = Ransomes and Rapier, Ipswich, UK
  • Russell = George Russell, Alpha Works, Motherwell, Scotland, UK
  • S&P = Stothert and Pitt, Bath UK
  • Schelde = Koninklijke Maatschappij De Schelde, Vlissingen, Netherlands
  • Scholten = Gebrüder Scholten, Duiburg, Germany
  • SGCFÉ = Société Générale des Chemins de Fer Économiques, Landes, France
  • Takraf = Takraf GmbH, Leipzig, Germany
  • Taylor = Taylor and Hubbard, Leicester, UK
  • Tangye = Tangye Brothers, Birmingham, UK
  • TSSR = Thomas Smith and Sons (Rodley) near Leeds, UK
  • Werkspoor = Nederlandsche Fabriek van Werktuigen en Spoorwegmaterieel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Whylen = Eisenbau Whylen AG, Whylen i. Baden, Germany
  • Wilhag = Wilhelm Hagen Kamp, Langenfeld near Duesseldorf, Germany
  • Wilson = John Wilson & Co, Liverpool and Birkenhead, UK
  • Zorroza = Talleres de Zorroza, Bilbao, Spain


  • D(H) = Diesel (Hydraulic)
  • D(M) = Diesel (Mechanical)
  • IWD = Inland Waterways and Docks
  • MoS = Ministry of Supply (UK)
  • WD = War Department (UK)

Each entry is arranged as follows after the country/location:

Number Railway Gauge Diesel, Electric
and, Steam
Capacity in tons Wheels Works Number Comments

Austria (link dead by 25th October 2016)
Ampflwang OGEG Museum Store

916 821 SG D(M) 6T 4W Ardelt 1943
966 150 SG H 10T ?4W
9766 022-4 SG D(M) 20T 4+4W American 1943? earlier numbered 966 202
9766 041-4 SG S 45T 6+6W Gyor 3?/1958 earlier numbered 966 401 (link is dead)
Knittelfeld Museum

916 811 SG D(M) 6T 4W Ardelt 1941
9766 109-1 SG D(M) 10T 4W Scholten 1942 earlier numbered 966 700 (link is dead)
Strasshof Museum - Das Heizhaus

966 300 SG S 36T 6+4W CS 1941
0622 SG H ?4W
9466 103-4 SG H 10T 6W Mohr & Federhaff 064/1934 ex DR 700123, earlier numbered 966 103
9766 000-0 SG D(M) 8T ?4W Menk ??/1955 earlier numbered 966 070
9766 020-8 SG D(M) 20T 4+4W American 1943?  earlier numbered 966 200 ((link broken, 1st November 2019))
Schwechat Museum

966 000 SG H 5T ?4W
9466 001-0 SG H 6T ?4W Bilstein earlier numbered 966 007, stored (?)
9766 002-6 SG D(M) 7T ?4W Wilhag 1963 earlier numbered 966 160
Sigmundshersberg Museum

9766 042-2 SG S 45T  6+6W Gyor 3?/1958 earlier numbered 966 402

Confirmation required regarding status of these three machines:-

9466 051-5 SG H 7.5T 4W 'Folding jib type', stored possibly ar Strasshof, earlier numbered 966 052
9466 101-8 SG H 10T 6W Whylen 1945 ex DR 702 017, stored useable, Bludenz 2002. Earlier numbered 966 101,later 40 81 946 6 101-8
9766 021-6 SG D(M) 20T 4+4W American 1943? Earlier numbered 966 201, stated as stored


Not railway cranes, but a historic set of dockyard cranes are those in Antwerp, (added 26th May 2015). The museum now has an ex-railway hand operated Stuckenholz crane from 1884, (added 8th August 2017). 

Train World, Schaerbeek, (Brussels), new entry 1st October 2015

310/04 SG S 35T 2-6-2W Cravens C.9372/1912 Ex UK NER CME16, ex Army no.??, supplied for the NER, requisitioned from Gateshead by the War Office 1914, this later became SNCB no. 310/04, stated as Cravens 1912, and retired from WDT Kinkempois in 1985.
Reported in October 2012 as likely to go to Oostende.

These are Colin Miell's pictures of the Craven 310/04 (added 20th July 2012) previously in store at Leuven

In April 2014, the crane was sent to Maldegm for a cosmetic restoration. Kevin Hoggett has sent these pictures (14th April 2014):

Restoration is now well advanced as these further pictures from Kevin taken during the May 2015 open weekend show (6th May 2015)::

The above pictures are historic, this a picture by Peter Wilcox at its new home on 28th September 2015, 3 days after opening:

Leuven Depot (Stored for Museum and not normally accessible)

SG H ?4W 1930
330/87 SG S 4T ?4W Russell 1920
SG S 2½T ?4W
Treignes Museum CFV3V

SG H ?3T 4W In use
3 SG S 13T 4W Ex Forge de Clabecq, galle chain roped. The (replaceent) boiler is Brabant 2409/1962

These pictures are courtesy of Peter Wilcox, 26th September 2015 and added 1st October 2015.

214 16 600-1 SNCB SG S to D 4W 1916?
SG S 4W Derelict - OOU
Maldegem Stoomcentrum

SNCB SG S 0-4-0CT Cockerill 6047/1930 Crane loco, sadly, this was scrapped in 2017 as it was incomplete and in hopeless condition.

This 2011 photograph is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor:

St-Ghislain PFT-TSP Railway Museum

A320/23 SG D ?3T ?4W In use


There is a Cowans Sheldon fixed hand crane outside the old workshops at Famagusta - (added 12th November 2014).


Helsingor (Harbour station), added 27th October 2019

H ?T William Fairbairn, Manchester Fixed goods crane. A not dissimilar crane is preserved at the port in Seville, Spain.

This picture is courtesy of Angus Davis: (Previous relative English page dead, 29th March 2012)
Odense Transport Museum

Hjaelpekran no. 1 SJS SG H 5T 4W Maatschappi 1868 Old no. 3
JFJ no. 2 SG H 10T 4W Bruchsal, 1880 later 142, then 951 1 342 

Pictures of no. 1 (upper) and no.2 (lower) courtesy of Chris Capewell (18th September 2014):

Randers (behind 4 road storage shed by 7/2014)

145 SG D 50/65?T 6+6W Krupp Ardelt 205640/1967  later 982 3 145

Pictures courtesy of Chris Capewell (18th September 2014):

Poorvoo Steam Railway/ Museum

Tnk-Ko 1? 1520mm S ?5T 6W Harkort 26538/1926  In working order as coal grab.
Haapamaki Steam Park

Tnk 1 5301? or 84? 1520mm S (Oil) 75T 8+6W Ardelt 203712/1953

Chris Capewell has found some pictures on a Hungarian website: - - 



See (link dead by 25th October 2016) for an overview of cranes in France.

Click here for notes and photographs of surviving narrow gauge hand cranes in France (new entry 13th August 2013)..

Culoz, Société Métallurgique d'Epernay (SME)

This is a scrapyard where three (now four) cranes have been preserved by the company, more details would be appreciated. Thanks to Thomas Kautzor for the initial information (all this added 7th June 2012)

1x Cockerill 85 ton from GD 582 SNCF Toulouse depot; (see link added 23rd May 2013, site migrated the link may be but registration required, 31st October 2017)
1x Bondy (in use until '95/96);
1x Labor specially built for IMES France, St-Jean-de-Maurienne.
Denain Regional Railway Museum

825 Usinor, Denain SG S to D 50T  4+4W Caillard Cranked lattice jib, buffer extension frames, similar to 1912 type
(actually 823)
Transportation Dept., U.S. Army SG S to D? 23T 4+4W Ohio 1944 later C.F. d'Aniche, and C.F. d'Anzin, lattice jib
853 Transportation Dept., U.S. Army SG S to D 12T 4+4W Industrial Works M913/1913 Lattice jib
318 ex Usine Rousseau a Bruay SG S to D ?10T 4W Bondy 3292 (link dead 26th April 2014)

These are Brian Garvin's pictures of the Caillard (20th June 2013)

These are Brian Garvin's pictures of the Ohio (20th June 2013)

This is Brian Garvin's picture of the Industrial Works (20th June 2013)
Douai Lewarde Mining Museum

SG S ?5T 4W La Biesme ca 1920s "Fosse Delloye des mines d'Aniche"

This picture is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (added 23rd May 2013):
Froissy APPEVA - P'tit train de la Haute Somme (added 20th June 2013)

600mm H ?T 4W Ets. Aberlem, Noyon/??

