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Paraguay - Steam in Asunción 2015 

Steve Cossey was in town in December 2015.

The disused main station is now officially a museum. The principal exhibit is 4-2-2T 'Sapucai' said to have been built by J & A Blyth of Limehouse, London UK and which apparently hauled the first train in 1861.

4-6-0 228 (NBL 19214/1910) is preserved outside.

4-6-0 226 (NBL 19212/1910) was still across the road in the old shed which is used as a nightclub.

2-6-0 54  (NBL 19137/1910) is at Jardin Botanico station where  it was in use in 2009.

Also present was 2-8-0 521 (NBL 19670/1912) last known to have been steamed in 2009.

This is a J. Wilson steam crane.

Rob Dickinson