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Pablo de la Torriente Brau Mill

Pablo de la Torriente Brau is an isolated mill well to the west of Havana. The track must be lightly laid because all the locomotives working here have been rather small. In recent years, the fleet has been reinforced by the arrival of several new locomotives as the original fleet has become life expired. Star of the show has always been Rogers Mogul 1501 of 1894, which has been active until recently and may yet re-enter service. This is effectively an 'all-steam' mill as there are no diesels here of any size, just three small critters.

The mill itself is near the summit of a small hill and trains on the principal line from the west face a steep final ascent along a stretch of roadside line which is unfortunately poorly aligned for the sun photographically. This dictates that when the mill is busy, there will be a succession of short trains run throughout the day. By way of variation, the line north requires locomotives to leave the mill smokebox first on empties and return tender first.

Not surprisingly, this is a popular mill with visitors, but unfortunately there is little or no accommodation near here.

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Rob Dickinson