This is Brian Garvin's picture

800mm H ?T 4W . Donated by Voies Navigables de France (VNF), it came from the Venette dam near Compiègne, together with various flat wagons..

These are Thomas Kautzor's pictures (30th October 2014), by May 2016 it was put together and plinthed at the entrance to the museum:

Train Touristique Guîtres – Marcenais (, north-east of Bordeaux (added 14th September 2015)

C.F. (SE) de Gironde SG H 3/6T 4W Dyle & Bacalan 4103/1885

These pictures are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor:

La Barque-Fuveau (Bouche-du-Rhône) (added 12th August 2015)
Musée Provençal des Transport Urbains et Régionaux (MPTUR)

SG H 4/6T 4W Casamene ????/1894 ex-PLM
600 mm H 4W Home made

These are Thomas Kautzor's pictures:

Martel, Département Lot, near Souillac (added 23rd May 2013)

Miramas (Bouche-du-Rhône) (added 12th August 2015)
Association Provençal de Préservation et d’Animation Ferroviaire’ (APPAF)

SG H 4W Ex-PLM, seen at the bottom of!wagon/cpxk

Thomas Kautzor adds "The major part of the APPAF collection was transferred to Nîmes in 06/2015, but I did not find the crane there in 08/15, so it might still be in Miramas."
Mohon Railway Museum (Reserve collection, not normally accessible)

GD 252 SG S to D 45/50T 4+4W Caillard 1912-13

Montluçon roundhouse 

GV 481 SG S to D (1970) Cockerill 1945 later GD 581, later 80 87 974 7 211-1, later 8087 9747 7 500-7 Ua. Allocated to the Mulhouse Museum, stored in Mulhouse Yard until April 20

The following information courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (29th April 2015). This crane has been put in the care of the AAATV-Mo at Montluçon roundhouse for a period of 15 years. It arrived there 10 days ago:

Members of AAATV have been working for 3 years to make this happen, among other things it needed to have a broken axle replaced. They plan to restore her to working order. It was converted to diesel in 1970 and was in operation until 2007 at Dijon. The society will receive funding from "Fondation du Patrimoine" for the restoration work: (link broken by December 2021)
Mulhouse Museum

568 P & O SG H 4W Pantinca.1870 Fixed jib, Galle chain rope
1 PLM SG H 2T 4W Muet Wahl & Tusey1862 Fixed jib, chain rope (link dead July 2020)
Pacy-sur-Eure, C.F. de la Vallée de l'Eure (CFVE) (added 13th August 2013)


This picture is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor: and 
Association Rotonde Ferroviaire de la Vallée du Loir (RFVL), Montabon (Sarthe)

This crane was previously with Richelieu, TVT - Trains à Vapeur de Touraine until November 2916,.which has now been dismantled and the stock dispersed. Updated 5th April 2019)

SG S 4W Etablissements Leroy, Azay-le-Rideau 1900? One of the two copies made. It weighs 34 tons (Link broken by December 2021)
Rivesaltes Train du Pays Cathare et du Fenouilledes

9474 506-4 SG S to D (1964) 50T 4+4W Caillard 1912 Active at Lapradelle, see
Note added 29th April 2015) (Link broken by December 2021)

Rouen, Sotteville Depot (added 23rd May 2013)

GD 354 later 974 7 508 SG S to D 45/50T 4+4W Caillard 1912-13 reported May 2013

St. Quentin (updated 12th August 2015)

Nord SG H ?3T 4W Previously at Gauchy (Aisne), in front of the ‘Régie Départementale des Transports de l’Aisne’ (RDTA) DepotDonated to Chemin de fer touristique du Vermandois (CFTV ) abd noved to their depot in April 2015.. 

This is Brian Garvin's picture:
St. Valery C de F, Baie de la Somme (added 20th June 2013)
The first stored in the carriage shed; the other locked in the reserve shed and not seen.

Ste Gle des CdeF Economiques MG H 4T 4W Baume et Marpent (??)
G9009 MG H ?T ?4W ?? Details and picture appreciated.

These are Brian Garvin's pictures of the Ohio (20th June 2013) (Link dead by May 2023)
Touraine, Maurice Dufresne Museum (added 11th November 2011)

SG S 4W Etablissements Leroy, Azay-le-Rideau 1900? One of the two copies made. It weighs 34 tons

There is some confusion over the builder, the website above describes it as a Leroy but the owners of its twin at Richelou (above) describe theirs as a Caillard.

