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Ambarawa Locomotive Shed

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The locomotive shed at Amabara has barely changed since the last real trains ran nearly in the early 1970s. As such it is as of much interest as the station and the preserved locomotives. Unfortunately, it is very much feeling its age and some repairs to the fabric, particularly the roof are very much overdue.

The facilities here are extremely limited and the continued serviceability of the locomotives is of great credit to the staff.

The first two views show the main exterior (NB 2001).

south-west view

south view

The line to Tuntang which is being restored runs along the east side of the shed. (NB 2001)

East Side

The rear of the shed - note the level crossing barrier which cannot have been used for about 25 years! (NB 2001)

Shed rear

The shed water crane (NB 2001)

Shed water crane

The shed water tower (NB 2001)

Shed water tower

This is an inside view with E1060 and B2502 (NB 2001)

B2502 and E1060

This shows the proud shed staff under the direction of Mr. Pudji (NB 2001)

Shed staff

This is the main shed workshop (NB 2001)

Shed workshop

This is the shed foreman's office. Note the vintage telephone! (NB 2001)

Shed foreman's office

These pictures cannot convey the fact that the building is not in the best of condition... These pictures taken by John Tillman in 2000, begin to convey the true picture:

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