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Steam in China 2006

by Shibato Taro


On July 22nd - 23rd Mr. Tsujimoto and I visited Zoucheng and Zaozhuang.

Zoucheng and Zaozhuang
22nd July
We went to Zaozhuang at first. Railway staff said that at Zaozhuang city, there is no longer any steam locomotive in use, but Gangqiao still has. So we went to Gangqiao railway, but all their QJ were cold. Railway staff said that the QJs have not been used for two months...

QJ : 6271, 7068, 7069 (High-deflector), 7197, 7199

So we went to Zoucheng city (old name is "Zouxian")

23nd July Next day we went to Dadongzhang. There is a yard and the locomotive shed. Before 7 o'clock 5 QJ's are shunting. Yanzhou coal mining railway staff said that only these 5 QJ are in use, all other duties are diesel.
The QJ's ware shunting, later 2 loco went to Baoding and Nantun coalmine, while the other 3 QJ were waiting (At 9 o'clock). We went to Baoding, Nantun, Mengjialou. At Baoding, QJ7189 was found, but railway staff told us not to take picture in factory but accepted it outside. Nantun had no QJ and also no cars, Mengjialou many wagons but also no QJ.

QJ : 3461, 6811, 6814, 7189, 7190 (All normal-deflector)
DF4DD : 1023, 1020, 0038, 0039, 0058, 0057 The Zoucheng city map was made by Mr. Tsujimoto. ( Map is based on pdf file. URL is http://www.yanzhoucoal.com.cn/mygsbak/tysg/Financial%20%20adviser%20%20to%20 yanzhou%20%20coal%20%20mining%20%20company%20%20limitde.pdf )

Zoucheng has got 5 living QJ but also many DF4DD (about 10). I think QJ can live within 1 year.

We didn't discover the railway where 5 high-deflector QJ were reported in May 2005. Zoucheng city is Yanzhou coal mining's area, but he heard this line is owned by Zibo coal mining?? I think it is from Beisu Coal mining to Zouxian coal power plant, but this is not sure.

Shibata Taro, Shanghai, China


http://okumura.de/eqs0066/ (In Japanese)

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2006 Shibato Taro