Vaires Yard

Ua 80 87 974 7 205-8 SG S to D 45/50T 4+4W Caillard 1912-13 Original number not known. Stored, intended destination unknown. (link corrected 26th April 2014)
Versailles, Army Barracks (Not normally accessible)

5 Genie Regiment SG D ?66T 6+6+6+6W Baume et Marpent 1957. Erected at Vitry Works 1958 Twin jib. Nicknamed 'Diplodocus' (Regiment disbanded on June 10th 2010 and crane now maintained by an association in partnership with the Museum of The Engineers, Angers.) 

This picture is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (added 23rd May 2013):
Vigy (added 12th November 2014)
Tourist Railway Valley Canner - Lorraine Association Operation and Model Railway, 

SG S 5/10T 4W Schneider, Creusot 1894

Germany (domain exists but link is broken, October 2017)
Aumühle, Eisenbahnmuseum Lokschuppen Aumühle (added 19th May 2015)

52 SG H 1.5T 4W Werkstatt Kaiserslautern 1891 ex DB, ex DRG, ex Pfalzbahn pic attached
4 SG 10T Kirow  1960 ex-HDW Eisenbahndrehkran

This is Thomas Kautzor's 2015 photograph:
Berlin Technical Museum

2528 MoS/WD SG S 5T 4W TSSR 14768/1943? X9070

These pictures are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 16th June 2013):

Bremerhaven Docks (picture added 21st January 2012)

This picture is courtesy of Tobi Allstadt
Chemnitz Hilbersdorf Depot / Museum

30-50-979 3009-6 DR SG D 6T 4+4W Kirow Coaling grab
WRT 58 DR SG D 16/20T 8W Kirow? Also 30-50-979 3026-0 Grab, lattice jib
Kran Nr 563 DR SG D 16/20T 8W Kirow? Also 9801 209-1 Grab, lattice jib 
(link dead by 12th April 2018)
DR? SG D(M)? 2T 4W Coaling/Ash Grab
SG H 1T 4W C.Herrm. Findeisen Mounted on modern coaching stock bogie. 
(link dead by 12th April 2018) (added 19th May 2015)
Darmstadt-Kranichstein, Bahnwelt Darmstadt-Kranichstein

6962 DB SG D 15T 4-2-4W Krupp-Ardelt 26144/1956 Operational. ex-DB Frankfurt/M. Süd (Gleiskran BA 115)

This is Thomas Kautzor's 2015 photograph:
Bw Dresden Alstadt

30-80-974 0023-5 ex Esn6650 DR SG H 25T 6+6W Krupp Ardelt, Osnabruck 203150/1949  (under restoration)
Dresden Transport Museum

30-50-949 6504-6  DR SG H 10T 6W Mohr & Federhaff, Mannheim c.1910 
3011-2 DR SG D 6T 4+4W Kirow  Coaling grab type EDK (in use)
Frankfurter Feldbahnmuseum e.V. (FFM,
added 19th May 2015)

  600mm H 4W

This is Thomas Kautzor's 2007 photograph:
Speyer Technik Museum (entry amended and pictures added, 19th May 2015)

6808 DB SG D 4-2-4W 15T Wyhlen type 116,   32004/1 of 1957 Its last DB number was 3080 974 0 092-0, before that it was "Frankfurt 6808".

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2007 photographs: 
Hafenmusuem, Hamburg (entry amended and pictures added 19th May 2015)

710 002 see note SG H 6W Marked "Deutsche Reichsbahn Mainz" so it must have been built pre-WWII and is ex-DB ex-DRG rather than ex-DR

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2014 photographs (710 002 on the left):
Kandern, Kanderntalbahn

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2007 photographs: 
Neuenmarkt, D-95339 Birkenstraße 5, Deutsches Dampflokomotiv-Museum (entry added 8th October 2012)

SG S 6T 4W Demag 5365/1927 ex Bamburg Gravel pit and later Deggendorf ( Danube river ) Port - preserved since 1973 (link broken by July 2020)

According to Andreas Illert, this is now (12th August 2018) in working order having received a new boiler from Meiningen and is steamed on special occasions (like 20th May 2018 here):

Riegel, Eisenbahnfreunde Breisgau e.V. (EFB) (entry added 25th January 2016)

796  SG S 14T 4W Mohr 1895, ex SWEG/MEG/SEG

This is Thomas Kautzor's January 2016 picture (added 25th January 2016). (link dead by April 2015)
Sinsheim Auto und Technk Museum

30-80-974 0-035 SG S 57T 6+6W Ardelt 203143/1949

Stuttgart, Kornwestheim Preservation Depot

latterly 1048 DR SG D 16T 8W Takraf Original number not known, grab, lattice jib


None steam known; possibly a couple of hand cranes.

