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Thessaloniki Railway Museum, 2007

Please see also see Colin Young's pictures from 2011.

Keith Smith visited northern Greece in 2007 and spent an enjoyable few hours at Thessaloniki station and railway museum. Got a few shots of dumped USA and other locomotives near the carriage and wagon sheds after a conversation with a stunning lady security guard (in French) who let me look round but could not understand why I should want to (perhaps it is a man thing after all?)

After we were able to find the railway museum which is about 3 km west of the station and next to the large marshalling yard. It is signposted from the main road and also visible from it - if you do not have a car the no.19 bus from the main station goes past it - about a 10 minute ride.

The staff were very welcoming but had little English - in fact they seemed surprised to have visitors but opened everything up for us. The small exhibits in the main building include tickets, documents, photographs, signal and telegraph equipment and a fine collection of locomotive and carriage builder's plates. Outside the large exhibits include two USA 060Ts in various stages of restoration, a narrow gauge tank locomotive in bits, some railcars and coaches/wagons.

Pride of place goes to two Wagon Lits from the Orient express including a splendid dining car built by BRCW in Smethwick - beautiful panelling inside and a massive cast iron range making rather like an AGA-on-wheels.

Well worth a visit and free (but buy a calendar to help out with finances).

Rob Dickinson