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Steam in China

Febr 7th, JiTong, Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang

by Peter Semmelroch


Short report on a week trip to Jitong Railway. (with Toni Huber, Holger Rudolphi and joining Markus Mayer)

11.11. Visit to February 7th Locomotive works in Beijing
JF 2446 (last overhaul Sujiatun 11/02) and SY 0891 (last overhaul Sujiatun 6/02) were the working locos.
The JF looks still quite good. In the afternoon photography in the depot yard is good. Access was only granted from the depot yard to the well-known level crossing but not into the shunting yard. No problem though. SY 0732 was in light steam, freshly painted and probably freshly overhauled on site. The loco had been spotted by other visitors 4 weeks ago totally dismantled in the same place. (Last overhaul before had been 6/01 Sujiatun). It seems they will carry on with steam for a little bit longer.

13.11.-19.11. Jitong

Some snippets: only 17 QJ are still available for line service:
QJ 6891, 6984, 6988, 6998, 7002, 7012, 7030, 7037, 7038, 7048, 7063, 7081(passenger loco), 7104, 7105, 7119, 7143, 7163
Deflectorless Shunters are: QJ 6981 (Daban) and QJ 6991 (Chabuga)

QJ 7010 was already in the scrap line on 13th of November. QJ 7049 failed on 13th November in Chabuga and was subsequetly put out of service, the loco was seen in the scrap line on the 18th.

The following 33 QJs are dumped in the scrap lines in Daban:
QJ 6639, 6751, 6763, 6795, 6825, 6828, 6840, 6844, 6849, 6850, 6851, 6853, 6876, 6878, 6882, 6884, 6900, 6905, 6925, 6926, 6977, 6978, 6986, 6992, 6996, 7007, 7010, 7040, 7041, 7049, 7112, 7137, 7164

A lot of QJs spotted in the scrap line on my last visit in January were missing. Have they been scrapped on site? I donīt remeber to have read anything about that during the last year. There are also no signs of scrapping. Can anyone put light on this?
Also cold and out of service but apparently complete is QJ 7009 standing in the loco service area.
QJ 6911 is in one of the sheds, but also out of service. Rumours say this loco will be plinthed in Daban depot.

A typical daylight shift schedule for Daban-Chabuga from the 13th is given as an example:

ex Chabuga
44168 5.38 QJ 7049+7030 (QJ 7049 didnīt run due to a failure, see above)
51064 7.40 QJ 7104+7048
33510 8.55 QJ 7012+7063
51066 11.05 QJ 7163
51068 12.15 QJ 7119+7105
44164 13.25 QJ 7143+7038
51070 14.35 QJ 6998+7002
51072 15.45 QJ 7037

ex Daban
33519 6.20 QJ 7038+7143
83409 8.20 QJ 7002+6998
33521 9.15 QJ 7037
44101 10.25 QJ 6891+6988
83411 11.20 DF 9010
33505 12.30 DF 0392
33525 13.30 QJ 6984+7030
33507 14.30 DF 6104+6103
44163 15.35 QJ 7104+7048

Most traffic is from Daban to Chabuga, trains with 51... codes are scheduled light engines but take also trains at times! Be careful, the night shift trains not shown in above schedule reach their destinations often only in the mornings and can be observed in daylight there as well. For example DF 0392 reached Daban on the 13th on 10.00 a.m. with a night shift train not shown above.

The schedule was about the same on the 14th (as said to be on the days before), but on the 15th and 16th only 1 and 2 steam hauled freight trains ran (+ passenger), and on the 18th and 19th no steam trains ran at all, even the passenger was diesel hauled! Reason: Track Relaying in Daban station cut off the depot and the QJs could not leave nor enter. All diesels were served in the station area.

Traffic should have reverted to normal on the 20th, but was not checked as we had already to leave - bad luck...

On the 17th a steam special ran from Daban/Linxi to Jingpeng and back with QJ 7038 and QJ 7119 coupled tender to tender (in old Yebaishou style) with 6 passenger coaches (not green of course). The train left Linxi between 6.00 and 6.45 arrived Jingpeng 11.44 and left again at 12.30. The train stopped in every station between Galadesitai and Jingpeng for 15 minutes and in Shangdian for 45 minutes each way.

19.11. - 20.11. Yuanbaoshan

What a difference to Jitong: 4 extremely well maintained JS were in line service: JS 6544 (ld), 8246 (hd), 8250 (ld), 8418 (ld)

The sheds were not checked for out of use locos. Traffic levels are rather low, there is virtually no scenery and the area is heavily poled, nevertheless it is a charming system with very friendly staff. Donīt forget to bring some coins and pictures!
Freights run as required, the passenger leaves Yuanbaoshan Xi Zhan at 7.00 and 14.00, Fengshuigou (tender first) between 10 and 11 (not asked) and at 17.00.
The beautiful large-deflectored JS justify a visit. Fengshuigou mine offers some photographic potential, but be careful not to enter the mine area, visitors here are not welcome. No problem in the station area though. There are two good hotels in Yuanbaoshan both called YuanDianBinguan!

20.11. Pingzhuang

A typical mine railway system, with an easily acccesible open cast mine. Please refer to Markus Mayers message in Steam in China. Traffic levels were rather low, maybe due to a Sunday.

Peter Semmelroch


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