SPAP, Patras (Piraeus, Athens and Peloponnese Railways)

251 SPAP MG D 6W
252 SPAP MG D 6W

These are Thomas Kautzor's photographs taken in Aghios Andreas yard in Patras in March 2010:


Saronno, Museo Ferroviario Stazione

X 0092 SG H 4W 19th Century? (Link broken by 1st November 2018)
Trieste Campo Marzio Museo Ferroviario

GRUz 6080 970 7002-6 SG S? Breslauer 1943

Castell Maggiore, (near Bologna) Not open to the public. 

H87 FS? SG S 20 4+4W Seen OOU. Assumed ex US Army MRS/USATC. Is this possibly GRUz 807 920? It is nothing to do with the Italian Army now.


SG Originally S

These are Thomas Kautzor's 2010 photographs:


At Funchal, there are the remains (not much) of a Thomas Smith Rodley steam crane, see It's easy to miss, most visitors spotting only the Clarke Chapman winches (22nd October 2015).

Spoorweg Museum

400 SG H 5T 4W One time fixed quayside crane, sometime mounted on a four wheel wagon frame. Now used as the museum coaling crane and nicknamed ‘Caroline’.
3084 974 1 503-1 SG D 60T  6+6W Krupp-Ardelt 204282/1957 Ex 482 Stored for museum at Stadskanaal

Beekbergen VSM Veluwe Steam Train Co

80 84 974 1502-2 SG D 60T 6+6W Krupp-Ardelt ?204281?/1957 OOU. Earlier number, 974 1 502, Ex 483?. Ex NS Eindhoven 1997?
Stored at workshop, not normally accessible.
VSM 1015 SG D 3.2T 4+4W Kirow EDK 6 44?/1958 Ex DR 79-10-22 Coaling Crane, in use.
Boekelo, MBS Lokaalspoorwegmuseum (added 15th November 2012)

Overslag Bedrijf Amsterdam SG H 1T 4W Figee Possibly ex NS

This 2016 picture is courtesy of Marc Stegeman (28th June 2018)

Erica (Drenthe), Industrieel Smalspoor Museum (ISM)  (added 23rd May 2013)

700mm H 4W

This picture is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor:
Goes Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele (39 added 19th May 2015)

39 SG S 6T 4W Schelde 1946 Original number not known, to SHM by 1978 
Ex -SHM Hoorn April 2015

This picture of 39 is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor at Hoorn (added 23rd May 2013):

These pictures at Goes-Borsele are courtesy of Kevin Hoggett (19th May 2015)
Harskamp Decauville Spoorweg Museum

MG H 4W De Hollandsche IJssel,ca.1900
1700mm H 4W ca. 1880 Baggermij. Schoonboom & v.d Gevel, Oegstgeest / Scheepswerf, Warmond

This picture of the metre gauge crane is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 23rd May 2013):

This picture of the broad gauge crane is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 23rd May 2013):

MEC private museum in Dronten, province of Flevoland.( (amended 28th December 2021) steam machines are listed here, sadly the site is not easily accessed by public transport.

Formerly at Zuiderduik, Dordrecht, Garage UFKES (Entry revised 13th August 2020)

8 SG S 3T 4W Demag 1945? ex Boele, Bolnes no. 8?

Seen in steam here by Marc Stegeman in 2019. (link dead by 26th April 2014)
Rotterdam, Prins Hendrick Maritime Museum

10 SG S 3T 4W Boele, built to Demag design 1948 ex Boele, Bolnes no. 10?, to static monument by 19??.

This is Thomas Kautzor's 2007 picture: (added 26th May 2015):

Near Den Bosch, Autoweg van Numegen (Not recently confirmed)

