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The last steam locomotive in Albania, 2022

After a long period of silence from the country, Thomas Kautzor provides an update from March 26th/27th and June 18th/19th 2022

In Albania, HSH TKt48-02 (Chrzanow 2923/1951) is the only remaining steam locomotive in the country. It has been plinthed on the boulevard on the site which used to be Tiranė Station, which has been razed. All of the steam locomotives at Shkozet Works (Durrės) have been scrapped. 

With their fleet of Czech T669, HSH currently only operates three pairs of trains per week: a Saturday/Sunday service from Elbasan to Durrės, which is used mainly by Romas who sell fruits or play music on the beaches south of Durrės, and a Tuesday service from Shkodėr to Laē for pilgrims to a Catholic shrine. 

Private operator Albrail runs a daily petroleum train between Fiėr and the port of Vlorė (33 km) using two second-hand Czech T669 and a Czech shunter. 

Rob Dickinson