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Mike Ma - Personally Tailored Steam Tours in China

As I (RD) have stated often in these pages, I am more than happy to travel in China quite independently, but there are times when even I need a guide. Like other visitors, I have had my full range of them, varying from the downright awful (getting arrested in Beitai being the low point) through to the absolutely first class. Mike is my favourite - he is more a friend than a guide these days - and I can unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone contemplating a trip to China.

John Raby agrees completely - see

Please note that the suggested tours below were designed for 2005/6 since when there has been much decline is steam activity and they should only be considered indicative. Mike always keeps up with the latest developments and will offer you an appropriate itinerary for your needs. RD

Mike offers custom designed tours to cover most of the remaining steam activity in steel works, coal mines and other industries on both standard and narrow gauge throughout China. Some suggested itineraries follow but these can be easily modified to suit your individual needs. Note also that adjacent areas also offer opportunities to merge itineraries if you have sufficient time available. New steam discoveries are being made all the time and Mike can take you there or help you be the first to previously unknown locations.

North-West China
(A) Beijing-Dagu-Baiyin-Yaojie-Liujiaxia-Sandaoling-Yamansu-Beijing(approximately 15 days) 
(B) Beijing-Xian-Yaoqu-Diantou-Pubai-Podicun-Chengcheng-Yinghao-Xingyang-Beijing (approximately 13 days) 
North-East China 
(A) Beijing-Mudanjiang-Jixi-Huanan-Jarlannur-Tiefa-Fuxin-Benxi-Huludao--Jinzhou-Beijing (approximately 17days) 
(B) Beijing-Jiamusi-Huanan-Jixi-Hegang-Jailanur-Dayan-Shenyang-Meihekou-Fuxun--Beijing (approximately 15 days)
(C) Beijing-Mudanjiang-Jixi-Huanan-Jiamusi-Beijing 
or Beijing-Jiamusi-Huanan-Jixi-Mudanjiang-Beijing (approximately 7 days)

Central China 

(A) Beijing-Futuyu-Yinghao-Pingdingshan-Xingyang-Handan-Beijing (approximately 9 days)
(B) Beijing-Anhui-Jiangsu-Beijing - We can take you there using the latest information available. 

South and Central China narrow gauge 

(A) Beijing-Chengdu-Shibanxi-Yinghao-Xingyang-Beijing (11 days)

Mike took all the following pictures on 2005 expeditions with his clients:

Mike offers: 

Professionally designed and organized tours
Small groups of less than 6 people 
Fully escorted by experienced English speaking steam tour guide 
Easily paced for more photographic opportunities
Side visits to historic or cultural sites if required
Your favourite Chinese food and drinks

Mike writes:

"I started working as a steam tour guide based in Heilongjiang in 1996. Since then I have gained a lot of experience organising and leading trips to steam industry locations across China. I have guided many tours for such well known gricers as Ted Talbot, Nicholas Pertwee, John Raby, John Agnew, John Birkinshaw, Mark Lanham, Derek Phillips and Bill Alborough. I would like to make contact with anyone who wants their trip to China to be a successful and special one.

I always adhere to these principles:

"Competitive Price, Flexible Itinerary and Excellent Service"

I can arrange and provide any service in planning and executing your next steam trip to China.

Contact Mike (Ma Jun Ming) as follows:

Tel: (++)86-453-6221159

Fax: (++)86-453-6950064 and (++)86-10-64170567 (please use BOTH for any message in case of absence travelling).

Mobile Phone: 013089889811

Email: (link broken 1st November 2019). In view of email unreliability please send a copy to

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