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Surviving Steam Dummies (North America)

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This page was updated on 12th August with a picture of one of the Fallon, USA locomotive taken at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in 2005 and a further locomotive on the same site (13th August 2013) which necessitated some date correction.

In North America, the term 'steam dummy' is widely used for what the Europeans would call a 'steam tram' although in appearance they are distinctively different. Indeed as these pictures show, American steam dummies in some cases were 'saddle tanks':

(The links come from this page - - they show the steam dummy at MOTAT in New Zealand.)

While there are few survivors in North America and those that remain are mostly heavily modified, there are several Baldwin steam dummies listed under Australasia (where they are called steam trams) which are probably the best representatives of the genre.

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North America


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Beck Lumber Co (Hamilton & Dundas) Baldwin 4774/1879 1435 0-4-0 Penetanguishene Centennial Museum, Penetanguishene, Ontario
Another picture

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new site November 2014.

Spokane & Montrose Motor RR 1 Porter 922/1888 914 0-6-0 At Transportation Museum, Whitehorse, Yukon .
See (website hacked by 29th October 2017)
Also worked on the Coal Creek RR and Northern Lights Power and Coal Co.
Spokane & Montrose Motor RR 'Cliff Chief' Porter 1167/1890 914 0-6-0 Near Carcross Cutoff, Whitehorse, Yukon.
See (website hacked by 29th October 2017). Also worked on the Coal Creek RR and Northern Lights Power and Coal Co.


Ferrocarril Urbano Y Omnibus (Havana) Baldwin 8808/1887(?) 1435 0-4-0 George Washington Mill, Villa Clara


Mammoth Cave Railroad 4 Baldwin 9442/1888 1435 0-4-0 Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
Built for the Market Street, Park and Cliff Railroad in San Francisco, but worked on the Geary Street, Park and Ocean Railroad. Later sold to Southern Pacific (became #20) 2 Baldwin 5357/1880 1435 0-4-0
(was 0-4-2)
Travel Town Museum, Griffith Park, Los Angeles.
Much rebuilt over the years! Information.
Picture (original condition)
Consolidated Mines Company 35 Porter 873/1887 1435 0-4-0 Sharlot Hall Museum, Prescott, Arizona
Link broken by 1st November 2018,
Built for the Market Street, Park and Cliff Railroad in San Francisco, see link. 1 Baldwin 5009/1880 1435 0-4-0 Guest House Museum, Fort Bragg, California
Information, more information, picture
  Brown & Rush Mine Porter 1392/1892 1067 0-4-2 Salmon Creek Railroad, Fallon, Nevada
  Annex Creek Power Plant (Berners Bay Mining & Milling) Porter 1421/1892 914 0-4-0 Salmon Creek Railroad, Fallon, Nevada
Port Townsend Construction and Street Railroad  Porter 1117/1889 914 0-4-2 Port Townsend, Washington
Seaboard Air Line Railroad 1003 Baldwin 40131/1913 1435 0-4-0 John Tisdale, L&N Depot, Andalusia, Alabama
(does not appear under Alabama) Picture (????) and another picture

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