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Steam in China

Weiyuan, Shibanxi, Podicun, Xingyang

by Till Mosler



This narrow gaugeline is still operating! On Nov 19th we saw the well known train at 07:00 and another train at 11:00 o' clock running. The depot in chief is still "friendly" and infected with the "moneyvirus". If someone can help :-)?
The Huangjinggou village crossing is still a great place. We saw loco 32 working at this day. 31 cold in the shed and 34 out of use.


Business as usual. Great line with great landscape and very friendly local people. Only one pity: we spend five days with poor weather. Loco 10, 07 working. The goods train was seen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 o'clock (arrival Bagou). The other days around 11:00! The times of the passengers didn' t change.


Nearly a lost day. On 25.11 no any train apear during 7 hours. All stuff along the line include locals confirmed that the line between Podicun and Dongjiahe is operated by one diesels now. But everyone said that they still have 3 QJ's in use in the area Dongjiahe - Chenghe. We hadn´t enough time and god mude to check it and spend some sunny time along the busy CNR railway.
The stuff said that the national CNR railway doesn´t allow any steam movement on their tracks now. This could be the main reason for the diselisation on the line Podicun - Dongjiahe.


On sunday the railway does not work. So we waited until Monday when they started working. Loco 207 was under steam near the shed.
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