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Real Steam in Java, 2012

Elsewhere on this site, Wilson Lythgoe has written about travelling solo from Saturday 14th July to Thursday 26th July 2012 and then with FarRail Tours from Thursday 26th July to Saturday 11th August 2012: Below is a set of pictures from Andrej Hoffmann who also visited the island and travelled independently in late June and early July 2012.

If you are tempted to go in 2013, you will have far more fun if you go independently and you will value the photographic results far more. I am pleased to see that the tour operators who cater for serious enthusiasts have given up on Java, that will help maintain (or even restore) the ambience in the sugar mills.

No charters here, just real steam locomotives, even if all too often there was little work for them to do. Many industrial sites were historically just like this... Incidentally if you are into narrow gauge diesels, there are plenty in Java and they tend to get out and about a bit more than the steam locos, John Browning's blog has more current information and elsewhere on the site is a historical survey.

Pangka (29th June 2012)

Sumberharjo (30th June 2012)

Sragi (1st July 2013)

Purwodadi (9th July 2013)

Olean (3rd July 2013)

Rob Dickinson