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Yangon Station Diesels 2010

This is the fourth part of our 2010 Burma Crusade. Click here for the index.

Thomas Kautzor comments:

The "new" DF 1200s are rebuilt Alsthoms (from class DF.1207-1262). In Nov./Dec. 2008 we saw both DF.1200.01 and DF.1200.02 in use on the Moulmein line.

DD.1103 is more interesting in that it is a huge Japanese DD51 Bo-2-Bo cut into two. Two of these ex-JR locos were numbered MR D2D.2201-02, in 2008 D2D.2002 had already been cut in two and numbered DD.1101/02 (both seen in use then), while D2D.2001 (ex-JR DD51 797) was stored o.o.u. at Mahlwagon shed. With the appearance of DD.1103 it must have been cut in two as well.

It's a sure sign that I'm at a bit of a loose end when I start photographing diesels, but Burmese ones are a bit different and they just kept sitting up and begging to be recorded while I was wandering round the station. Firstly, two of the first generation diesels with the extra central axles, DF 1637 departing and DF 1257 having just arrived on passenger trains.

Small shunter DD508 and a 'modern' power railcar with two trailers on a well used local service.

However, for me the 'find' was lurking in the stock shed to the south of the station. It's a loco version of the small railcars with the 'truck tyre drive' which operate some of the light weight local trains round the country.

Here's one such creature we rode out and back to a rice mill near Hinthada in 2007 and another at Madauk in 2009:

Next day, we took the train to Moulmein, the most interesting diesel we saw (DF 1200.03) is covered there, but for the sake of completeness here are three appalling 'grab shots' of DD 944 on what I think was a Yangon circular, DD 1103 and DF 1325 (the last one is, of course an Indian YDM 4). We saw not a single Chinese diesel, I would like to think they have all failed but more likely they are stationed up country near their homeland to make it easier to ship the necessary mountain of spare parts.

But if you really are into that kind of rubbish then, as they say on the worst kind of TV programme, here's one I took earlier, DF 2022 at Hsipaw in 2009 on the line between Lashio and Mandalay which includes the fabulous Gokteik Viaduct..

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson