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Steam Locomotives in Brazil, visited 2001 and 2002

Travel guide to more than 150 steam locomotives all over Brazil, by Torsten Schneider.

The following tables list places in Brazil which I have personally visited or found reliable information about their existence between February 2001 and March 2002. Places not visited personally are marked with an asterisk (*). For better orientation, the name of each town is followed by the initials of the federal state in which it is located. The gauge of the locomotives is 1000 mm unless stated otherwise. Last update 4th April 2002.

Several other documents about steam locomotives surviving in Brazil exist in the internet:

1) brazil36.htm, Eddie Edmunson’s list covering North-Eastern Brazil mainly over the past ten years,

2) brazil37.htm, Eddie’s list for Brazil except the North-East mainly over the past ten years,

3) (link is dead), covering the state of São Paulo, no date of publication given, and

Some of the locos in these lists are in different places today or have been scrapped. I am indebted to the authors for taking some of the data in my tables from these lists.

By the way, there is also a website about trams surving in Brazil: (link is dead).

The homepage of the Brazilian Railway Preservation Society (ABPF) can be found under Other interesting websites about railways in Brazil, both historical and present, with lists of locomotives, maps, events and links include (link broken by December 2021) for details of the recent privatization of the former state railway RFFSA broken by December 2021)

1. Working Steam

Contrary to earlier reports, in 2001 there was no steam at the Capivari power station near Tubarão-SC (sufficient diesel power), Guapimirirm-RJ (ABPF locos now in Cruzeiro) and São José da Laje-AL (Kerr loco now a monument). No trains at Porto Velho after a bridge was washed away in December 2000 (timetables at the station and in Thomas Cook´s are nonsense).


Steam Locomotive(s)


Bento Gonçalves-RS

no.4* (ex Capivari-SC power plant, 2-8-2, Jung no.11943, 1954),

no.156 (ex EFDTC, 2-8-2, ALCo no.69448, 1941)

in 2001 sat 14.00 train to Carlos Barbosa, info/timetable in (link broken by 29th October 2017)

* See table 2, Tubarão-SC for sister loco no.5


no.401 (ex NOB, 4-6-2, Baldwin no.53766, 1920),

no.505 (ex VFCO, 2-8-2, BMAG no.8904, 1927),

no.1170 (ex Central, 2-8-0, ALCo no.52333, 1912).

For full locomotive list check Eddie’s list.

seen at Anhumas station. To get to Anhumas catch bus 3.51 from Jaguariúna city centre to terminus at Carrefour.


no.327 (ex Leopoldina, 4-6-2, B.Peacock no.6509, 1928)

in 2001 dep. sun 10.00, back early afternoon


no.760 on loan from Rio Negrinho, data see below

occasional trains, info 


no.210 (2-8-0), 220 (2-8-0), 230 (2-8-0, Baldwin no.62017, 1930), 240 (2-8-0), 250 (ST), and two 2 diesels

circuit inside SESC-Minero holiday camp, dep. sat 15.00+16.30


no.? (ex ?, 0-6-0, 1917 or 1937, 800 mm)

2.6 km circuit in Ipanema Park, sun 10-17, picture in 
(Link broken by December 2021)


no.2 and 12 (0-4-0T, 800 mm, Krauss)

hydroelectric power station near Santos. No individual visits possible, but guided tours on some Saturdays.

Rio Negrinho-SC*

8 locos (3 functional), including

no.102(ex RFFSA, 0-6-0, 1997 seen in Curitiba),

no.155 (ex EFDTC, 2-8-2, ALCo no.69447, 1941),

no.204 (ex EFDTC,2-6+6-2,Baldwin no.74647,1950 or 48),

no.760 (ex EFDTC no.160, 2-8-2, Baldwin no.72209, 1945)

operated by ABPF-SC. Timetable in

São João del Rei-MG

no.41, 68 etc. (762 mm).

For full details check Eddie’s list.

operated by FCA. At weekends trains to Tiradentes.

São Paulo-SP

no.5 "Marta" (ex Central, 0-6-0T, 1600 mm,

Baldwin no.55351, 1922),

no.353 (ex Central, 4-6-2, 1600 mm, Baldwin no.59736,1927)

trains inside Memorial do Imigrante sun 14.00-17.00.

Best views from road bridge near far end of line though there is no pedestrians' lane on that side of the bridge.

São Lourenço-MG*

no.332 (ex RMV, 4-6-2, Baldwin no.58852, 1925)

(according to ABPF, loco was in Cruzeiro-SP in 1999)

10 km to Soledade

São Lourenço do Sul-RS*


Fare only R$1 (must be short journey).

Form info incl. tel. no. see under "passeios" in  


no.153 (2-8-2, ALCo, 1941), 205 (2-10-2, Skoda no.1982, 1949), and 210 (2-10-2, Henschel no.23592, 1937)

property of FTC. Trains in 2001 on last sun of every month, at 8.00 from railway museum

2. Railway Museums

For an incomplete survey see also (link dead 25th April 2015).


