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Steam in Bosnia, July 2010

Jens Ingemann reported on his visit in May 2010 on his visit and now gives a July 2010 update: Click here for Trevor Maxted's September 2010 report.

On a long morning in Tuzla - July 20, 2010, I managed to see and photograph all types of steam locomotives in use in the area. The morning started not so well, as I waited in vain for the morning train with a 33 from the mine in Lukavac. After a long wait, I contacted the station master in Lukavac, and he told me that he expected no train from the mine before 3 pm, so I continued to the Dubrave line. When I arrived at Ljubace around 8.30 am, the 33 had been there and returned again... I then continued to the works at Bukinje, where I was granted access to see and photograph the locomotives - photo permit cost 25 EUR - an increase from my previous visit in May this year. On the other hand the permit was made in less than 10 minutes, and the visit quite successful. In the workshops was 33-248, ready for test run after its major overhaul as well as 33-503 and 62-123 undergoing minor repairs. Outside 62-376 was in steam, but was not due to take any trains from the mine in Bukinje before the next morning... Cold in reserve was 33-236. 62-368, 62-637 and the remains of a 33 were dumped in the same positions as on my last visit in May.

After this visit I continued to Oskova/Banovici. Photo permit for the line was issued in a few minutes at the workshops in Banovici, and after this I was able to have a look around. 25-30 was cold in reserve in the workshop, and a short trip to Grivice further up in the hills produced 740-113 arriving light engine from the far end of the line. It collected a waiting train in Grivice and took it to Oskova. Here I found 83-158 - now coupled to tender 83-158 (and not 83-159 as in May), busy shunting. After a while I went back to Tuzla to pick up my family, who at this time had been sightseeing the town for some hours. After lunch we continued south towards Sarajevo - and I did not expect to see any line action from the 33's. But as we passed the line from Dubrave, the crossing was manned and this is a sure sign of a train on the line, so we waited a few minutes, and 33-064 then passed us with a train of empties towards the mine. How many places on earth do you unexpectedly come across a steam train in 2010?

33-248 ready for testing and surprise packet 33-064:

83-158 at Oskova:

Rob Dickinson