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Surviving Narrow Gauge Railways of Russia

Alex Malianov sent me the following information in 2011, I apologise for sitting on it, but I needed time to work through it. There is little or no 'new' information here, but I think it is likely that this is the first time such a summary has been available in English. It makes a fascinating read and I hope it will inspire some readers to go and check things out on the ground. Most of the links are in Russian, but Google Translate will do a fair job.

Necessarily this information will go out of date as the narrow gauge in Russia is in decline as it is everywhere else. I would be happy to receive updates even if they are 'bad news'. By and large I have left shorter links visible, but longer ones have been 'hidden' from sight although they are readily available from a right mouse click in your browser. Please be aware that the website is extremely slow and often you will get a timeout message from your browser.

This survey is part of a series of pages on non-steam Narrow Gauge Railways round the World.

A few of these railways run public passenger trains, Alex has sent a list of these services as of November 2016, (updated 17th March 2017). I am pleased to say that Mark Torkington has taken up the implied challenge and visited a number of them, he has sent me some pictures which I have appended to the original list (23rd October 2019).

For those interested in visiting one or more of these railways then this specialist tour operator may be the answer -  The organisation specialises in tours to the Alapaevskaya forestry narrow gauge railway, Russia's longest (added 31st August 2014).

Important - my editor is not sympathetic to Russian characters and if you find a link which doesn't work, please tell me and I will try to correct it...
However, the number of reported broken links here is so great that I have given up their maintenance (29th October 2017)

As of April 2015, Sergey Bolashenko's site has migrated to, I have changed the links as advised but have not checked them exhaustively.

Working Railways

Andrey Ilin suggests that these links cover working / active forestry railways in the country, many of those listed below being moribund or since closed (16th April 2015).

And here is a further list of such lines (12th September: 2015)

Updates to original information

Engineering Works: (30th May 2012)

The Kambarka Engineering Works specializes in the manufacture of track machines, traction and rolling stock for railways "narrow" gauge (750 mm 1067 mm). Plant is ready to produce all types of freight wagons, locomotives, mobile power stations. Traditionally Its wagons were used to transport peat and logs, but it also builds general freight wagons, platform wagons, passenger wagons, track maintenance vehicles etc, as well as spare parts for them.

Website: (link dead by 12th April 2018), especially new products dead by 12th April 2018)
Wikipedia article -, (German) (Polish) and (Hungarian)

This page owes a vote of thanks to the great researcher Sergey Bolashenko and his website (website moved by April 2015), and also these websites,, and others. Some railways are not listed, they are mostly railways underground. On the links there are reports and photos.

For those specifically interested in modern motive power and rolling stock, this YouTube clip is a collection of stills from showing them - (added 1st August 2012).

Links to Bolashenko's website lead to pages that usually contain links to a lot of photos ( "Фотографии"). Also there is detail information on Russian about narrow gauge and low-activity railways in former USSR. Bolashenko`s e-mail: - look for the narrow gauge link, encyclopedia of narrow gauge railways made by Dmitry Zinoviev (e-mail:, by using a lot of people. At page there are new photos of NGRs added daily. is livejournal community about narrow gauge railways. and are websites of groups of railway enthusiasts-researchers. is a website about children's railways made by Dmitry Sutiagin  (e-mail:

There is a Wikipedia Russian language page with a further list, I have not attempted to cross check it with that below (link changed 13th May 2013).

A forum page of the French metre gauge is, perhaps, a surprising source of information, but it also includes links to a number of You Tube videos (added 16th July 2012). The same page lists suggestions for tourist visits to such systems:

Those with a serious interest in the subject should consider obtaining the two volume set Russian Narrow Gauge Diesel and Electric Locomotives - - link dead by 26th April 2014. They are fully bilingual in English and Russian (unlike the earlier steam version - - link dead by 26th April 2014 - which now seems to be a collector's item), added 16th July 2012.

The main locomotive types are covered in Wikipedia (13th May 2013):

Information on rolling stock is available (24th July 2013):

The following YouTube channels have coverage:

Andrey Ilin (who provided the new links above also mentions that surplus ng equipment is for sale - see 202012-07-01.pptx and html (both (link dead by 12th April 2018, Russian language), added 16th July 2012.

Reports from Winter 2011/2 (Links from Alex Malianov (16th July 2012):

General Information

The gauge of all narrow gauge railways (NGRs) is 750 mm, unless otherwise stated.

Forestry NGRs survive mainly in Russian North (European part): in Arkhangelsk, Vologda and Kirov oblasts. In Siberia just one remains. They represent about 10% of former Soviet forestry NGRs, their length has been reduced and in the near future they will all close.

Peat NGRs have always been mainly west of the Urals. Many of them were a large networks, managed by transport departments. Now there are some short railways. In the near future peat NGRs in the Russian Federation will be dismantled too. But such NGRs survive and new ones are being built in in Belarus.

Peat and forestry narrow gauge railways are often "anarchic", usually it is possible to travel inside locomotives or on own light draisine, in sum - a very pleasant atmosphere.

All common carrier narrow gauge railways have been lost.

However, in Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania there are several common carrier NGRs, which are protected by the state.

NGR for sugar beet carrying have all disappeared.

