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CEFU 119 (120) in Uruguay

Luis E. Hernández informs me (21st March 2005):  'Re-restoration' of CEFU Beyer Peacock 2-6-0 119 (120) started at the end of 2002 and now is close to completion.  

Marcelo Benoit reports that  N 119 ( 120) made a test run from Peñarol to Carnelli and back on November 5th 2005. On December 17th 2005, it ran Peñarol-Carnelli light and Peñarol-Sudriers-Peñarol with four passenger cars, a water tank and an additional tender (all CEFU rolling stock). This is the locomotive at Peñarol (added 27th December 2005):

119 ran one way to San Ramón (84 km to the North East of Montevideo) on February 25th 2006. The trip took 5 hours and a half and the train returned pulled by a diesel locomotive (added 11th May 2006). 

Marcelo Benoit reports on 119 (13th December 2006). "N 119 ran a test train on June 17th 2006 between Peñarol and Toledo. It returned with 7 freight wagons added to two Allan passenger cars (sorry, no pictures!). On September 23rd 2006, steam train with N 119 from Montevideo to Sauce (36 km) ended after Peñarol (around km 11), the train returned to Peñarol (km 10), rescued by a diesel locomotive and was cancelled. Previously the train was rescued by a diesel from the gradient in Km 7. On September 29th 2006, N 119 and two Allan cars ran from Peñarol to Sudriers and from Sudriers to Montevideo shelter with people of the II World Steam and Tourist Train Congress. Picture below at Peñarol. 

Rob Dickinson