The International Steam Pages

Livingstone Railway Museum, Zambia 2011

Elmar Pfannerstall was here in July 2011. Some of the data quoted comes almost verbatim from 'on site' labels.

1. G Class 2-8-2 57 - North British Locomotive Company. Glasgow, UK, 27779/1957(8)

This class was a development ot the 'River Class' locomotives built for Nigeria and the 29 class built for the East African Railways. The batch to which 57 belongs was the last steam locomotives built by NBL, using boilers manufactured by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorne. It was originally owned by Nyasaland (Malawi) Railways and nick-named 'Jubilee'. It was purchased by the Zambezi Sawmills in 1970 at K5,000 plus K322 delivery fee. It was mainly used in construction of the Mulobezi line.

2. 7th Class 4-8-0 70 - Neilson, Reid and Company, Glasgow, UK,  5792/1900

70 was one of a batch of twelve 7th class steam locomotives ordered by the Rhodesia railways. While on RR, it worked the Mafeking/Bulawayo/Victoria Falls routes and was one of the fist locomotives to operate in Zambia. It was purchased at 2,000 by the Zambezi Sawmills in May 1925 as its first own steam locomotive. At the sawmills, it worked on the construction of the Mulobezi main line.

3. 7th Class 4-8-0 69 - Neilson, Reid and Company, Glasgow, UK,  5791/1900

Sister to 70, 69 was among the four engines (the others were 11, 12, 17) delivered via Beira and assembled at Umtali where she was allocated the number 20. Later, in 1926 she was bought by the Zambezi Sawmills Railway for 2,500. She was the first ZSR steam locomotive to be fitted with an electrical generator and headlights in 1929, today she is displayed in her original black and silver livery.

4. 9th Class 4-8-0 96 - North British Locomotive Company. Glasgow, UK, 19822/1912 (It has been said that this is actually 91.)

She was among the first batch of 18 steam locomotives of the 9th class ordered by the Rhodesia Railways and was sold to the Zambezi Sawmills Railway in 1963 for 1200 where she worked until 1973.

5. 12th Class 4-8-2 181 - North British Locomotive Company. Glasgow, UK, 23392/1926.

181 was built at NBL's Queens Park Works and belonged to the first batch of twenty such steam locomotives. This class was ordered to supplement the ailing motive power situation along the Salisbury - Bulawayo - Wankie route. These were the best loved of all Rhodesia locomotives for general and mixed traffic work, this one was nick-named 'Glamour Girl'. In 1967, she was handed over to Zambia Railways following the split of Rhodesia Railways and continues to belong to Zambian Railways from whom she is on loan.

6. South African Railways (SAR) 7th Class 4-8-0 955

7. South African Railways (SAR) 8th Class 4-8-0 1126, Sharp Stewart, Glasgow, UK 4862/1902

1126 was ordered by the Imperial Military Railway which became the Central South African Railways (CSAR). This became part of SAR in 1910 and the locomotive was sold to the Zambezi Sawmills Railway in 1971. Here it worked mainline trains and also specials on the Livingstone - Mulobezi line in 1973. After the government took over the railway, the locomotive remained at Mulobezi shunting fire wood trains and works trains until 1976.

8. 15A Class 4-6-4 + 4-6-4 401 Beyer Peacock, Manchester, UK. 7353/1950

9. 16A Class 2-8-2 + 2-8-2, Beyer Peacock, Manchester, UK. 7693/1954

10. 20th Class 4-8-2 + 2-8-4 708, Beyer Peacock, Manchester, UK. 7693/1954

11. Cowans Sheldon, Carlisle, UK, Steam Crane 109, 9470/1951

Rob Dickinson