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Steam in China Feb 2007

by Shibato Taro

Hangzhou, Jingmen-Shashinan, Zhicheng

In Feb 2007 I went to Zhejiang and Hubei Province, I confirmed a sunset for China Steam Locomotive.

1. 11th Feb 2007 Hangzhou Glass Works

Last year I visited Hangzhou and see SY922 and 1706, so I think SY is shunting in this year because this line is too short to dieselize. At 9:00 I reached to Hangzhou glass Works, but hear a whistle not as SY. I had a bad feeling, it is correct. I see GK1C 0367 (made in 2006 by Zhiyang Rolling Works) shunting. I walked near a pond, it is reclaimed. After taking photo, I returned to Hangzhou railway station and ride on CRH2 like as Japan Rapid Express.

GK1C 0367 in Hangzhou Glass Works

2. 19th-22nd Feb 2007 Jingzhou Local Railway (Jingmen-Shashinan)

From 18th to 23rd I visit Hubei province. Almost it is a good day, not like as winter. I went to Jingzhou via Wuhan by train and bus. 19th Afternoon I reached to Shashi(Nearly centre in Jingzhou), JS8181 is shunting. As result, only JS8181 worked in this line from Shashi and Shashi-nan. Mainly DF4 0264 and 6457 run from Jingmen to Shashi. Unfortunately other JS(8059,8060,8070,8182) are not in use. JS8181 goes there and back in twice a day. Shashi to Shashinan about 9:30, 13:30. Shashinan to Shashi about 11:00, 17:00. Railway staff is very friendly, but I cannot know until when they use JS8181.

JS8181 in Jingzhou Local Railway

3. 21st Feb 2007 Zhicheng Port Bureau

At 21st Feb I visited Zhicheng by bus in rainy day. I got off a bus and walked under bridge and see a white steam! In Zhicheng Port Bereau yard, SY1636 is shunting some wagons, staff is friendly. But I found GK1C 0648. GK1C runs to CNR station, SY is used only in yard. Afternoon I went to Songmuping, but in Songyi Local Railway I have not found SY, only DF4. I cannot know whether SY is used near Liujiachang or not, but not confirmed. * Jingmen cement factory, I have not recognized QJ living and not visited...

SY1636 in Zhicheng Port Bureau

4. at the end.

In 2007 it is a severe year for China steam locomotive. I think steam locomotive in short line about 3 ? 5 km length live through a few years because they have not development small diesel locomotive in China, but small diesel locomotive like as GK1C appear short line. If steam locomotive lives, it will be shunting only in factory, yard or very famous line.

Shibata Taro, Shanghai

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2007 Shibato Taro