Steam Locomotive(s)



no.278 (ex NOB, 2-6-0, Baldwin no.52408, 1919)

entrance to the right of the station (visited 1997, still there)


no.11 (ex RVPSC, 2-6-0, Baldwin no.11567, 1884),

inspection railcar "Hilda" (ex RFFSA, vertical boiler),

no.38 (no. not displayed, 600 mm, Hy.Rogers & Sons,

Wolverhampton, no.736, 1888, ex sugar & alcohol fact.)

in shopping center in front of railway museum. Museum open daily from 14.00, no full-scale locos inside.


no.30 (ex RVC, 0-4-0, ALCo, 1912),

and an ex-army Diesel

Centro de Preservação da História Ferroviária do Ceará at CFN depot, for opening hours (tue-sun) see (link dead)


no.1 (under restauration, ex CP, 0-4-0T, 1600 mm, John Fowler & Co. no.1531, 1872).

specializes in electrics, open daily except Saturday.  


no.101 (*, 0-6-0T)

ABPF staff in Curitiba museum told me.

* 1997 seen in Curitiba

Porto Velho-RO

no.12 "Coronel Church" (4-4-0, Baldwin no.4203, 1872)

inside museum, irregular opening hours, see also table 3)


no.612 (ex RFN, Garratt 4-8-2+2-8-4, Henschel, 1952),

no.17 (ex GWBR, 2-6-2T, NBL no.17228, 1906),

and a diesel

permanent access in passage (=old railway station) to metro station. For photo check (link is dead)

Rio de Janeiro-RJ*

including "Baronesa", the first steam loco in Brazil.

For full locomotive list check Eddie’s list "37"


São João del Rei-MG

? (no.not displayed) (ex EFCB, 600 mm, 0-8-0,

O&K no.0.3049,1927),

no.37, 38, 40, 43, 55, 60, 62, 69 (ex EFOM, 762 mm,Baldwin),

no.220, 239, 307 (1000 mm).

For more details check Eddie’s list

open Saturday and Sunday

(Baldwin no.1 not publicly displayed)

São Leopolo-RS

no.11 (ex VFRGS, Baldwin no.11833, 1884), and a diesel

at terminus of trensurb from Porto Alegre, huge archive

São Paulo-SP

no steam locomotives (but trams and buses)

Museu do Transporte Público, open Tuesday to Saturday


no full-scale locomotives

opposite station


no.2 (0-6-0ST,Manning Warde, 1936), 6 (0-4-0,Maffei), 7 (2-4-4,Henschel, 11367, 1912), ? (0-6-2),

5 (no. not displayed)* (ex Capivari-SC power plant, under restoration, 2-8-2, Jung no.11944, 1954),

ask guard to get in if there is one.

* See table 1, Bento Gonçalves-RS for sister loco no.4


no.185 (ex EFVM, 2-8-2, Baldwin no.72666, 1945)

outside museum (old Pedro Nolasco station), no locos inside

3. Steam Locomotives in Public Places

Surprisingly few are graffitied.


Steam locomotive(s)



no.21 (just about readable, ex EFMM)

abandoned near old station

Bento Gonçalves-RS

no.? (no plates, 0-6-2)

monument near station


no.1424 (ex Central, 2-8-2, Baldwin no.59712, 1927),

no.2 ABPF (0-4-0ST), plus 3 more without numbers (2-8-2, 2-8-2?, 2-8-0)

displayed at metre gauge side of station


no.17 (2-8-2, BMAG no. 10609, 1936),

no.20 (4-6-0, Baldwin no.34004, 1909), both ex EFMM

monuments at former station, permanent access


no.176 (ex EFVM, 2-8-2, Baldwin no.70054, 1943)

monument under an arch in a park


"Visconde de São Lourenço" (= no.1 ex EFN, 0-6-0, 1873)

monument in former EFN terminus

Ouro Preto-MG

no.3 (ex EFCB=Central do Brasil, 600 mm, 0-8-0, O&K)

monument at station (at closed 1000 mm gauge line)

Porto Velho-RO

no.15 (2-8-2, ALCo no.69450, 1942),

no.18 (2-8-2, BMAG no.10608, 1936),

no.50 (4-6-2, Baldwin no.58282, 1925)

preserved in and around open shed and station, permanent access

Porto Velho-RO

no.16 without tender (2-8-2, BMAG), 2 more without numbers (2-8-0, USA, "Mal Rondon") and (2-6-0)

dumped in yard, permanent access

Porto Velho-RO

no.3x (possibly 31) and seven more unidentified locos (all ex EFMM)

dumped off-track between km 2.3 (before) and km 4 (after washed-away bridge) from station, walk along track

Santa Maria-RS

no.6 (ex VFRGS, 0-6-0, de la Meuse no.2216, 1909)

graffitied monument in Av. Pres. Vargas in upper city

São Luís-MA

no.8 (no. not displayed) "Benedito Leite" (0-4-0T, Hanomag, 1918)

monument outside former station in town centre


no. 205I (ex EFDTC, 2-6+6-2, Baldwin no.74647, 1950)

monument opposite former bus station

4. Steam Locomotives in Private Places (depots, museums etc.)

Many railway workshops have steam loco monuments, some even dumped steam locos. Sometimes entry is easy, often refused ("this is now a private company"), or permission from headquarters is demanded. São Paulo state I found particularly difficult.


