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Shaun McMahon has supplied these pictures of his amazing 50cm gauge railway. There is a full account of the railway available separately.

These pictures show Camila at work after modification: (added 8th February 2002)

These pictures show the Garratt now renamed 'L.D.Porta' ready to re-enter service in late 2001

All photos taken by Ruben Diaz, December 2000.

No. 2 Nora double heading with No. 3 Camila due to depart from Estacion fin del Mundo. No. 4 Tierra del Fuego stands in the background outside the workshop.

Modified locomotive Camila begins to climb the 1 in 22 gradient towards Estacion La Macarena. Note Lempor chimney and modified livery.

Rebuilt Camila in actio

No.s 2 and 3 depart Estacion fin del Mundo. Nora is at present undergoing overhaul and first stage modification in the workshops at Ushuaia with completion due for late August in time for the World Tourist and Steam Train Conference to be held in Argentina during October of this year.


An example of FCAF 1st class passenger stock departing Estacion Parque Nacional.

Luxury Stock 1

An example of Tourist class coaching stock in the same position as the photo above.

Luxury Stock 2

FCAF No. 3 Camila upon arrival at the National Park terminus. The vehicle on the left hand side of the picture is the railways toilet coach No. E 1002. This is stabled at the terminus for the convenience of passengers during the high summer season.

Rural terminus

Camila arrives at Estacion Parque Nacional.

Camila's arrival

Modified Camila crosses Puente Quemado (Burnt Bridge). This is the first of 3 such structures on the FCAF.

Camila and Bridge

FCAF mainline locomotive Tierra del Fuego. This locomotive was designed, manufactured and delivered to the railway by PG Rail during 1999.

TDF at work

Unmodified motive power leading modified motive power on the 50 cm gauge.

50cm super power in action

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Rob Dickinson