SG S 20T 4+4W IBHC 1943? Ex US Army MRS until 1946, ex F.P van Loon, Heesch, Belgium 1986.
John Taubeneck says this may be Industrial Brownhoist 11626/1944 said to be preserved in the Netherlands
Haaksbergen, MBS, (Museum Buurt Spoorweg)

96 SG H 5T 4W Werkspoor 1916 Early hand crane mounted on long wheel base four wheel wagon.
Medemblik, Nederlands Stoommachine Museum, NSM (location corrected 24th May 2013)

9 SG S 3T 4W Demag 1945? ex Boele, Bolnes no. 9?, to SSN in 1982, to NSM to Medemblick by 1999
Picture - (link dead but site working  26th April 2014)

Simpelveld ZLSM South Limburg

SG S 20T 4+4W CS 3823/1916-17? War Office/ IWD ex SNCB

These are Kevin Hoggett's pictures from July 2017 (added 11th July 2017):
Veendam StadskanaalMuseumspoorlijn S T A R

3084 974 1 503-1 SG D 60T 6+6W `-Ardelt 204282/1956 Ex 482. Owned by Spoorweeg Museum - see above - stored at Stadskanaal 
Vilissingen - Shipyard Museum at Dokhaven, Vlissingen

This crane is expected to soon move from its current site, Goes Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele, to a position adjacent to the museum (29th June 2018).

38 SG S 6T 4W Schelde 1946 Original number not known, to SGB by 1978.


Confirmed none in mainland Norway, however, what must be the most northerly part extant steam crane is shown below

Spitzbergen / Svalbard, New London on Kongs Fjord opposite the research settlement of Ny Alesund (added 30th August 2014)

891mm / 914mm S ca 10T 4W Taylor ca `9`0 Minus boiler, rusting in peace

Pictures are by Ian Hatfield:

Portugal (many new pictures and a few new entries as noted below, 7th November 2022)

(Minas de) Aljustrel (added 7th November 2022)

This unidentified crane and other railway items are stored (dumped?) here. As two other steam locomotives are plinthed locally outside the mining area, these may well follow.

These pictures are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (7th November 2022)


These pictures of an unidentified hand crane are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (7th November 2022). It is outside the Central Tejo electric power plant, now the Museu da Electricidade as well as the MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology).
Entroncamento National Railway Museum (For museum, stored, gradually being restored)

1668mm S 6T 4W S&P Coaling crane, formerly used at the depot here. (source Locomotives International 94, p63)
G3 1668mm H 6T? 4W Nicause & Delauve, 
19th century?
Curved rolling counterbalance, stated as identical to G4 at Lisboa
G30002 1668mm H 6T 4W Ardelt 193?  'Folding' jib type crane
GY50003 1668mm H 10T 8W TSSR ?7012/1908 Ex Camhinos do Ferro Minho a Douro, Carries plates, MD 411 & MD 412,
Computer no. 26 94 961 0001-8 
1668mm S 6T 4W P.Mallard, Rouen Ex Cia dos Camhinos de Ferro de Beira Alta 
CP 7 020114-8 1668mm S to D 35T 4+4W Booth 3672/1924 Ua 2694 9611-001, CFSS - CF do Estado, Direccao do Sul e Sul Este.
Ordered via Selson Engr. Co., London and The Engineering Co. of Portugal, Lisboa.
G 12 SS   CFSS 1668mm S 2.5T ?4W Ibbotson 18?? Formerly at the Estremoz Museum (noted 15th November 2013).
CFSS = CF do Estado, Direccao do Sul e Sul Este

These pictures of the Ardelt crane are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022):

These pictures of the Booth crane are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022):

This pictures of the Ibbotson crane are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022):

These pictures of the Mallard crane are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022):

This picture of the Nicause & Delauve crane is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022):

This picture of the Stothert and Pitt coaling crane is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022):

By process of elimination, I believe this is the TSSR hand crane listed above. This picture is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022):

This unidentified hand crane was photographed by Thomas Kautzor in February 2020 (added 7th November 2022):

Figueira da Foz (18th August 2016)

There is what appears to be a large preserved crane just by the main gate of the port facility here:,-8.8479677,103m/data=!3m1!1e3 

?1668mm? S 4W Demag

These pictures are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022):

(Port of ) Leixoes (North West of Porto)

1668mm S 15T Fives, Lille blocksetters, of 1884 Two of these lattice jibbed Titans, 50 ton capacity at 95ft radius. One in use till the 1960s, both present 2011. 

