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Berlin's Parkeisenbahn - Home to a Javan Returnee...
(and information on its sister locomotives)

For a full account of the Parkeisenbahn, please see Thomas Kautzor's report from June 2013. I must acknowledge his assistance in preparing the following notes.

Hanomag supplied a series of large boilered 0-8-0T to the sugar industry in Java, a (complete?) list is given below (update on 10410, 4th October 2013). They must have been a successful design because it is thought there were ten of them and all survived to be recorded by early visitors albeit not all were active by then.

In 1987/8, Hanomag 10409/1925 was was repatriated to Germany from Rejoagung sugar mill in Madiun, East Java, Indonesia. Afterwards it was regauged from 700mm to 600mm, not a trivial task which I suspect must have involved casting new Klien Lindner axles at the same time receiving a new boiler (Meiningen 1470/1992) before seeing service on the Dampfkleinbahn Mühlenstroth (DKBM) near Bielefeld as No. 10 LAWOE. During that time it went on loan to the BPE in 1992/93 before returning in 1999. It is privately-owned and had been out-of-use since 2000; It has since been overhauled and re-entered service on the railway's 2013 Steam Festival (timed for the 2nd Saturday in June which used to be the 'Day of the Railwayman' in communist days).

The pictures at the park railway are by Thomas Kautzor, those of the locomotives in Java are my own except for 10356 which is from Vidar Skilnand. Unfortunately, by the time I got to Krebet in 1986 all the steam locomotives had long been taken out of service and stuck tightly together in the dark shed utterly unphotographable.10356 never moved under its own steam at Kebonagung and spent most of its time at the back of the shed, I have one of its nameplates on my wall at home.

This is what is believed to be the full list of these locomotives, I have 'corrected' errors which I believe to have crept into my sources (often originally handwritten) - 'Semarang' and 'Samarang' are interchangeable. The locomotive names are those of Javan volcanoes. The gauges for delivery may not necessarily be correct, but the fact that a Pakis locomotive is named "Moeria". local to that mill suggests it was delivered there. The names (and hence identities of Rejoagung 10 and 13 may have become confused. "13" was definitely the exported loco (the picture shows it in steam in 1984) and its name was then Lawoe, now of course it is "Merapi".

10353/1925 Oei Tiong Ham Fabrik "LAWOE“, Semarang (700mm) PG Rejoagung 10 "MERAPI“ (700mm) Scrapped
10354/1925 Oei Tiong Ham Fabrik "SEMEROE", Semarang (700mm) PG Krebet Baru 10 "SEMEROE“ (700mm) PT Kasin, Malang (Comboran) near Stasiun Kota Lama
10355/1925 Oei Tiong Ham Fabrik 7 "SLAMAT“, Semarang (700mm) PG Pakis Baru 7 (750mm) Stored

10356/1925 Oei Tiong Ham Fabrik "KAWI“, Semarang (700mm) PG Krebet Baru 6, later PG Kebonagung 8 (700mm) Plinthed Kuta Square, Tuban (Bali)
10407/1925 Nederl. Handels-Mij., Batavia (700mm) PG Ketanggungan Barat 10 (700mm) Stored/scrapped
10408/1925 Oei Tiong Ham Fabrik "WILIS“, Samarang (700mm) PG Rejoagung 12 "WILIS“ (700mm) disposition unknown
10409/1925 Oei Tiong Ham Fabrik "MERAPI“, Samarang (700mm) PG Rejoagung 13 (700mm) 1988 exported to Germany
(DKBM 10 "LAWOE", BPE "MERAPI") (600mm)
10410/1925: Oei Tiong Ham Fabrik "ARDJOENO“, Samarang (700mm) PG Krebet Baru 11 (700mm) 1987 exported to Australia (Jeff Daly, Melbourne), 1989 to USA, now in Wisconsin, said to be 600mm gauge (ie converted since it left Java).
2010 information
10411/1925 Oei Tiong Ham Fabrik 9, Samarang (600mm) PG Sragi 9 (600mm) Dumped
10412/1925 Oei Tiong Ham Fabrik 8 „MOERIA“ (750mm) PG Pakis Baru 6 (750mm) Stored

Rob Dickinson