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Static Preserved Steam in West Malaysia

Latest additions (3rd April 2013 2013) are Michael Pass's pictures at Pekan and Port Dickson.

For active preserved steam in Malaysia, you have to go to Sabah where the a tourist service operated for some years and will presumably be re-instated when the current prolonged rebuilding of the railway is completed - at the time of writing (May 2009) it is literally running years late. See the North Borneo Railway website for the latest information,

Tim Light has posted a list of known preserved locomotives here on - link dead by 24th March 2016, however positive information on several entries is sadly lacking. So please email me with any additions and corrections for me to post here and forward to Tim, similarly, if you have original pictures to upload here.

The longest preserved locomotives are those outside the national museum in Kuala Lumpur, 321.01 and 531.01, these are Chris Grimes' pictures from 2009:

Chris also notes that ex-USATC ‘Plymouth’ Gas-Mechanical 5054/45 is situated on the island platform of the old station and there is also a museum of small exhibits and photographs in the former booking hall.

Outside Kuala Lumpur, there are four locations I know with preserved steam locomotives for certain. By the late 1970s, I knew of just four class 56 survivors, namely 562.04, 564.25, 564.33 and 564.36. Now 564.36 'Temerloh' in Johor Baru is indeed that locomotive but unless someone can prove otherwise, I will state that the locomotive at Bukit Mertajam (formerly Butterworth) is not 564.25 but 562.04, the locomotive at Port Dickson is 564.25 and not 564.12 or 564.21 and that the locomotive at Pekan is 564.33 and not 564.34.

The Military Museum at Port Dickson has '564.21' or '564.12' the number has been changed at some stage. There are pictures of it on this site I do not believe for as moment that either is correct as neither were in evidence in Kuala Lumpur in the mid-1970s when the (alleged) remaining steam stock was gathered there and several put back into use owing to a power shortage. 564.12 is a 'famous locomotive' of the former Malayan Railway as it hauled the first train express train out of KL on 2nd June 1953 for which it was temporarily renamed 'Coronation'. More conventionally it was also named 'Krian' and 'Alor Gajah' as nameplates and/or numbers tended to get swapped around! For the record 564.21 was 'Selama'. This is Mike Pass's 2013 picture, the 'Alor Gajah' nameplate is non-prototypical and meaningless in terms of identification. For more pictures, see

564.36 'Temerloh' was at Gemas, the last steam locomotive to have worked on KTM, officially preserved in 1975 along with 564.33 'Jelebu' (which has not been reported for many years), it worked off and on through the 1980s and into the 1990s, most recently on the short-lived Peninsular Line luxury train project. This is Chris Cairns' picture from 2007, but by November 2010, it was reported to have been sent for display at the new Johor Bahru Sentral station.


At Bukit Mertajam is 564.25 'Kuala Lumpur", again this is Chris Grimes's picture from 2009 when it was at Butterworth. As several enthusiasts have pointed out, this is actually a pre-WW2 example and as such is almost certainly 562.04.

Appropriately named 564.34 'Pekan' is at the Sultan of Pahang's palace in Pekan (or rather nearby at the Polo Grounds). However, I am not at all sure that this is really that loco. Mike Pass's photographs show that its plates are non-prototypical and for that reason they have no validity in assigning an identity. For more pictures, see Most likely it is actually 564.33.

There are a number of 'heritage diesels' reported by Tim again on - link dead by 24th March 2016.

One of the Hitachi diesels from the Bukit Besi industrial line is preserved at Terengganu Museum -

Rob Dickinson