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Active Mainline Preserved Steam in Java, 2009

For many years, the only active cape gauge steam in Java has been at the Ambarawa railway museum and on the Cepu Forest Railway

The most recently restored locomotive at Ambarawa was C1218 and I was privileged to have its first run for an overseas tour group in 2006 - quite deservedly as I organised its preservation. Now I am delighted to see that it has been transferred to Solo where it will work a series of trains from Purwosari to Sangkrah some 5.6km down the line to Wonogiri. The first such train was on September 17th 2009 and these two pictures were taken a member of IRPS (I believe Agung W) and forwarded to me by Tjahjono Rahardjo. The train is a perfect period piece with two 4 wheel coaches:

Rob Dickinson