These pictures of these cranes are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022):

These photographs are from J. Modesto and Bruce Ward:

Lisboa (waterfront)

Two unidentified old powered cranes (added 14th January 2014) link broken by July 2020 link broken by July 2020

Lisboa (Plinthed at Campolide Depot)

G4 1668mm H 6T 4W Nicause & Delauve
19th century?
Curved rolling counterbalance

This picture is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022):
Lousado Museum

1000mm H 4W Tangye ca 1875
941101 1000mm H 14T 4W

These pictures of the Tangye Brothers crane are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022): This metre gauge crane came from the CFPPV (C.F. do Porto à Póvoa de Varzim)

This picture of 941101 is courtesy of the museum:

Pocinho (7th November 2022)

Unidentified hand crane, the pictures say it all...

These pictures are courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (added 7th November 2022):


3'6" ? H 4 6+6W

These are James Waite's pictures:

Porto, Estaleiro do Ouro (added 7th November 2022)

This hand crane is on the waterfront and carries two copies of a makers plate that appears to read "Fundição Massarellos Porto'. For basic information on the company see Thomas comments "it carries APDL (Administração dos Portos do Douro, Leixões e Viana do Castela, SA), so it might have either come from the nearby Port of Leixões in Matosinhos, or the little fisher port where it is now located was also under APDL administration."

Porto, Rua Nova da Alfandega (added 24th June 2015)

Thomas adds: "The crane belongs to the Porto Transport and Communications Museum which is located inside the old customs house (Alfândega do Porto), which is located on Rua Nova da Alfândega.

?1668mm H ?3T 4W Unknown, probably French made ca 1880. Fitted with Galle chains

Pictures courtesy of John Ditchfield 

This picture of an unidentified hand crane is in the same area. The picture is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor (7th November 2022).

Pragal / Alamada (updated 13th October 2017)

1668mm S ?5T 4W TSSR 16395 ca 1946 Near Station, Boa Esperanza, Metro Sul, Location - 38.663659, -9.191422

This picture is courtesy of Thomas Kautzor:

Setubal, Praias do Sado (picture added 14th January 2014)

Port of Setubal 1668mm S 5T 4W Grafton 1169/1909 Boiler missing,

Vila Nova de Gaia

G50004 1668mm H 6T 4W Ardelt 1930 'Folding' jib type crane. Stored for museum


Azpeitia Museo Vasco de Ferrocarril

Ex Babcock and Wilcox, Galinda 1674mm S 4W Grafton 2367?/1930 Possibly 1920

Alcazar de San Juan

GM 33 ST, ex C de A GRV 11 1674mm S 25T 6+4W Zorroza 1932 Licensed by Stothert and Pitt. Stored for preservation.
GM-952  1674mm H 4W Macosa 1953

This is Thomas Kautzor's December 2015 picture of the hand crane (added 29th January 2016).

Alicante, Altea Station (added 25th February 2017)

Ferrocarril Alicante-Denia MG H 4W Chavarri Petramente et Cie ca.1916 Talleres de Miravanes(sic), Vizcaya
Altea Station is on the FGV Alicante - Benidorm line
Almost certainly the one that used to be on the sea front/

This is Thomas Kautzor's picture:

Alicante, Avinugda de la Universitat d'Elx, 71, Elx/Elche (added 25th February 2017)

1674mm H 4W On the right of way of the RENFE Alicante - Murcia line which now runs underground here.

This is Thomas Kautzor's picture:

Canfranc (stored at station for unspecified museum) - added 16th October 2012

Castelbisbal, near Barcelona (Plinthed in scrapyard Francisco Alberich SA)

Ferrocarril Olot Gerona MG H 3T 4W Kerr Stuart London plate, presumed as Agent. (link dead 29th March 2012)
Gijon, Museo del Ferrocarril de Asturias

Junta de Obras del Puerto de Gijon Musel 1674mm S 4W Grafton 406/1892?
Fabrica de Armas de Trubia (Arsenal) 1674mm S 4W F de A de Trubia 1890

Huelva, Rio Tinto Mining Museum (pictures updated. 7th July 2016)

