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Steam in North Korea, October 2015

Keith Jones joined a railway orientated tour of North Lorea with Juche Travel Service, his pictures appear below..

The tour company involved can be found here

A video of the tour is available here -

As Keith would be the first to admit there was an awful lot of the standard tourist stuff too

As the company's Facebook page says "After much persuasion, we managed to procure the services of a steam locomotive in Chongjin, which has been re-introduced to mainline service for tourist charters and smartly re-painted. We ran this loco from Chongjin up the line to Kyongsong and back again, a distance of 20km each way. It performed admirably and caused many a second glance, smile and wave from local Chongjin residents as we chugged and hooted our way through the city's suburbs!"

The locomotive is Japanese built 2-6-2T 1319. A similar locomotive was seen dumped at a steelworks. Participants followed the train by coach on the outward journey and returned on board.

Rob Dickinson