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Preserved Steam in Cuba 2012

I have not seen an estimate for the number of extant steam locomotives in Cuba, it certainly runs to three figures and the number that have been scrapped - apart from existing derelicts - since the end of steam operation is very small (RD).

News received later (22nd January 2013) - 1204 was seen in steam on 18th December 2012 by John Taylor (left below) although Chris Hall (right below) was less lucky on 9th January 2013.

Chris also reports that the failed 1590 (see below) had been returned to its base at Trinidad by 6th January 2013.

Clive Hepworth reports on the ones he saw in November / December 2012:

Australia Mill (Nov 26th)

Working loco 1716, 1593 under repair as spare, 1515 in poor condition stored outside, 1607 and 1620 restored as static museum locos in the locoshed. 1716 seems to see regular work.

This is 1716:

Cienfuegos Loco Park (Nov 27th)

Restored for static display are 1320 (upper, below. This is probably the loco that carries 1340 here which was a very different 3ft gauge loco that was so derelict in 1981 that it probably never actually carried the number RD) , 1321, 1355 and one other 13?? (lower below, probably 1345 according to CRJ 163). Site is on the old line to the Harbour about 1 km west of the main square and is marked on some maps.

Trinidad (Dec 1st / 2nd)

2 dead locos stored outside 1552 and 1442, working loco 1590 stranded on a short spur 16 km out of Trinidad after failing a week earlier. Daily tourist train diesel operated by 34071. Line also sees railcar workings to Casilda for school journeys, 637 seen working. The upper picture is 1590 and the lower 1552 and 1442:

By 6th January 2013 1590 had rejoined the other two locomotives but there was no sign of repairs being attempted (Thanks to Chris Hall for this)..

Jose Smith Comas (Dec 6) (Keith Smith submitted some pictures of this mill some time back)

1242 stuffed and mounted at entrance.
Restored for display inside the mill are 1119, 1530, 1714, 1812, 1216, 1415, 1721 and 1410. Similar but outside 1329, 1103, 1614 with 1531 in process of restoration by the shed.
In process of cosmetic restoration are 1602, 1662 and 1703.
Being worked on in the shed were 1612 and 1610
By the museum entrance 1711 and 1410. Also 1 unidentified wreck at the back of the site.
No signs of any workings, poss. operational were 1610 and 1410.
A strange place, lots of staff, sculptures being put in place of the "sugar heritage"......but no visitors, poorly advertised even from the main road and no sign of any train operations for some time!

This is 1329, some way from its original home, Espartaco.

Marcelo Salado (Nov 28th and Dec 4th).

A fantastic contrast to the above. Restored for static outside display were 1327, 1337, 1342, 1354, 1360, 1362, 1366, 1367, 1130, 1221, 1239, 1426, 1547, 1548, 1622,
1626, 1636, 1637, 1639, 1755, 1823, 1848, 1850, 1910......all attractively displayed in the yard. 
At the museo entrance is 1147 while 1156 is next to the main road from Remedios to Caibarien.
In poor condition, perhaps awaiting restoration were 1621 and 1541. 1644 had a coat of rust primer on the boiler while 1538 was a wreck.
On shed and being repaired were 1429 and 1343.
Working locos were 1728 seen shunting on 28 Nov and 1549 worked tourist train on Dec 4th. 
1 unidentified 2-8-0 with crushed cab and in poor condition outside repair shed.
A great place with very friendly staff that sees regular tourist trains down to a restaurant complex towards Remedios.

This is 1728 shunting 1549 and some tourist vehicles on Nov 28th:

This is 1549 with the tourist train on Dec 4th:

This is old friend 1910:

Patria O Muerte, Moron (Nov 30th)

On main road stuffed and mounted is 1420. Restored and displayed outside are 1173, 1445 and 1838 (seen below).

Similarly inside are 1836, 1742, 1461 and 1169.

Locos said to be 1837, 1829, 1827, 1832 and 1834 all with boilers painted, minus tenders were awaiting cosmetic restoration. The frame/boiler of 1 other loco was on a flat wagon in the yard. However one of these 2-8-0s is actually a 4-6-0, probably 1732 or 1736 from Orlando Gonzáles Ramires.
In yard, unrestored were 1658 and 1664, while 1844 and 1568 were being worked upon in the repair shed.
Next to the weighbridge/control office were working locos 1563 and 1757, the latter working the 3/4 times a week tourist train 5km to a restaurant on Mon/Wed/Fri on demand from tourist groups. 
Also here were restored steam cranes, ex Panama Canal 3739/1920 from Industrial Works, Bay City, Michigan (upper) and a 1931 crane from Browning of Cleveland (lower. this was foremerly at Ecuador Mill).

Like Marcelo Salado a superb, friendly and well run place.

This is 1757 at the end of the day on Nov 30th.

Parque Lenin (Nov 25th)

Weekend services with, E1431 working loco, E1350 a serviceable spare. E1373 being repaired with two locos at back of shed, an unidentified Baldwin that could be repaired and a derelict loco whose only identification was a number 6009(?).

This is 1431 being prepared for operation:

Havana Harbour

1204, 1403, 1501, E1334 and 1181. Nothing has moved for a long time but 1204 was later seen in steam on 18th December 2012, see top of page.

Park by Central Station, Havana

1205, 1308, 1311, 1112, 1122, 1138

Yard behind Capitol

1816 in superb condition, probably about to be relocated? Plus 1172, 1402, 1657, 1101, 1351, 1357, 1302, 1657, 1701, 1413, 1702, 1347, 1327, 1124, 1131, 1207, 1550, tender from 1164 but no loco and a tender carrying two numbers 1413 (loco here) and 1707 (No sign of loco) Very friendly place 1 CUC gets you in and there is even a visitors book to sign!

This is 1357 (Nov 24th):

This is 1816 (Nov 24th):

Also noted while driving around:

On road from Santa Clara to Remedios 0-6-0ST 1346, but carrying number 1343 on cab and 3 on smokebox, 2-6-2ST 1343 is at Marcelo Salado of course.

0-4-0T Outside George Washington mill. Wayne Weiss adds "In Adolf Hungry Wolf's new book 'Vintage Cubano' he says this loco has been identified as a Baldwin built for FC Urbano Y Omnibus which was the local street railway operator in Havana. Seven locos were built for this company from June 1883 to Feb 14, 1893 (also listed as June 1893). These were built to class 4-14C plan 10 with 10" x 14" cylinders and 32" drivers, 7' wheel base, 22,000 lbs weight 38" diam. boiler."

An unidentified loco on the SW side of the motorway junction A1 and the 112 road to Ranchuelo (1635 according to CRJ 166).

Rob Dickinson