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Indonesian Main Line Mallets

This page illustrates examples of articulated steam locomotives - click here for the introduction to Mallet locomotives.


The 1067mm (3' 6") gauge state railways of Java operated 4 classes of Mallet tender locomotives and 2 classes of tank locomotives. Examples of 1 of each type survive in preservation.

The BB10 0-4-4-2T were variously built by Hartmann and Schwartkopff (BMAG) between 1899 and 1907. This is Basil Roberts' picture of BB1010 between Banjar and Cidulang on 30th September 1971

The CC10 2-6-6-0T were variously built by Hartmann, Schwartkopff (BMAG) and Werkspoor between 1904 and 1911.This is CC1032 at Cibatu with a train for Garut and Cikajang on 13th August 1975.

Built by SLM and Werkspoor, the CC50 were the most numerous of the tender Mallets and also the last in service, finishing approximately in 1984 when the residual Garut branch closed. However, CC5030 was photographed on a characteristically lightweight train between Tasikmalaya and Bandjar on 9th May 1976.

The original Alco DD50 2-8-8-0 had all vanished before enthusiasts first came to Java, but several of the similar DD51 locomotives lay dumped around the island into the 1970s, DD5103 was at Madiun Works on 6th August 1975

The largest Javan Mallets were the DD52 2-8-8-0 built by Hanomag, Hartman and Werkspoor. Displaced from their main line diesels, they lasted on secondary service until 1974. Basil Roberts photographed DD5208 leaves Leles between Bandung and Cibatu on 26th September 1971.


In Sumatra, the 750 mm gauge Aceh Tramway had two classes of Mallet; it was a sadly under-recorded railway which died before I first got to Indonesia - no-one knows when the last train ran. This is BB76 of the original 1904 Esslingen Mallets, photographed by Peter Hodge at Sigli in September 1971.

BB84 in Bandar Aceh was the world's last commercially produced Mallet and survived closure of the railway and the 2004 Tsunami. This is John Clark's picture of it from 2005.

Rob Dickinson