However, most of the mining, quarry and local factory NGRs are likely to survive for some time to come.

Children's railways ( in the Russian Federation will be saved. In recent years several of these railways have been built, others have been reconstructed. They work generally only in summer and then not every day.

02nd Region Bashkortostan Republic

There were several very interesting narrow gauge railways. 

The  Beloretsk narrow gauge railway (now closed), one of the most grandiose railways in Russia. It was a large common carrier system, built at the beginning of the 20th century (1909-1912). The main line went from Katav-Ivanovsk (Zaprudovka) via Tirlian to Beloretsk (Location Wikimapia link). The line between Beloretsk and Tukan opened in 1924, followed ca 1930 by the line to Inzer. The railway served the Beloretsk metallurgical plant. It transported iron ore, coal, timber, limestone and had a passenger service. The railway was the main transport artery of the Beloretsk area. The railway had very unusual carriages. The first section of main line was closed in 1967 and it was dismantled in 2007.

Another large network in Bashkortostan was the Yaman-Yelginskaya forestry narrow gauge railway (now closed). It was laid through the valleys of South Urals from Krasny Kliuch (location Wikimapia link) to Atniash (location Wikimapia link).

Yaman-Yelginskaya NGR was dismantled in 2010.

Ufa Children's Railway

Amzia, NGR of timber-processing factory

Location: Wikimapia Link

The links below are reported to contain a virus (12th April 2018)

  • - Sergey Bolashenko`s photos

03rd region - Buryatia Republic

The longest forestry narrow gauge railway was Handagatayskaya NGR - 260km from Novoilyinsk to Zaza.

This NGR was dismantled about 10 years ago.

  • (link dead by 25th October 2016) - map

11th Region - Komi Republic

Sysol'skaya forestry NGR

It goes west from Pervomayskiy (location Wikimapia link). Current status unknown.

Viozdinskaya forestry NGR

It goes north-west from Ilya-Shor (location Wikimpia link).

The railway has been closed, but local people goes by light draisines to the forest. There is a bridge in disrepair ( link dead by April 2015), perhaps it has already fallen. Current status unknown.

  • - on Bolashenko's site (link broken by July 2020)
  • link dead by April 2015 - Pereyezd team's photos (pages 16-19).

Smolianskaya forestry NGR

It goes south from Smolianka (location Wikimapia link). The railway has been closed, but local people go by light draisines to the forest.

Sindorskaya penal servitude forestry NGR

It goes south-east from Sindor (location Wikimapia link) to Lokchim (Glubinka), where there is settlement of convicts, and further. Perhaps, the railway has already closed.

14th region - Mari El Republic

NGR of Ronga peat works

Location: Wikimapia link

  • Wikipedia Link (Russian Language) (Added 13th May 2013)
  • The link below is reported to contain a virus (12th April 2018) - see the end of Sergey Bolashenko`s trip report

15th region - North Ossetia-Alania Republic

Vladikavkaz (Small North-Caucasian) Children's Railway named after woman-cosmonaut V.V. Tereshkova.

There is a circular railway with two stations - Vechny Ogon` ("eternal flame") and Vodnaya Stantsiya ("water station").

Location: Wikimapia link

16th region - Tatarstan Republic

NGR of Zelenodolsk railway sleepers impregnation plant

  •  (link broken by July 2020)

Kazan Children's Railway

It is one of the newest narrow gauge railways in Russia, built in 2007.

Location: Wikimapia link

The railway works only in summer. You can get there by buses 13, 17, 36, 46, 48, 72 from different parts of city (from railway terminal - 48 and 72) to stop "Posiolok Zalesny" or by suburban train to stop Yudino (Vostochny Park).

18th region - Udmurtia Republic

The last NGR in this republic belongs to Orlovskoe peat works

22nd Region - Altai Krai

Salt carrying NGR in Stepnoe Ozero

NGR of Beloyarskiy mast impregnation plant

23rd Region - Krasnodar Krai

Apsheronskaya forestry NGR (latest additional information and YouTube video 3rd January 2020)

There was a large network of forestry lines, which went through the Caucasus mountains. Now there are just two lines: 1) Chernigovskaya - Shpalorez (Otdalionny) with a branch to Kushinka and 2) Guamka - Mezmay.

Maps!flash and Chernigovskoye (Start Point railway) (added 13th May 2013).

The Chernigovskaya - Shpalorez railway is a very beautiful line going through a deep valley with steep slopes. There are (still, 2015) timber-carrying and passenger trains. The schedule of passenger train: Chernigovskaya - Shpalorez 7.00, 19.00; Shpalorez - Chernigovskaya 4.00, 15.00.

Locomotives and cars: 

The Guamka - Mezmay railway is a section of east line Apsheronskaya NGR. It goes through a deep canyon and for the first several kilometres there is a tourist train.

30th May 2012 update from Andrey Ilin, more links:

4th January 2012 video suggestion by Kisvsaut

24th July 2013 many further links suggested by Andrey Ilin


Rail lorry


Apsheronrailway 2013:photos by Dmitry Tsirkunov

YouTube Video (8th May 2015)

NGR in Gelendzhik

Perhaps the railway has been dismantled.

