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Steam in Uruguay, 2011 - 12

After a long break Marcelo Benoit has now sent this update (30th April 2013), there are pictures of the narrow gauge museum at Indare on a separate page.

On Heritage Day 2011 (October 22nd and 23rd), N 120 ran three round trips between Montevideo terminal and Peñarol. The first picture shows N120 with one of the Argentinian railcars used in the Pilar-Paso de los Toros service, tested in Montevideo area - nothing happened after, but they ran several trains those days. There was no train in the docks.

Between November 2011 and March 2012, as usual, N 120 ran cruise ship passenger trains to Colon and Juanicó stations; the picture shows one of those trains shunting empty stock at Montevideo terminal.

Between 2nd and 8th April 2012, N 120 ran two round trips each day between Montevideo and Penarol, this was on the first of the dates:

On September 27th 2012 N 120 ran a test train to Abayuba (near Montevideo) and back. This is the train at Colon station waiting to cross a freight train:

On Heritage Days 2012 (October 6th and 7th), N 120 ran at the docks after the plan to run to Peñarol failed because AFE tried to charge outrageous prices for track use and only on Saturday because on Sundays no trains run:

Here are some pictures of preserved steam locomotives:

OK 11099/1926 at a park at side of the route 1 (new park, moved from its earlier location) at Colonia Valdense.

Beyer Peacock 2-6-0 N 92 at San José Park.

Rob Dickinson