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21st Century Stationary Steam in India

Tinytech have added this update on their products (23rd May 2014):

"You know that I am manufacturing single cylinder steam engines up to 50 HP. I have considerably improved and upgraded technology of steam engines.

I am now further developing V type double cylinder twin engines and also compound engines. I have started developing twin engines of 12 hp, 16 hp, 20 hp, 28 hp and 40 hp. I am developing special SG iron crank shafts for it. And also I have developed crank case just like pipe piece and both round flanges supporting the crank shaft bearings. So it will be closed crank case with splash lubrication to the cross heads. I have already introduced gun metal liners in all valve cylinders and main cylinders. There will be 2 eccentric on either side to control piston valve on each cylinder. Some boat owners prefer two cylinders than single cylinder. I have received one order from Canada for 12 HP double cylinder twin engine. He is a boat owner."

TinyTech of Rajkot, India ( are now producing a range of small steam engines for use with biomass fuelled boilers. More information is available on but since the website did not then have any illustrations (it does now as of February 2008), I asked them to provide some which are shown below. Note there are two extra pictures added more recently (26th February 2008). 

The top picture shows reported 5HP vertical engines

Single Cylinder double acting steam engine with reverse lever facility of the following specifications, 
bore x stroke = 3" x 4" ( 76mm x 101mm ) 
HP = 5 hp at 600 rpm 
Height =18" ( 450 mm)
Length=18" (450 mm) 
Base = 10" x 13" (254mm x 330mm) 
Weight = 45 kg. 

This engine is useful in the farm for water lifting, electricity generation, agro processing activities such as sugarcane crushing, thresher driving, rice hulling, cotton ginning etc.

The lower picture shows boilers without cover suitable for the 2HP steam engines (larger boilers are behind). The specification of these boilers is as follow:
Dimensions- 24"x24"x24"
Heating surface- 18 sq ft 
Each boiler is with economizer and superheater.

You can email the company for more information -

These two further pictures show a 5HP engine which is being used to drive an oil expeller.

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson