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Steam in Negros 1991-1999

This page covers reports on sugar steam on Negros up to the time it finished in regular use.

Nobukazu Furuhashi reports on a December 3rd 1999 visit to Negros. At Hawaiian Philippine only 5 was in steam, for yard work only. 1,3,4,6,7 and 9 dead on shed of which 6 and 7 may be used later in the season if they are needed. At La Carlota, 106 was put in steam especially for his visit (this loco is always used because the condition is good.). 4, 100, 102 and 107 were said to more or less serviceable. 105 and 108 were out of use. So it looks like steam in Negros will after all just last into 2000!

I was in Negros in January 1998 and you can read about the scene then.  

HP Co 6 in the evening sun

I later added Michael Reilly's end-of-season report to it (1st June 1998) and more recently (7th November 1998) his report on his early 1998-9 season visit. Florian Schmidt has been here twice this season and adds (5th April 1999) "Steam-powered line work on Hawaiian-Philippine has ceased, according to mill officials. Only locos #3 and 6 were under steam to shunt the mill yard. Activity was at a low ebb. La Carlota does not see any steam activities unless requested some days in advance. I had a beautiful ride on # 107."

Read also Johannes Müller's report from March 1997 by which time only Hawaiian Philippine was a significant user of steam, although the TEFS group did report several locos in use at La Carlota earlier in the 1997 season.

Rob Dickinson