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Further news on the restoration of XE 3634, 2013

Yoginder Kumar has sent this information together with pictures (from mid-August 2013) covering the restoration of XE 3634. Click here for the earlier July 2013 report.

Steam Locomotive XE 3634

XE 2-8-2 steam locomotives, manufactured in the years 1928-1930 were among Indian Railway Standard (IRS) classes of locomotives. These locos were coded as ‘X’ for broad gauge and named as XE. The XE class locomotives were the largest unarticulated steam locomotives ever used on Indian Railways. Standing a full 14’ 8” they weigh up to 200 tons in working order. This loco has a large grate area of 60 sq. feet and could do 30 miles an hour, a 2-8-2 wheel arrangement was provided to bring down the axle load, which stands at 22.5 tons per axle, when fully loaded. 93 of these locomotives were built, of which 35 went to Pakistan and 58 retained in India.

XE 3634, a working preserved steam locomotive in India is of 1930 vintage and was built by William Beardmore (Maker’s No. 422) and belongs to Rewari Steam Loco Shed. After service on Indian Railways, this locomotive was owned and operated by the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board, in their Thermal Power Plant at Korba. This loco was gifted to the Railways after it was decommissioned. It is the only surviving X class IRS locomotive in India put in steam. The Loco is named “ANGADH”, after the legendary mythological figure whose foot once planted firmly, could not be lifted by anyone.

Technical details:

Valve Gear


Cylinders diameter x stroke

23.5" x 30"

Boiler barrel (length between tube plates)

18' 6"

Total heating surface (tubes + fire box)

2787 sq.ft.

Boiler pressure

210 lb /

Tractive effort at 85% of boiler pressure

48086 lbs.

Grate area

60 sq. ft.


Vulcan Foundry UK & WBC & Co.

Manufacture year



Heavy freight loads.

Rehabilitation of XE-3634 at Northern. Railway Mechanical Workshop, Amritsar (ASRW)

The Loco was received in ASRW in April 2013 for rehabilitation to introduce it for steam special trains between Delhi and Alwar for tourism attraction.

During its pre inspection at ASRW, it was observed that the axles were condemned, Tender of loco was badly corroded, all the bushes and motion components, brake gear, under gear, laminated springs required overhauling and driver cabin also required rebuilding.

The axle blooms machined from rough blooms at ASRW as per wheel centre which were managed from RWF/Yehlanka to give new life to the axles of XE-3634.

Tyre turning of coupled and tender wheels have been done in house. Machining of axle boxes of loco and bearing brasses of tender wheels have been machined to match the journal sizes. Coupling rod bushes and piston rings machined to nominal size.

Tender of loco was corroded and renewal was required. Tender body, head stock, centre sill and under frame were fabricated in house. Tender was leak tested and painted.

Under gear, brake gears & motion components were dismantled, repaired and refitted.

Leaf springs, pins and bushes were overhauled as new.

The broken cattle guard was replaced with the new one fabricated in house.

Complete Loco was painted to give a new look.

On 13th August.2013 loco was lighted up and trial was conducted successfully in Amritsar Workshop by moving the loco to and fro number of times.

Dedicated team of officers, supervisors & experienced staff of Rewari & Amritsar Workshop played a vital role for its revival.

Rob Dickinson