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Railways in Togo 2007

Thomas Kautzor reports on his visit between 10th and 18th December 2007.

He says "Concerning steam, not much has changed: the 2 YPs and the 2-8-2 are at the same place. The Indians took over the railway and there are four Indian expatriates working there, plus 9 YDM4s. I asked the shedmaster, who hails from Bangalore, what he thought when found two Indian YPs in Africa when he arrived. He said that he was very surprised at the shape of the engines, and then he saw the markings for Sabarmati shed (on the WR), so he realized what they were. He subsequently ordered the locos greased and painted, and promised me of taking good care of them."

This is an update to John Middleton’s report May 2004, published in Continental Railway Journal No. 141, pp. 321-4.

Togo Rail S.A. :

Operations remain as described, trains of covered wagons with bagged cement on the central line to a warehouse at Blitta (km. 276) are now regular, but not frequent. Due to the increase in oil prices, the railway was to start transporting South African (and eventually Nigerian) coal from the port to Tabligbo, which will be used as fuel for the kilns in addition to oil.


The Indian YDM-4s (renumbered CC 1201-9) are now used in conjunction with the GMD GL22MC (CC1651-3) for train haulage. Alsthoms BB 851 and BB 1201 are not in use anymore and were found out of use next to the shed. CC 1201/2/4-7 were serviceable, CC 1203/9 under repair and CC 1208 stored out of use outside the shed. CC 1651/2 were stored inside the shed, while CC 1653 was in use.

The ex-Western Rys. (India) YDM4s have been renumbered as:

6538 = not seen
6541 = CC 1204
6544 = CC 1202
6548 = CC 1209
6555 = not seen
6562 = not seen
6585 = CC 1208
6631 = CC 1205
6652 = CC 1203

They still carry their IR numbers in addition to their new numbers and are all liveried dark and light blue.

4wDHs H8 (Gmeinder 5363/65) and Schoema 4891/86 were not seen, but one or possibly both were reportedly operational at Tabligbo. The frame of derelict Schoema 4892/86 was not found, but was said to be lying in the bushes near the shed.

All other locos remain as reported in May 2004.

Compagnie Togolaise des Mines du Bénin (CTMB) :

Following privatization in 2004, this company has been renamed ‘Société Nouvelles des Phosphates du Togo (SNPT)’. This location was not visited.

Rob Dickinson