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Steam from Moçambique (Part 2)

Locomotives International No. 10 contains an 8 page article by Dusty Durrant on Zambeze Sugar Steam which lists the known locomotives of the narrow gauge sugar railways in the country. (Please write to Paul Catchpole, 47, Glenwood Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham B38 8HE,UK if you want a copy - he is not on Email. The cost is £3.75 surface mail Worldwide - add 75p for AirMail.)  The Civil War there has not exactly facilitated visits, but it was generally accepted that the locomotives survived. Now it seems that most have been sold for export although the modern (1950s) Pecketts are being retained and may work again in due course. Peter Nash put together a summary of the current position. Now Alex Smith has sent pictures of some of the remaining locomotives. He would like to acknowledge that 'the photos in and around the loco shed were taken by kind permission of M. Gil Lagesse, Transport and Heavy Machine Manager under whose jurisdiction the area falls, the camera belonging to Companhia de Sena SARL, Marromeu Mill, the owners of the mill and my employer'. Actually I now realise that the Locomotives International article is incomplete in the sense that it refers to the 3ft 0in gauge locomotives but does not provide a list of them....


General view

General view

Original 1-3
Original 5 0-6-2T Fowler 12818/11
Original 11
Original 12 0-6-2T Fowler
Original 13
Original 14

These are the 1950s 2ft 0in gauge Pecketts:





These pictures give a feel of the workshops:



From the images I have (taken by Basil Roberts at the time of Durrant's visit) for our forthcoming CD ROM these all appear to be 3ft 0in gauge locomotives. This is a Fowler 0-6-2T:

Fowler 0-6-2T

Fowler 0-6-2T

Buried in the grass are what I believe are the two ex-3ft 0in (now 3ft 6in) gauge Peckett 0-6-0T:

Peckett 0-6-0T?


8 Probably 0-4-2T ex Mopeia
9 Probably 0-4-2T ex Mopeia
15 ?
17 ?"

Rob Dickinson