(52) Rio Tinto Company, Spain 3'6" H 10T 6W R&R B4414/1908 The number is suggested by diagrams the 1999 book. 
55 Rio Tinto Company, Spain 3'6" H 15T 6W R&R B7609/1914
2 Rio Tinto Company, Spain 3'6" S 5T 6W Wilson 1905 
Another Picture  It was used as a coaling crane at Huelva until 1950 and then at the Rio Tinto workshops until the mid-1970s. It was restored in 2004.
150 Rio Tinto Company, Spain 3'6" S 8T 0-4-0CT HL 3785/1930

This is James Waite's picture of 150 (first) and Kevin Hoggett's picture:

This is Thomas Kautzor's picture of 55 in July 2001, below is Kevin Hoggett's rather sad picture from 2016

This is Kevin Hoggett's 2016 picture of 2

This is James Waite's pictures of one of the hand cranes.

Langreo La Felguera, (formerly Valnalon Industrial Estate by 2013 in Steel Museum)

MG S 4W 1920 Duro fel Guera, to Ayto Langreo, to Ensidesa.  Museo de la Siderurgia ( link dead Octorber 2017)
Now restored and in the museum,  (3rd September 2013, link dead but site working  26th April 2014)

Madrid - Delicias Museum

RENFE H (?) 41T 4+ 2W

This is Thomas Kautzor's December 2015 picture (added 20th January 2016):

Majorca/Mallorca, Sóller, Ferrocarril de Sóller 

3ft H 4W

These are Thomas Kautzor's pictures from 2004:

Monforte Depot / Museum

Tenerife, Avenida de Anaga, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Junta de Obras de Tenerife 2000mm S 4W Grafton 2261/1925?

These pictures were taken by Thomas Kautzor in 2006:

These pictures were taken by Kevin Hoggett in 1985:

Tenerife – Puerto de los Mujos, 230km N of Playa de los Americas (Confirmation of present status required.)

? Dumped, boilerless (noted on web article 3/2009)

 Valencia, Univ Politecnica Etsi Industriales (Likely to move to Sagunto - see, 14th June 2013)

AHV554 Sota and Aznar MG S 5T 4W Grafton 2296/1929

This is Thomas Kautzor's pictures from December 2005 (added 4th January 2017):

Villalba Estacion

MZA no. 417 ? S 4W Coles 1906

These are Thomas Kautzor's pictures from December 2015: The location is actually outside the station in Collado Villalba; 40km to the NE of Madrid, 40.626711, -4.008421, being in the middle of a traffic island you can Streetview it on Google maps all around!


Gavle National Railway Museum (Until recently in the museum reserve store, Nynas and not normally accessible but see below)

A2  SJ SG S 50T 8W+RB CS 8934/1947 Bollnas 1/52 Later Qan 0011, Qan 986 0011? Latterly allocated Ånge (late 1970s?), in strategic store for a period until early 1990s.

These pictures were taken by Roar Stenersem on 14th September 2012, the crane is now operational: 
Grangesburg Museum

Qan 0017 SJ SG DE 80?T 6+6W Kirow 1976 Later 3074 986 0017-9 (ex SJ 212?)
9003 OKB SG H 5T 6W Halmstads 44531/1927

Gothenburg/Goteburg BJS Bergslargarnas Jarnvagssallskrap

A4 SJ SG S 51/88T 6+6W Krupp-Ardelt 204075/1956 Later Qan 0013, Qan 986 0013,Qan 3074 986 0 013-8. Preserved in working order
Lulea Karlsvik Museum

A3  SJ SG S 51/88T 6+6W Krupp-Ardelt 204074/1956 Later Qan 0012, Qan 986 0012, Qan 3074 986 0 012-0 OOU
SJ? SG H 2T 4W Halmstads 88655/19??

Bauma, DVZO
Historische Eisenbahn Gesellschaft (HEG), Delémont roundhouse (added 11th December 2011)

Ouest-Suisse 3 SG H 4W Later SBB X 99403 A, one of three 4-wheel hand cranes built in 1858. It has two match wagons and was formerly based at Saint-Maurice depot.
SBB X4 99487 A SG H to E 4+4W One of two 4+4W 15-ton cranes built by ACMV in 1921, built as hand cranes and converted to electric in 1932, after which they were permanently attached with a generator wagon.

Thanks are due to:

Chris Appleby, Ted Knotwell, Ray Schofield, Brian Garvin, Ivor Harding, Thomas Kautzor, Kevin Hoggett, J. Modesto, Bruce Ward, James Waite

Rob Dickinson