NGR of Tikhoretsk railway sleepers impregnation plant.

24th Region - Krasnoyarsk Krai

Krasnoyarsk Children's Railway

This is the oldest one in the Russian Federation (opened 1st August 1936). It has gauge of 508mm and unique locomotives and cars.

Location: Wikimapia link

Norilsk, remains of electrified NGR on Medvezhiy Ruchey mine

Norilsk, NGR of copper plant

25th Region - Primorskiy Krai

Tetiukhinskaya ore-carrying NGR

The railway connected Dalnegorsk town (location Wikimapia link) with Rudnaya Pristan harbour (location Wikimapia link). Now there is a 5-km long mining line.

Undergroung railway of Vostok-2 tungsten (wolfram) mine

Vladivostok funicular has gauge of 1200 mm (?)

  • link dead by October 2014

26th region - Stavropol Krai

Pyatigorsk tramway has gauge of 1000 mm

27th region - Khabarovsk Krai

Khabarovsk (Small Far-East) Children's Railway

Location: Wikimapia link

28th Region - Amur Oblast

Svobodny Children's Railway

This is the longest one in ex-USSR, just on ~100 metres shorter than Budapest children's railway. Location: Wikimapia Link  

On this railway there is the first TU2 locomotive

NGR of Ushumun railway sleepers impregnation plant

Location: Wikimapia Link

29th Region - Arkhangelsk Oblast

Andrey Ilin has sent me the following links (16th July 2012) for this Oblast, there may be some duplication with those below, but with the low speed of the "" site, I don't have the patience to check.

Lepshinskaya forestry NGR.

It goes from Lepsha (location Wikimapia link) to east. Lines are replete with ascents and descents. The railway is not working now, and it's possible it will be lifted soon

Locomotives: TU6A, TU8, TU8G ( ), snowplough DM-48 (

Ivakshanskaya forestry NGR.

It goes east from Ivaksha (location Wikimapia link).

The railway is still working. There are some freight (timber-carrying) trains and a passenger train for workers in the mornings on weekdays.

Locomotives: TU6A, TU8, TU8G (

Kudemskaya forestry NGR (ex-forestry, now - only for passenger service)

Locomotives: TU8.

From Severodvinsk (Vodogon station, location Wikimapia Link) via Beloe Ozero to Palozero and further to south. There are beautiful northern landscapes. 

Passenger train Vodogon - Beloe Ozero departs at 16.00 (Saturday), 17.00 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), 18.30 (sunday). Passenger train Beloe Ozero - Vodogon departs at 8.00 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday), 16.30 (Sunday). There are 1 or 2 wooden open cars in the train in summer. 

Between Beloe Ozero and Palozero people ride on little motocars or draisines (pionerkas).

30th May 2012 update from Andrey Ilin

In August 2011, the site appeared rating of "10 most beautiful railway routes of the planet." Yes, it's impressive! The world's fastest trains between Tokyo and Osaka. Rhaetian Railway in the Alps with spiral tunnels and viaduct Landvasser five arched pillars 65 meters high The world's longest train of 220 wagons, which carries ore from Africa to the port of Nouadhibou (Mauritania). Next - Canada, China, France, Spain, Mexico, Norway. A first in the list means ... Kudemskaya narrow-gauge railway in the vicinity of the North Dvina!

Now the railway administration has bought a new railcar - and (13th May 2013). 

Lipakovskaya forestry NGR 

There is a passenger service, from Lipakovo (Wikimapia link) to the west via Luzhma to Seza. There are 2 settlements in taiga on railway, and therefore it can not be closed before its resettlement. There is a cargo-passenger train and some freight trains.

Locomotives: TU6A, TU7, TU8, snowplough, crane (, autodraisine (

The schedule of cargo-passenger train:

- from Lipakovo to Seza at [10.00 and 18.00] - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

- from Seza to Lipakovo at [6.30 and 15.00] - Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Loiginskaya forestry NGR

Very large network. It goes from Loiga (location Wikimapia link) to south-west, to the settlements of Kontorka (Sulonga), Sheveliovka, Aiga, Voschar. Now it is in the process of a slow death, a lot of branches have been destroyed and there is little freight traffic.

Locomotives: TU6A, TU6D, TU6P (, TU7, TU8, ESU-2A. (link broken by July 2020)

Kizemskaya forestry NGR.

It goes south from Kizema (location Wikimapia link). Current status unknown.

Udimskaya forestry NGR.

It goes south from Udima (location Wikimapia link). Current status unknown.

  • Parovoz website link - photos
  • - on Sergey Bolashenko's site (link broken by July 2020)
  • - map (link broken by July 2020)

Niubskaya forestry NGR.

It goes from Kharitonovo (location Wikimapia link) to north, to the settlement of Kvasha (Slobodskoy). Length is 72km. The track is in bad condition, trains often go off the rails, there is no money to repair the railway. There is a passenger train several times a month.

Locomotives: TU6A, TU8, TU6D (with details from other locomotives, ), destroyed Finnish steam crane (

Kulikovskaya forestry NGR.

It goes from Kulikovo (location Wikimapia link) to north-west. Current status unknown, most likely it is still working.

