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Once upon a time, long ago,
The 57 Class 2-10-2s of the Turkish Railways, August 1981

Wilson Lythgoe has been circulating friends with some steam pictures taken some time back and with his permission and encouragement they are reproduced on these pages and will be added to from time to time. Click here for the index.

The 'Twilight World of Steam' by Ron Ziel and Mike Eagleson tells the story that the 57 class "was created during the 1930's by an expedient of using what appeared to be a conglomeration of miscellaneous spare parts lying around the erecting halls of several German builders. By combining the boilers designed for an earlier delivery of 4-8-0's, cylinders and running gear from the Prussian G10 0-10-0 and the addition of two wheel trucks fore and aft, twenty-seven of the big Santa Fe types........performed well right into their fifth decade." Whether this was true or not, as you'll see, the Germans had certainly produced a good looking, well proportioned engine!

I was on my way back to New Zealand from the UK and had caught the morning ferry from the Greek Island of Samos across to Kusadasi followed by a short bus ride north to Turkey's second largest city Izmir. Early that afternoon and I was down at Izmir Alsancak station hoping that the suburban train service would still be steam didn't matter what sort of steam it was as long as it was steam! I wasn't disappointed as soon after Henschel built 57013 rolled in tender first with a rake of four wheel carriages.

Little boys anywhere are interested in steam engines! 57013 ran round its train........

.....and then headed off again.

The following morning another Henschel, 57014, waits while passengers disembark.

I've used this shot before but as it fits nicely into this story I'll give it another outing. The train is the daily mixed from Izmir to Denizli with a pair of Henschels leading the way: 57010 followed by Kriegslok 56504. The 57 was built in 1933 and the Kriegslok ten years later in 1943. 

There isn't a 57 class in this shot but it's the only photo I have of a 45 class loco. 45132 was also German built: a 2-8-0 from 1912 and possibly the last of its class still operational even if only as the passenger car shunt. In the right background a Kriegslok is preparing to leave with the lunchtime mixed from Izmir Basmane to Afyon. 

A couple of days later found Krupp built 57002 in light steam at Afyon loco shed......

....whilst another Henschel, 57009, was working the yard shunt.

The next morning, with a large number of wagons trailing, 57009 almost looks as if it could be ready to leave on a goods rather than another shunting movement.

The 57's were a lightweight design especially built for the track conditions between Izmir and Afyon and by the time of my visit only about half the class were still being used. By December 1982 even less would have been needed when the Izmir suburban service was fully dieselised. They were the first steam engines I saw in Turkey and a great introduction to that Germanic look that so characterised the Turkish steam scene.

Rob Dickinson