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A Swedish Holiday, 2011

Fritz W. Klasing gives a brief report which complements James Waite earlier reports. I have provided links to these for further information..

16/17.07.saw 2-6-2T no 3037 on the summer steam trains between Västervik and Ankarsrum, the railcars went over the whole line to Hultsfred. See the railway's site (link dead by April 2015). These pictures show the loco at Ankarsrum at midday.

19.07.Mariefred had on that day no. 4 in service 2-6-2 T. (See James Waite's report.) This is #4 on the turntable:

20/21.07.The steam trains on the Lennakatten Railway was done by no. 5 Thor 2-8-0 with a diesel and a railcar on the other service trains. (See James Waite's report.)

23/24.07.Jädraas -Tallas Railway was celebrating its 50th anniversary and everything was in service. News here is that they are working on the Mallet no. 8 0-6-0 - 0-6-0 2T. (See James Waite's report.)

26/27.07.saw no 24 4-6-0 2t on the Anten - Grafsnäs Line with a railcar on the other trains. (See James Waite's report.)

26.07.The evening trains on Skara - Lundsbrunn Railway ran with 2-6-0T no. 4 . (See James Waite's report.)

Rob Dickinson