Locomotives: TU6A, TU8, TU6D (unusual), ESU-2A (unusual).

Avniugskaya forestry NGR.

It goes from Avniug to Poperechka (Soiga) settlement. A passenger train departs from Avniug to Soiga at [6.00 and 17.00] Monday, Wednesday, Friday, it goes back 1.5 hours later. Near Soiga there is an ancient wooden monastery.

Moving equipment: diesel locomotives TU6A, TU8, TU6D (unusual), TU6SP (unusual), TU7 (unusual, too heavy for the tracks), ESU-2A (unusual).

  • Parovoz website link - photos
  • - on Sergey Bolashenko's site (link broken by October 2014)
  • - map (link broken by October 2014)

Zelennikovskaya forestry NGR.

It goes from Zelennik (location Wikimapia link) to north-east. The railway is still working.

Locomotives: TU4, TU6A, TU7A, TU8, automotrice AM1 (unusual), crane (

  • Parovoz website link - photos
  • - on Sergey Bolashenko's site (link broken by October 2014)
  • - map (link broken by October 2014)

Konetsgorskaya forestry NGR.

It goes from Rochegda (location Wikimapia link) to north-east. The railway is still working, the Pystroma settlement has been evicted.

Locomotives: TU6 (unusual,, TU6A, TU7, TU7A, TU6SPA (

  • Parovoz website link - photos
  • - on Sergey Bolashenko's site (link broken by October 2014)

  • map (link dead by 12th April 2018)

32nd Region - Bryansk Oblast

NGR of Navlia railway sleepers impregnation plant.

Location Wikimapia link

33rd Region - Vladimir Oblast

Pereslavl Museum has acquired a GMD4 rail lorry from the peat NGR at Mezinovskiy (13th May 2013).

Gusevskoye Peat NGR near Gus-Hrustalny.

34th Region - Volgograd Oblast

Volgograd Children's Railway

Location: Wikimapia link

In 1948-1979 there was another children's railway with gauge of 600 mm which ran along the grand embankment close the river terminal.

NGR of Sarepta railway sleepers impregnation  plant

35th Region - Vologda Oblast

Semigorodnaya forestry NGR

It goes from Semigorodnaya (location Wikimapia link) to east. Several years ago it was one of the longest NGRs (115km). Now its length is just 28km. There are settlements at the  6th km, 17th km, Tomashka. The railway is still in use, there are some freight trains on weekdays.

Mitinskaya NGR

Ex-forestry, there is a passenger service. It goes from Kadnikovsky (location Wikimapia link) to north-west. Several years ago the length of the railway was about 100km, now just 16km to Yakhrenga settlement. Very nice railway. There is a cargo-passenger train, its schedule unknown. The railway will be destroyed soon.

Belorucheyskaya forestry NGR.

It goes from Depo (Bely Ruchey, location Wikimapia link) settlement to the north, to Yanishevo (location Wikimapia link) settlement, 63km length.

There is very intensive traffic of freight trains every day and a passenger train Depo - Yanishevo. Its schedule: From Depo to Yanishevo at 18.00 Friday (?), 01.00 Monday; it goes back at 05.00 Monday.

The automobile road to Yanishevo will be built soon. After that the railway will be destroyed

Brusenetskaya forestry NGR.

It goes from Igmas (location Wikimapia link) to south-east. The railway has been closed. Dmitry Adamsky said, there is some traffic of little draisines (pionerkas). These draisines belongs to local people who go to hunt or for berries.

Piatovskaya forestry NGR

The rails were removed by thieves, because of this a freight train crashed and the railway was forced to close. In 2009, Dm. Adamskiy said, there was a short section from Krutaya Osyp' to Sonduga river, it used by local people who defended this section. Current status unknown.

Location - Wikimapia link

Gorbachiovskaya forestry NGR

Goes north from Smorodinka (Teshemlia broad-gauge station, location Wikimapia link). 

Several years ago its length was 70 km, the railway reached Koloshma station, where was timber storage. Automobiles had brought timber there, then it had gone to Smorodinka by railway.

Perhaps, the railway has been dismantled.

Kamenskaya forestry NGR.

It goes from Kamenka (location Wikimapia link) settlement on the branch of broad-gauge forestry Monzenskaya railway (, to north-east. Perhaps it is still working.

NGR of Sokol pulp and paper mill

Location Wikimapia link

NGR of Kharovsk railway sleepers impregnation plant.

Access to the plant forbidden. Sergey Bolashenko climbed over the fence!

  • (link broken 5th April 2019)

In Kharovsk there is a monument - steam locomotive Kch4-276, which worked in this plant. It was erected thanks to the civic stance of a former head of the plant.

Location - Wikimapia link

36th Region - Voronezh Oblast

Liski Children's Railway

This railway works all the year (but children work only in summer) on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 12.30 to 20.00.

37th Region - Ivanovo Oblast

NGR of Ivanovo silicate plant

There is an electrified railway from plant (location Wikimapia link) to quarry. It has 2 tracks.

38th Region - Irkutsk Oblast

Irkutsk (Small East-Siberian) Children's Railway.

Location: Wikimapia link 

There was another children's railway in Irkutsk city, in the 1980s it was moved to Islands Yunost (Youth) and Konny (Horsey). 

