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Steam in China - June 2004

by John A. Kirchner

Zhenjiang, Ma`anshan

Zhenjiang Gas Plant coke facility - 26-06-04

The factory is located right in town. It is a gas conversion facility which uses coke as raw material.

SY 1279 in steam
SY 1368 standby

Zhenjiang - Jiangsu Chunshan Limestone Mine - 26-06-04

The limestone mine is Situated west of Zhenjiang. There is a short 5-6 km link between the mine and the Yangtze river where freight is transloaded to barges for steel mills at Ma`anshan, Shanghai, and elsewhere. This is a fairly recent operation, dating from the mid-1990's. Large, modern hoppers with an unsual protective steel tarp at each end are used. Trains work hard out of the mine up to the public road, and then ease off downhill to the river. Return empty working, which took only 30-45 minutes, was tender first. The line runs through mostly rice paddy, and was difficult to line-side, but can be reached by cross roads at various points. Traffic was suspended mid-day between 11:00am and 2:00pm.

All locos are JS 2-8-2's. Employees said there are five locos.

JS 6536

JS 6536

Derelict JS 6064

Ma`anshan - 28-06-04

Only a very brief visit here. Very busy, but heat and humidity were overpowering. Shot SY's 0790, 1281, 1552, 1716, and 1732, plus several diesels, and saw many more steam.

John A.Tickner

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