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Northwest and northeast China, May 2006

Da-Gu, Baiyin, Jixi, Huanan

by Tobias Schmidt and Jörg Ortlepp


Peking (03. May 2006)

Brief visit to the railway museum. No changes and new acquisitions. Some locomotives were replaced.

Daba-Guyaozi (04. - 07. May 2006)

No big news. Trains operated in the well-known pattern: few trains, maybe one every 3-4 hours. A diesel locomotive regularly covers some turns.
The Station before Guyaozi is being rebuilt, the tracks are to be extended! (similar to JiTong`s last months of steam operation). Will additional diesels arrive soon?
Weather was generally good, but, however, sandstorms appeared. The Lingwu hotel at Lingwu is recommanded!

Locos in use: QJ 7194, 7195, 7200, 7205

Bayin (07. - 11. May 2006)

Passenger operate as well-known. 1 hour after the morning passenger train, there is a goods train to Shenbutong. Locomotives were in good condition, Bayin still repairs locomotives.
Weather was a mixed bag. In general, May is a very good time for visits: good light and trees become green. Many motives can be photographed only during this season. Very good hotel in Bayin (Century hotel)!

Locos in use: SY 1047, 1470, 1581, 1583, 2002(freshly overhauled), 1103 (from Yaojie, for overhaul)

Jixi (12. - 15. May 2006)

Also no real news: very dense traffic, well maintained locomotives. Weather was mostly good. Moderate hotel in Jixi (Travel international hotel). There is a very good American restaurant in Jixi! (In the proximity of the CNR of station)

Locos in use: SY 0237(Chengzihe), 0733(Chengzihe), 0951(Liushu), 1058(Chengzihe), 1095(Hengshan), 1118(Liushu), 1231(Hengshan), 1340(Hengshan), 1344(Chengzihe), 1351(Chengzihe), 1369(Hengshan), 1446(Didao), 1544(Chengzihe)

Huanan (15. - 18. May 2006)

Great weather, but almost no traffic! Part of the line were closed for track reconstruction. After two days, 210 043 for the first time hauled a train: building materials for a construction site in the mountains. Locomotive 11 was under overhaul. The passenger railcar operated as decribed previusly. Very good hotel in Huanan (Huanan hotel).

Locos in use: 11 (under overhaul), 41, 44 (inside depot), 168, 210 043

Tobias Schmidt

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