This railway usually works from May 9 to August 31 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays.

NGR of Taishet railway sleepers impregnation plant

Location: Wikimapia link

39th Region - Kaliningrad Oblast

Kaliningrad tramway has gauge of 1000mm.

42nd Region - Kemerovo Oblast

Kemerovo Children's Railway

One of the newest children's railways.

Location: Wikimapia link

43rd Region - Kirov Oblast

For a German language 2010 visit report see ((link dead by 12th April 2018, added 16th July 2012)

Andrey Ilin has sent me the following links (16th July 2012) for this Oblast, there may be some duplication with those below, but with the low speed of the "" site, I don't have the patience to check.

Anikinskaya forestry NGR

It goes from Lalsk town, Tavrichesky settlement (location Wikimapia link) to east. 

Piniugskaya forestry NGR

It goes from Piniug (location Wikimapia link) to north-east on the mound of broad gauge railway to Syktyvkar, whose construction was only begun and never completed.

Poushemskaya forestry NGR

It goes from Poushma (location Wikimapia link) to east. Current status unknown.

Lundanskaya forestry NGR

It goes from Lundanka (location Wikimapia link) to east.

Oparinskaya forestry NGR

It goes from Oparino (Опарино, location Wikimapi link) to Ula and further to the north-east.

Kobrinskaya forestry NGR

Sergey Bolashenko and S. Kostygov consider this railway is the best forestry railway in Russia. Despite the problems of the past two decades, the railway works like in the (former) USSR.

This line goes north-east from Bezbozhnik (location Wikimapia Link

Original locomotives:

Oktiabrskaya forestry NGR

It goes from Oktiabrskiy (location Wikimpia link) to west. Current status unknown

  • (link broken by July 2020)
  • - map (link broken by July 2020)

Dubrovskaya forestry railway

It goes from Dubrovka (location Wikimapia link ) to south. Current status unknown.

Sozimskaya (Nyrmychskaya) forestry NGR

It goes from Sozimskiy (location Wikimapia link ) to Nyrmych-4 colony of convicts. 

There is MD54-4 (

Karinskaya peat NGR

The railway located in Kirovo-Chepetsk town (location Wikimapia link ). It's the only reliable road to Karintorf part of town. There are 3 or 4 couple of passenger trains, they are confirmed to run until 2014.. 

In the past this railway was one of the most progressive and powerful narrow gauge railways, now in Spring 2012. the thermoelectric plant in Kirovo-Chepetsk was converted from peat to gas and by April 2012 the railway is reported as being dismantled. In particular, the line connecting peat fields near Oktyabrskiy with Karintorf has been dismantled. In this way there formed a little isolated NGR near Oktyabrskiy (July 2012).

NGR of Otvorskoye peat works (Yezhikha and Svetly settlement)

Location: Wikimapia link   

NGR of Gorokhovskoye peat works (Igotino village)

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Pischalskoe peat works (Maradykovskiy (Mirny) settlement)

Location: Wikimapia link 

There are GMD4 ( , fire draisine (

NGR of Dymnoe peat works (Svetlopoliansk settlement)

Location: Wikimapia link 

44th Region - Kostroma Oblast

Uzhugskaya forestry NGR 

The railway goes north-east from Uzhuga (Ужуга, location Wikimapia link). Current status unknown.

Leninskaya forestry NGR

The railway goes north from Gagarino (Гагарино, location Wikimapia link). In 2011 the railway was being dismantled.

Kolnogorskaya forestry NGR 

The railway goes north-east from Talitsa (Талица, location Wikimapia link). The railway was working in 2011.

45th Region - Kurgan Oblast

Kurgan Children's Railway, rebuilt In 2011.

47th Region - Leningrad Oblast

NGR of Pavlovo building materials plant. 

The railway is electrified. One of locomotives:

Location: Wikimapia link 

Access to the plant is forbidden. Sergey Bolashenko went there without permission..

NGR of Leningradskaya slate mine

Location: Wikimapia link 

The mine did not work in 2010 or the beginning of 2011.

  • (link broken by July 2020)

NGR of Leningradskiy mast impregnation plant

Location: Wikimapia link 

The plant is planned to close.

NGR of Gladkoe (now - Agrotorf) peat works.

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Pelgorskoe peat works

Location: Wikimapia link 

Repolskaya forestry NGR

Location: Wikimapia link 

Current status unknown

Kurgalskaya forestry NGR

The railway goes north from Yefimovskiy (Ефимовский, location Wikimapia link)

Current status unknown.

Peat Railway at Krasava ('Laryan')

48th Region - Lipetsk Oblast

NGR of Lipetsk silicate products plant

Electrified, sand is transported.

Location: Wikimapia link 

50th Region - Moscow Oblast

Small Moscow Children's Railway

Located in Kratovo, Wikimapia link

The railway works from June to August on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays.

You can get there by suburban train to stops Otdyh (located close to children's railway) or Kratovo.

Zaraysk brickyard NGR

There was a little electrified narrow gauge railway with unique locomotives. 

Location: Wikimapia link 

Perhaps, in 2011 there are locomotive skeletons


Peat-carrying narrow gauge railway has been dismantled. There is a monument - steam locomotive VP-4 (now gone to Ekaterinburg, restored for the Children's Railway).