Steam locomotive(s)



no.2 "DR Messias Lopes" (ex VFFLB, ex EF Petrolina-Therezina, 0-4-2, Baldwin no.688, 1933, restored 1986)

under roof in FCA depot near station. Ask guard, you are likely to be allowed in


wreck of no.12 (ex refinaria João Branco, Maraú-BA, 4-6-0) Paulo Miled (January 2013) adds that this is not so, it was always Estrada de Ferro de Ilhéus 12)  

scrap yard on DETRAN ground 5 km north of town centre, straight on at and shortly after the junction for Litoral Norte


no.16 (ex SPR, brake loco, 1600 mm)

monument outside Jundiaí station, can be taken through fence

Porto Alegre-RS

1 or 2 locos, definitely one Mallet

ALL depot. I saw one loco in the distance when travelling on the trensurb, and was told (at São Leopolo museum) of a Mallet monument. Maybe what I saw was that Mallet, no picture taken to be able to check.


no.10 (ex VFFLB, 0-6-0ST, Germany 1935)

monument inside Calçada station, access with train ticket


no.209 (ex VFFLB, 4-6-0, Baldwin, 1909, very rusty)

dumped on factory siding about 500 m from Calçada station


no.418 (ex VFFLB, 2-8-2, ALCo, 1927)

Museu de Ciência e Tecnologia, open tue to sun
Museum closed by Oct 2019, loco removed to unknown location.

Santa Maria-RS

no.638 (ex VFRGS, 2-8-2)

behind gate at ALL depot. There was no guard (on Dec 24)

Santo Amaro-BA

(sugar factories in

the Recôncavo

region of Bahia)

no locomotives



no.1 (ex Usina Cinco Rios, 2-4-2, Baldwin no.38345 (3rd and 4th digit unreadible), 1912)


wreck beyond repair of no.1 (ex Usina Itapetingui, 2?-4-2T)

found at Usina Aliança (working), Usina Itapetingui (not working), Usina Paranaguá (abandoned), and Usina Passagem (abandoned), see also Eddie’s list.

Monument in garden behind mansion on top of hill at Fazenda Lagoa. Turn left immediately after the level crossing half way between BR 324 and Santo Amaro.

Museu do Recôncavo "Wanderley de Pinho" in Caboto near Candeias. Museum closed, but loco accessible through holes in gate. Leave BR 324 at km 593 for Candeias. Well sign-posted from next roundabout (ca.10 km from museum, from here no public transport) until the right-turn off the Porto de Aratu road. After about 1 km turn left down to the bay.


no.1 (ex Itatinga power station, 0-4-0T, 800 mm gauge, Krauss no.2092, 1889)

near fence inside CODESP headquarters, ask guard at next gate to get in

São José da Laje-AL

no.2 (Kerr, Stuart & Co. no.1244, 1911)

monument inside Serra Grande sugar factory, 6 km from town (very infrequent bus). Ask in office (escritorio) to be shown around

São Paulo-SP

no.193 (ex CP, 4-10-2, 1600 mm, Henschel no.22995, 1936)

no. ? (no number or plates, 2-6-4, 1600 mm, tender missing)

monuments in Museu de Tecnologia, open tue to sun.

For info see (Link broken by May 2023)

São Paulo-SP

no.10 "Maria Ines" (ex SPR, 0-6-0T, 1600 mm, Beyer Peacock no.1888, 1867)

monument in Julio Prestes station. Be quick, otherwise photo permit from CPTM asked for


no.210 (ex EFS, 2-8-2, ALCo 61591, 1920)

in Ferroban depot. Permit from Ferroban headquarters in Campinas required, who in turn ask for permit from RFFSA São Paulo. Just forget it, you get to a gate as little as 50 m from the loco, but they do not let you in or take a picture


no.200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 207, 208 (all 2-10-2);

no.300, 310 (all 2-10-4). For details see Eddie's list

abandoned in FTC depot. Ring depot in advance to be shown around. See also table 1


no. ? (0-6-0ST), ? (remains of 0-6-0), ? (4-6-2),

no.20x (2-6+6-2, possibly 203, Baldwin. no.74646, 1950),

no.307 (2-10-4, Baldwin no.62362, 1940)

abandoned and very rusty at station outside town, ask staff to get in


no. 415 (ex EFV/Cimento Votoran, ex EFS, 4-6-0, Lima no.1289, 1913)

in front of sports center outside cement factory in Santa Helena (10 km from town center, catch bus to Itapevi, then hourly minibus).

Rob Dickinson