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XinMi KuangWuJu, October 2003

by Bernd Seiler

On the current FarRail visit we had time to discover a new stem railway. The line is situeted south east of Xin Mi (former name Mi Xian).

It was built between 1991 and 1995. The line is some 40 km long and runs through a sometimes hilly area. The steepest gradient is 6 per thousand only. However, the QJs have to work hard with the loaded trains (chimney first).

The mine bureau owns 4 QJ, we saw QJ 2315 and 2440 in use. There are six pairs of freight trains daily, half/half daylight/night time. The loco shed is in Lijiazi. This place is difficult to find but a a landmark you can use the branch line of the CNR to the north. Just east of the overbridge of this branch you find a road to the south. This road leads you to the interlink station of the mine railway with the CNR. From there you have to use a unpaved way parallel to the line to the west. After two kilometres you'll reach Lijiazi.

More information about other spots of the tour will follow. Stop news:

Good luck on all your travels,

Bernd Seiler

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