Location: Wikimapia link

Klin, railway tracks of Klinstroydetal brickyard

There are two tracks with trolleys and electric "pushers". Gauge is 900 mm.

Location: Wikimapia link

  • (link broken by July 2020)

  • (link broken by July 2020)

51st Region - Murmansk Oblast

NGR in Karnasurt mine of loparite ore. The gauge is 600 mm. Location: Wikimapia link 

This electrified railway is located almost entirely underground. Many people who go trekking to Seidozero lake can see this railway. Current status unknown.

Mining electric locomotives
The link below is reported to contain a virus (12th April 2018)
( ).

  • - on Sergey Bolashenko's site (link broken by October 2014)

NGR in Rasvumchorr mine (location Wikimapia link) of apatite-nepheline ore.

Current status unknown.

Mining electric locomotives (

  • - on Sergey Bolashenko's site (link broken by October 2014)

52nd Region - Nizhny Novgorod Oblast

See Wikipedia for 4 maps (added 13th May 2013).

Nizhny Novgorod (Small Gorky) children's railway.

Now it has 3 stations in the corners of a triangle. There is a usable steam locomotive Kp-4-430, which works on June1 and on the City's day (the last weekend of August).

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Kalikino railway sleepers impregnation plant

Location: Wikimapia link

Salt-carrying NGR of Dzerzhinsk plant Kaprolaktam.

Location: Wikimapia link

Mine NGR of Peshelan gypsum factory.

The railway has a large underground network and short surface line, they are connected by a sloping tunnel with a cable incline with trolleys. This is now a mining museum (13th May 2013).

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Kulebaki metallurgical plant

Gauge is 1067 mm. Current status unknown.

Location: Wikimapia link

Two peat-carrying narrow gauge railways in Bolshie Orly (location Wikimapia link) and Kerzhenets (location Wikimapia link) - fragments of a giant narrow gauge railway network of Gorkiy industrial railway transport enterprise.

NGR of Altsevskoe peat works in Pizhma

Location: Wikimapia link

Pizhemskaya forestry NGR 

The railway goes south from Pizhma. Current status unknown.

Location: Wikimapia link

Penal servitude forestry NGR going south from Burepolom

Current status unknown.

Location: Wikimapia link

53rd Region - Novgorod Oblast

Forestry NGR in Knevitsy.

Located here: Wikimapia link 

There are two main lines. Southern line has extensive network, now it works, but things look black.

Northern line is more old, now it is no longer connected with southern line. Local people goes to the marshes for berries on light draisines (pionerkas). Some years ago there was attempt to disassemble the rails unlawfully, for delivery of scrap metal. Thieves managed to take out about 1km, and local people went on the warpath. They defended the railway, and laid wooden rails instead of steel. Now the line again under dismantling

Locomotives: TU6A, TU6SPA ( (link broken by July 2020)), locomotive, converted to motrice ( (link broken by July 2020)), ESU2A ( ), snowplough ( (link broken by July 2020))

NGR of Tyosovo (Tesovo) peat works and associated railway museum: (updated 27th November 2014

Location: Wikimapia link

There are ESU2A, TU6P.

In Soviet Union times this was a large network. It served some peat fields. Now natural gas becomes a main fuel for thermoelectric plants, and there are no consumers of peat.

Now there are about 10km line. On this railway a group of young railway enthusiasts from St Petersburg repair the tracks and participate in railway work.

See also:

NGR of Kushaveratorf peat works

Location: Wikimapia link

Locomotives: TU6A, TU6D, TU6P, ESU2A.

NGR of Borovichi plant of construction materials.

Location: Wikimapia link

54th Region - Novosibirsk Oblast

Novosibirsk (Small West-Siberian) Children's Railway

It is one of the newest Russian children's railways.

Location: Wikimapia link

56th Region - Orenburg Oblast

Orenburg Children's Railway

This railway works from June to August on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

You can get there by bus 1 from railway terminal to the end stop, then down to river.

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Orenburg railway sleepers impregnation plant

Location: Wikimapia link

57th Region - Orel Oblast

A homemade railway, Stanislav Filin built.

58th Region - Penza Oblast

Penza Children's Railway

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of plywood factory Power of Labor in Nizhniy Lomov

Current status unknown

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of match factory Victory in Verkhniy Lomov

Current status unknown. Probably, the railway was dismantled.

Location: Wikimapia link

59th Region - Perm Krai

Pil'venskaya penal-servitude forestry NGR

This is the longest such in Russia.

There is a passenger train from Kushmangort to Pil'va and further to north. In the coming years NGR will be closed.

Location: Wikimapia link

Chepetskaya penal-servitude forestry NGR

It goes north from Chepets. In the coming years it will close.

Location: Wikimapia link

60th Region - Pskov Oblast

NGR of Yerhovskoye peat works

It's a rare case - a dismantled NGR which was rebuilt after 2 years of devastation.

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Zapliusskoe peat works

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Polistovskoe-1 peat works

The NGR goes north from Tsevlo (location Wikimapia link ). In 2007 (SergeyBolashenko's trip) the line used only by local people, who went to the swamps for berries. They were ready to defend railway at all costs. Current status unknown.

