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Steam in Uruguay 1999 -2003

To save overloading my main page, I have moved information on less recent activities of the preserved Uruguayan fleet to here:

Marcelo Benoit reports (31st August 2003) that on 21st June 2003, ANP 1 with four cars ran a test between L. Carnelli station and the new Montevideo "shelter" terminal. Later ANP 1 ran between the new Montevideo terminal and Lorenzo Carnelli stations on weekends and Fridays between 5th and 20th July 2003. The service was done in cooperation between AFE and Uruguayan Railfan Association (AUAR).

Chris Lewis visited Uruguay with the Railway Touring Company in November 2002 (8th December 2002).

Uruguayan steam continues to put in an appearance. Marcelo Benoit reports (2nd December 2002) "N 120 (119) ran between Central and Ingeniero Victor Sudriers on November 23, as a test. On November 28th, it ran between Ingeniero Victor Sudriers and Minas. On November 29, there was some steam activity at Peñarol with ANP 3. B 17 was moved from Piedra Alta to Peñarol on November 1st.

ANP 1 ran from L. Carnelli to Ingeniero Victor Sudriers on 18th September 2002. Lot of people in the stations all over the route (remember that this locomotive is a film star). ANP 3 ran on the "weekend of heritage" in two places, on 21st September 2002, it ran on Montevideo Port and the next day on track two of the magnificent  Montevideo Central station, V158 being on display again.

2-6-0 N 120 (119) is back in service again. It ran on 27th July 2002 between Peñarol and Manga on test and on 3rd August ran from Lorenzo Carnelli to 25 de Agosto and back pulling a passenger car and several platforms for wood transport (added 4th September 2002).

Marcelo Benoit tells me that ANP 1 is becoming a film star (12th November 2001)... It is being renumbered 33 and given a tender. The plot revolves around the Railfan Association trying to frustrate its sale to an American film director. Here is a picture taken by José Olmos of ANP 1 being unloaded at Tacuarembó to film the movie. The locomotive ran to Paso del Cerro and to Paso de los Toros and Francia station for filming in several places. The locomotive returned to Montevideo by truck on December 18th. (this picture added 15th January 2002)

Marcelo Benoit tells me (19th September 2001) On September 15, ANP 3 chugged along the track five of Montevideo Central station pulling an open wagon and an old carriage. The locomotive was repainted black replacing the green livery applied in 1995. And on November 9th 2001, the old lady went to a rock and reggae concert (added 19th November 2001).

On 18th August 2001, ANP 1 ran a brake testing trip which was filmed for local TV: On September 28th, Peñarol Football Club chartered again a train from Montevideo Central station to Peñarol (10 km) and back to celebrate their anniversary.

ANP 1 on the way out

ANP 1 on the way back

Marcelo Benoit tells me (4th March 2001) "On February 24th 2001, N 120 (119) boiler was tested by Industry and Energy Ministry. Permission until next test by 4 years." 

On October 14th (Heritage Day 2000) two steam trains ran (added 19th October 2000):
ANP 1 and three passenger cars (two Allan from 1952 and a Fiat from 1969) ran nine roundtrips between Montevideo Central Station and Lorenzo Carnelli station, organized by Uruguayan Railfan Association (AUAR). More than 1500 passengers were carried.
ANP 3 and a wood passenger car ran three roundtrips between Peñarol and Las Piedras. Organized by Railway Study Circle (CEFU).

Further runs were as follows (2nd March 2001):

ANP 1 ran from Lorenzo Carnelli to Montevideo docks with two passenger cars on January 19th to be presented to representants of Royal Caribbean ship lines to study the implementation next year of a steam train service between the docks and Colón (13 km) for ship passengers visiting Montevideo. 

On February 16, 17 and 18 ANP 1 ran between Km 203, Durazno and Yí stations (6 km over the central line Montevideo-Rivera, more or less in the geographic centre of the country) with two passenger cars carrying people to a folklore festival.

Marcelo Benoit tells me (6th September 2000) that ANP 1 was tested at L. Carnelli station on Saturday 26th August, riding up and down over one of the main line tracks. All performed OK and on Saturday 2nd September ANP 1, a passenger car and three freight boxcars (loaded) ran from L. Carnelli to Peñarol and back. All was O.K.  A further test train with ANP 1 ran on December 13th 2000,   between L. Carnelli station and Colon station (both in Montevideo, 8,5km). (19th December 2000)  More or less 55 people travelled roundtrip or one way. Journalists from newspapers and radio travelled on the train and a family that lived near Peñarol heard in the radio about the train and went to Peñarol station to travel to Lorenzo Carnelli on the steam train. N 120 (119) is being repaired at Peñarol Roundhouse by CEFU.

ANP 1 ran from Montevideo Central Station to Peñarol and back on September 28th (note added 2nd October 2000) to celebrate the 109th anniversary of Peñarol Football Club, which was born at Peñarol workshops in 1891. Football players and managers of the club, some fans of the club and railfans went on the trip. Mention football specials in Europe and you have visions of gutted train interiors... (Unfortunately not long after I wrote this the footballers disgraced themselves in a local derby and the police had to come in to sort things out! RD)

He also said (21st May 2000) that the inaugural trip for ANP 1 is planned for 25 de Agosto (126 km round trip) with a special "long" trip (445 km one way, 890 round trip) on June 23, 24 and 25th 2000 (now reported postponed 18th June 2000).The loco was finally lit up and moved under its own steam inside Bella Vista workshops on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th May 2000 and will shortly undergo further tests. He adds (5th June 2000) 060T ANP 1 ran Lorenzo Carnelli-Peñarol (7,5 km)-Sayago (injection problems required diesel assistance on the return trip to Lorenzo Carnelli) on Saturday 3rd June. Click here for some pictures of this inaugural trip (added 1st July 2000).

CEFU's last steam outing with centenarian Manning Wardle 0-6-0ST ANP 3 was on November 13th 1999 - Email Herman Kruse for details. Click here for some pictures of the trip - sheep may safely graze.....

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