NGR of Polistovskoe-2 peat works

The NGR goes south-east from Gorodovik, location Wikimapia link 

As in Tsevlo, in Gorodovik the line is used only by local people, who went to swamp for berries. Current status unknown.

61st Region - Rostov Oblast

Rostov (Small North-Caucasus) Children's Railway.

There is a steam locomotive Gr-185, which works on weekends over summer.

Location: Wikimapia link

62nd Region - Ryazan Oblast

Ryazan-Vladimir historical railway. 

There was a 211km long railway, built in 1901, and 24km branch Gureevskiy - Golovanova Dacha, and a lot of little industrial branches. Writer K. Paustovskiy said, this railway is the most leisurely in USSR. In 1920s the Tumskaya - Vladimir section was rebuilt on the broad gauge. In 1936 there was a terrible tragedy - Kursha 2 settlements were burned with almost all inhabitants. In 1970s an automobile road Ryazan-Vladimir was built and the railway gradually lost its importance. The main line was dismantled in the 1990s, after this there was line Tumskaya - Gureevskiy - Golovanova Dacha. The passenger train was withdrawn in 2008, and in 2011, bastards in the management of Russian Railways ordered to demount the railway. Now it is being dismantled.

Reports about railway Tumskaya - Gureyevskiy - Golovanova Dacha:

NGR of Ryazan railway sleepers impregnation plant

Location: Wikimapia link

  • (link broken by July 2020)

NGR of Mesherskoye peat works in Bolon

The enterprise has fallen on hard times.

Location: Wikimapia link

Peat NGR in Prioziorny.

Rebuilt after long-term non-existence 

Location: Wikimapia link

Peat NGR in Solotchinskogo peat enterprise Is this the same as above?).

Rebuilt after long-term non-existence in 2012 

63rd Region - Samara Oblast

NGR of Chapaevsk lime works

Location: Wikimapia link

64th Region - Saratov Oblast

NGR of Krasnoarmeysk brickyard

Location: Wikimapia link

65th Region - Sakhalin Oblast

Sakhalin railway.

There is a common-carrier railway with a gauge of 1067 mm (Japanese heritage). In every way otherwise it looks like a broad gauge railway. By June 2019, the railway had entirely been converted to broad gauge.

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Small Sakhalin) Children's Railway

Location: Wikimapia link

Mining NGR Shakhtiorsk - Udarny

This railway serves for coal transportation from mine to concentrating factory. The railway goes through picturesque countryside. There is a long (400 m) tunnel.

NGR Poronaysk - Trudovoye

Perhaps, the railway was dismantled.

Location: Wikimapia link

  • (link broken by July 2020)

66th Region - Sverdlovsk Oblast

Yekaterinburg (Small Sverdlovskaya) Children's Railway

This railway works from end of May to September on Thursdays (only in Summer), Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays.

You can get there by trams 3, 6, 9, 10, 20, 21, 33 to the end stop "Park Mayakovskogo".

Location: Wikimapia link

Alapaevskaya narrow gauge railway.

Alapaevskaya is the longest narrow gauge railway in present-day Russia. There is a 178km long main line Alapaevsk - Kalach and two long branches, in total - about 220km long.

Timber transportation is almost not-existent now, the railway is needed only for communications with several villages and settlements. 

Passenger trains schedule:

  • Alapaevsk - Sankino (with carriages on the branches to Garaninka and (sometimes) to Beriozovka) 19.30 - 1.26 (Thursday, Friday, Sunday),
  • Sankino - Alapaevsk (with carriages) 1.36 - 7.30 (Friday, Saturday, Monday), from Garaninka - 1.10 (the same days), from Beriozovka - 1.00 (I don't know, what days)
  • Yel'nichnaya - Ugol'naya 6.20 - 7.10 (Friday),
  • Ugol'naya - Strokinka 15.00 - 16.20 (Friday),
  • Strokinka - Ugolnaya 14.30 - 15.50 (Sunday),
  • Ugol'naya - Yel'nichnaya 16.00 - 16.50 (Sunday),
  • Sankino - Kalach 2.05 - 4.45 (Monday, Friday, Saturday),
  • Kalach - Sankino 22.30 - 1.15 (Monday, Friday, Saturday).


30th May 2012 update from Andrey Ilin

"In 2011, on the road began to invest large sums of money, the administration realized the importance of oblosti road. This year began to repair the track, trains, bought 4 engine and radio installed on all locomotives and stations. Three refurbished passenger wagons, repaired the bridge in Sankin, replaced 30 000 rail sleepers. 
Next year plan to increase funding for the repair of roads and trains and purchase of new the locomotive and one passenger wagon. Still want to develop tourist business on the road. Now this narrow gauge railway to visit and see a lot of tourists from Europe and Russia. To do this, they made two VIP - wagon.
2012, The Prime Minister of the Sverdlovsk region, pledged over the next two years, about 50 million rubles to repair narrow-gauge railway. Also, these funds will be used for the purchase of new locomotives and wagons, the correspondent of URA.Ru."

1st January 2015 update from Andrey Ilin

Alapayevsk railway Winter 2014-2015: 

Tourism Alapayevsk railway:

Official Contacts Alapayevsk railway operator, E-mail:, Phone: +7 (343) 4633290, Fax: +7 (34346) 33290.

Alapaevsk-system route:

NGR of Basyanovskoe peat works

The railway is not working. Perhaps, it has been dismantled.

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Verkhniaya Siniachikha metallurgical plant

  • The links below are reported to contain a virus (12th April 2018)

NGR of plant 'Uralelectromed' in Verkhniaya Pyshma

NGR of prison in Sos'va

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Bogdanovich railway sleepers impregnation plant.

NGR of Rezh nickel plant

NGR Chirok - Borodinka

This is a preserved section of Verkhneturinskaya forestry railway. Local people go between villages on light draisines. One of the draisines acts as the passenger train.

NGR in Andrianovichi

This is a section of railway survived thanks to the efforts of Andrianovichi`s mayor A. Adamovich. Local people go to the forest on light draisines.

Current state unknown.

Closed forestry railway in Puksinka

The railway goes north from Puksinka, location Wikimapia link. It has been closed but rails were still present in 2010.

In 1990 A. Kolesov found two old steam locomotives standing on Puksinka station. Unbelievable, but Sergey Bolashenko found them still present in 2010. They were subsequently recovered for preservation in2014 - see (added 1st April 2014) 

  • - steam locomotives
  • The link below is reported to contain a virus (12th April 2018) - autodraisine

67th Region - Smolensk Oblast

NGR of Redchinskoe peat works

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Roslavlskoe peat works in Ostior.

Location: Wikimapia link

69th Region - Tver Oblast

NGR of 2nd Tver plant of construction materials

Location: Wikimapia link 

This railway has the biggest traffic in Russia among railways relatively large length (9km). Trains run to the quarry and back many times almost every day.

NGR of Vasilyevsky Moh peat company

Location: Wikimapia link

The line goes from Vasilyevsky Moh to east, 29km long. In Soviet Union times this was a large network.

Locomotives and moving equipment: 

NGR in Novaya Orsha

A part of Vasilyevsky Moh network, disconnected several years ago. Situation hard, railway closure is possible.

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Bologoe railway sleepers impregnation plant

Nelidovskaya forestry NGR

The railway goes west-south-west from Mezha (location Wikimapia link). 

There is a light draisine traffic of local people.

Peat carrying NGR in Rantsevo

It goes north from Rantsevo (location Wikimapia link) to Kliuchi peat field.

The railway is no longer active. Perhaps it will be dismantled.

70th Region - Tomsk Oblast

Komsomolskaya forestry NGR.

It is the last forestry railway in Siberia.

The railway goes from Komsomolsk (or Balagachiovo, location Wikimapia link) to Frantsevo and further to north-east

NGR of Tomsk railway sleepers impregnation plant

71st Region - Tula Oblast

Novomoskovsk children's railway

This railway works on 1st, 2nd and 9th May and on Saturdays and Sundays; in summer months - on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays.

72nd Region - Tyumen Oblast

Tyumen Children's Railway

Location: Wikimapia link

74th Region - Chelyabinsk Oblast

Chelyabinsk (Small South-Ural) Children's Railway

It is a long railroad (5.7 km) through forest. There are five stations and one platform. In 2011 trains went from May 8 to September 12. In May and September - on Saturdays, Sundays, state holidays; in summer months - on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays.

Location: Wikimapia link

NGR of Ufaley nickel plant

Access to the plant forbidden..

1000-mm gauge electrified NGR in Satka of magnesite plant

There is magnesite ore transportation from quarry to two crush-and-concentrating factories (DOF-1 and DOF-2) around the clock.

Location: Wikimapia link

Electrified NGR in copper-electrolyte plant in Kyshtym

75th Region - Zabaikalskiy Krai 

Chita (Small Zabaikalskaya) Children's Railway.

It is one of the longest children's railways (6km) and the most in demand as public transport.

Location: Wikimapia link

76th Region - Yaroslavl Oblast

Yaroslavl (Small Northern) children's railway

This railway was recently completed with a "horseshoe with clenched ends" shape

Location: Wikimapia link

Pereslavl narrow gauge railway Museum in Talitsy

Location: Wikimapia link

Narrow gauge railway of Kupanskoe peat works was dismantled. The Museum involved in this

This Museum exhibits a lot of locomotives, draisines and cars, also there are old automobiles.

NGR of Mokeiha-Zybinskoe peat works

There is one of largest peat works in Russia. The railway begins in Octiabr` settlement near broad railway station Pischalkino 

Location Wikimapia link, line goes to north-east to Mokeiha, 2 settlements and peat fields. The railway is still working.

78th Region - St Petersburg City

"Old", Northern Small October Children's Railway

Location Wikimapia link

This railway works from end of May to end of August on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays

"New", Southern Small October Children's Railway built in 2011 between St Petersburg (metro Kupchino, location Wikimapia link) and Pushkin (location Wikimapia link). 

NGR of Trubostal plant

Location Wikimapia link

79th Region - Jewish autonomous Oblast

NGR of Aur railway sleepers impregnation plant

Location Wikimapia lnk

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